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Scintillating Desires...

This poem won second prize in 'Divine is You' Contest on Demure, yet subtly bold, I tucked my fingers into his hand. Scintillating winter, scintillating desires, He better understand. Camouflaged my sleek body,  with layers of yarn. I knew my burning passion,  could set off the alarm. I underplayed, I dozed,  I resisted all kinds of fire, I even slashed down, my sense of attire. Brimming like  Aphrodite, Walked in my blue jeans. Sizzling like  Pothos, he was by all means. Drenched in countless emotions,  I romanced him in my heart. Missed the tightening grip of his hand, His mood from the start. We were soaking the same fire,  so to say, I paced down my alley without further delay. But after reading signs of his approval, I wish, I had opted for hair removal. *********** *Aphrodite and Pothos are Greek God of love, beauty and desire. **This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in associa

More Goodness For You!

Dear Skin,  First, let me thank you for being so radiant in my teenage, with no pimples or acnes. You also outlived my expectations for lasting beyond those wonder years of early 20s. Yes, I still get many compliments courtesy you. Barring the accident I had when I was 19, you never troubled me. Sorry for those scars but hope you remember how I took extra care and pampered you with  coconut oil . Though, I must admit, initially I was not very keen on using coconut oil but my mother convinced me to try it. Living up to the expectations, the oil worked marvelously and lightened the scars. You know I have a craze for body lotions and I thought oil would darken my skin color. Seriously, I knew so little about this  wonder nut.  Since then you guys have gelled together so beautifully that taking a cue from your bonding, I introduced coconut oil to 'Hair' as well. Looks like even  Hair  likes him. However, I've observed that you seem to enjoy each other more in 

Path to Glory

Walk four steps forward, never turn your back towards your aim, Few more steps down this road lie your moment of fame. Live a million dreams, it will all come true, Success is canvased when efforts are painted in bright hues.

Quote Unquote ~ 1/365

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Being Woman

Rush of life, Without a pause in a day. Maddening crowd calls, My name in dark alleys. I run fast, I don't stop, They chase me in neon lights. High heeled shoes, pastel dress, Life is a constant fight. Let me go far away, No rules, No truth either. Tossing the tides away, I wanna surf, I need a breather. Judge me not,  I'm a mom, I'm a daughter. I'm the woman of today, I walk on troubled waters. For what I do to pace up, Drop few drops of bliss. Better still... a touch, a hug or a kiss.

No longer mourn me when I am dead

No longer mourn me when I am dead. Kindle me in your heart, More so, in your hope. Perfect would be for your deeds. For my death has sown the seeds. Mourn me no longer - I am dead. Save your tear for mirth, Don't waste it on me. Ashes don't make you strong, Let me go where I belong. Mourn me no longer - I am dead. Alter the course of tomorrow, Today you have time. Let our children see only light, Let us make all the wrongs right. No longer mourn me when I am dead. Broken hearts seldom seek ahead. *The title is inspired by Sonnet 71