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Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

Silent breeze blew my curtains,
And Santa knocked last night.
Granted me my travel wishes,
A lac for travel - car, hotel and flight. With smile on my face and spirits high, Excuse me, andI kissed the sky.

No elves, no reindeer,
He came with a wizard and its wand.
Pointed Skyscanner app on his phone,
Said - it will take me to places far and beyond.
With that, he bid me goodbye,
Excuse me, again I kissed the sky.

Dreamy beaches, ancient temples, Being close to water tempts me. Soaking my soul in a place, Ripened with adventure and luxury. With Bali my destination to fly, Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.
Even with a lac of prize money,  One has to be wise. Eyeing for the best of deals, And saving yourself from futile exercise. SkyScanner rolled out lowest of prices to buy, Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.
Here's how - I savored every cent of my win. Fetching best of flight deals,
Setting right foot to begin. 52,536 for flight tickets for two ain't high, Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.


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I ❤ Black

Colors are the smiles of nature ~ Leigh Hunt We all love colors, don't we? A child is attracted towards brighter colors, a teenager finds romance in red, we all make blue the most loved color in the world but there is one color which can never go wrong. And when it comes to making a style statement, it's is our first choice. Yes, I am talking about Black. The color of desire, style, and one that never goes out of fashion. There are many who claim it's their favorite but for me - I simply ❤ Black!
Any color - so long as it's black ~ Henry Ford My craze for black is evident in my gadgets, car, furniture; you can find all shades of black in my house - charcoal, ink, ebony, raven, soot and sometimes even in my jet black hair. There are a few things I absolutely desire. My list is luxurious, desirable, sexy and most importantly - Black. Here's it is -
In my desire list, the first thing is a Black Mont Blanc Pen. It's classy, elegant and timeless. Mont Blanc is the …

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The Invisible Woman

Mr Sharma flaunts his phone. With its 11 megapixel camera, he is trying to click a winning picture for National Geographic Annual Photo contest. I know for sure, he will never succeed. Don't think I feel jealous, I know Ms Kapoor's phone is better than his. Her phone camera doesn't shake, not even when you play, 'Shake it like Shammi.' It clicks crystal clear pictures, performs in low light, is always in focus and smartly removes the unwanted. And here's her secret, all her Facebook photos are uploaded after using the 'beautification' function on her phone. Clever, huh! No wonder, she is calm like a Zen with her sleek buddy.
But look at my phone, poor thing, just helps me to connect with the world. It's high time I shop for something better. Something which will put all other phones to shame, is upbeat like Ms Kapoor's ZenFone and has a superpower of my choice. Taking a cue from ZenFone's Smart Remove feature, I want my phone to have the Su…

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Lemon, Spice And All Things Nice

A dash of lemon zest,  Striking a note or two. As I walked on the pebbled streets, I drenched in the scent of ocean blue.

Setting the tone right with these verses, I can only go on and on about my recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island. Not very far in terms of distance from New York, yet it is strikingly different. There is a European touch to the mansions, streets and lifestyle. Extravagant lives of the super rich is showcased to overpower you but still, there is something with which you connect. It took me two rounds on the Bellevue Avenue to find what exactly it was that felt so similar. Oh, I remember, I felt the same when I went to Cape Cod two years back. It was the same breath of freshness, a mix of fresh water and air that makes you cheerful on a sultry day. No matter if it's 4th of July rush on the streets, every time your nose sniffs, it's fresh, crisp and pure. Like summer captured in a jar, that scent of lemon mingling perfectly with the scent of water has an intoxicati…

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Sing a rain song...

Hold me, Twirl those arms around my waist. Tap your feet to the symphony, Kiss me gently on my face.
Our senses will fade a little, As we'll step into trance. With lips interlocked, Heart doing a happy dance.
Coloring me all red, Heat in the body will flow. Transporting me to a far off land, With fine wine and French chateau.
Wait a bit longer, Let's not rush. With rain steaming my body, I can never have enough.

There has to be something first, Something that never goes wrong. Rain, kiss, love, passion, And a rain song.
So, what's your favorite rain song? Here's mine ~

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A Million Dollar Dish

The aroma of long grained Basmati dressed in different colors. It's white - as you like it every day. It's yellow - with a bit of orange tint to it; dazzled with the royal strands of saffron here and there. Oh, before the rice lover in you imagine a plate full of cooked rice, all set to pour some Dal on it, wait, this dish has an indulgence of its own.

It builds on your taste buds layer by layer. As you let that spatula go deep into the bottom of the serving dish, you pamper both your eyes and taste buds with a feast that oozes variety. A handful of round beads of peas scattered here and there. A delicately chopped floret of cauliflower hiding perfectly cooked rice grains in it. Chopped beans and potatoes accentuating the appeal. The red color of carrot shimmering more with the generous dose of spices and don't forget, the whole cashew-nuts and raisins ready to spoil you with royal indulgence.

But wait, these vegetables are not ordinary. They are formally dressed to add m…

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