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Quote Unquote ~ 21/365

मेरे आस पास अँधेरा है   फिर भी मैं चमकती हूँ   हर रोज़ टूट कर   नए साँचे में डलती हूँ

Scintillating Mornings...

Melting in cold Rubbing my fingers on your palm Crossing my legs over yours By ten minutes, I snooze the alarm I press my body against yours  Whisper a word or two Drowning in the swivet of desires My body feels blue It happened last night I could barely ask Tides, waves; oceans deep You touched all my body parts Night consummated It hummed a passionate soliloquy Morning longs endlessly Building its own fantasy As you slide away Uncovering lithe frame I sigh, I sigh one more morning With my desires still aflame  ...and I sing, 'Abhi naa jao chhod kar ki dil abhi bhara nahin'   Image Source - here

Grey Matters, So Does Knowledge

I religiously read newspapers to keep myself abreast with latest in my field. But jargon in the leading Financial Dailies is confusing at times. The financial world is evolving fast and we have to learn and adapt. For us, performance is the only key to survive. When British Council asked bloggers what would they like to study in the UK, where and why?…My long lost wish of studying at London School of Economics and Political Science revived. And so does my hunger for knowledge. 14 years back, I wanted to pursue an Undergraduate Degree in Economics. But now being a Fellow Company Secretary with seven years of successful practice, I have to opt for a course which would supplement my existing knowledge base and help me scale greater heights in my current profession. After a lot of evaluation, I zeroed in - Executive Global Masters in Management. Ever since I started dealing with Management of various companies and thinking of expanding my firm, I am faced with scenarios which requi

न गुजरे ये रात...

उसके हाथों में हो जब मेरा हाथ   तो लम्हा लम्हा सरके , न गुजरे ये रात न बोले वो , न मैं बोली   जैसे इक लम्बी गुफ्तगु हो ली   लगा कोई है सदियों से साथ   उसके हाथों में था जब मेरा हाथ   मैंने पी खूब जो पिलाई उसने   मेरी रूह भी समाई उसमें   निग़ाहों में थी एक अनकही बात   उसके हाथों में था जब मेरा हाथ   अब ज़िंदा कहाँ , दफन है ये काली रातें जैसे कफ़न हैं   ज़ल्द हो मेरी उनसे एक मुलाक़ात   और लम्हा लम्हा सरके , न गुजरे ये रात उसके हाथों में हो जब मेरा हाथ   तो लम्हा लम्हा सरके , न गुजरे ये रात P. S - I wrote this poem in 12th Standard.

Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai...

This post won 'The Most Popular Post' prize in 'Great ways to create a beautiful home' contest on, sponsored by Asian Paints. ‘A Home is where a story begins…’  I read it somewhere and it transported me to those innocent childhood days when I played Ghar-Ghar with my friends and cousins. I distinctively remember arranging gas stove, utensils and pretended to cook. Later, I got a Barbie Doll House and I insisted on buying cushions, sheets and showpieces for it. I even cried when one of the trophies I won couldn’t fit in the tiny Doll House. Seriously, playing a perfect host in Tea Parties where I was irked by my friends’ lack of concentration in sipping from empty tea cups, sowed the seeds of a Perfect Homemaker in me. So, when I think of creating a HOME, I splash all my ideas and love to create a space that is BEAUTIFUL. I take my love for Books, Words and Alphabets very seriously and the first thing I use to decorate my home are books. W

With Biker Boyz...

Worn out jeans, sneakers and guitar Look at my beats and not poise Singing the latest number I'm off with Biker Boyz... Messed up hair, loads of missed calls I live by the day, I have no choice With Chinese words inked on my wrist I hang out with Biker Boyz... Stub out your cigarette, throw your attitude Just sweat out with me, no hush-hush voice Come with me baby, come rock-n-roll Gonna take you along with Biker Boyz... I'm never sorry, flaunt pride on my sleeves Kick the worst, fill those voids Puffing away my worries-n-woes I ride high with Biker Boyz... Worn out jeans, sneakers and guitar Look at my beats and not poise Singing the latest number I'm off with Biker Boyz... * Image Source - Here