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In a far far land...

I am too old for 'Alice in Wonderland' but sometimes I wonder about the perfect world for us and for our children. This poem is a reflection of what we all would want to be in that happy-happy world - more love, less crime and of course, truck loads of happiness. That would be the adult version of WONDERLAND.

Read Between The Lines

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Winter, sigh!

At times I simply stare into the past and I weave a woolen scarf out of your memories. Snuggling in it, I think, if your memories can keep me warm, what all we two can actually do?  Sizzling, no?  Now, please don't smile like you always do. It makes me miserable. I feel like a lone leaf in the yard, trembling and shaking within. Wait, woolen reminds me of one thing I kept from you - your own cap, the one you lost in Physics class. I stole it. Actually, not stole , I kept it when you forgot it on your desk and I used to wear it sometimes. I know, you will say, 'Really?', like you always say when you are surprised. Just so you know , I still have it but I don't wear it now. Winter is knocking on your side of the world but here, it's quite cold already. I wake up every morning and wrap my arms around to keep myself warm. But not today, today early morning I saw your recent profile picture on Facebook and I'm not exaggerating, even mercury soare

The Hit Formula

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