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Are Indian Women Financially Prepared for Retirement?

The problem is we think we have time - Buddha.
This quote applies to every aspect of life. And especially to money. Like time, money too is a tricky commodity. If not handled properly, it slips away. As women, we put the needs of others ahead of our own. We forget the fact that women have longer life expectancies and in addition to taking care of our families, securing our financial future is also our duty. We sideline ourselves which puts our future at risk. Post 60s to be precise. We earn, spend and save but without paying attention to our post-retirement needs. It’s that time of life when expenses increase and money flow decreases. So, one should make hay while the sun shines - save and invest for retirement when the time is right. Start early, in fact, as soon as one starts working. Also, keep the following points in mind: Plan your Own Retirement AccountDon’t postpone retirement planning. Start a retirement account early in life. Put as little or as much as you can afford. If you a…

Money Habits You Must Develop Till 25

Fresh out of college, new job and with a fat paycheck - the experience can be overwhelming. With this newly acquired financial freedom comes great responsibility. To start with - break old money habits and adopt new. This rise in disposable income can bear fruit if we start managing our finances at an early age. And what better time to start it than our 20s?
Incorporate these habits in your life and say hello to financial stability very early on in life: Say No to BorrowingLet’s start by erasing the bad habits first. Act mature and stop relying on your parents and friends. In college, our allowance is tight. Hence we borrow from friends. There is no commitment on paying back, late fee, or interest. It’s a casual arrangement between friends. But don’t let this habit grow out of control. Manage your expenses in your own paycheck. Borrowing is a bad habit and in some cases, it can turn into an addiction. It’s easy money. It’s especially important to control borrowing when you are a compul…

Are You Passing Bad Money Habits to Your Kids?

We don’t like to discuss money matters in front of our children. We tend to postpone this serious discussion till the right age. Little do we know, like all the basic manners, good money etiquettes should be taught from the very beginning. And like all other habits, children pick money habits from their parents. So be careful. And keep the following pointers in mind while dealing with money -
Never Succumb to Child’s Tantrums Most parents fall into the tantrum trap. Sometimes parents say ‘yes’ to put an end to an embarrassing situation in a marketplace. And sometimes it is hard to see your child crying. But no matter what your situation is, don’t cave in. When you give into your child’s demands, he tastes the easy way to get things done. And this is not the case in the real world. Teach them money is limited and we have to put it to the best use. Control is the key. Be a little strict with your child.
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Thank you, Maa!

This is for Maa. A gentle thank you for all the things she has done for me.
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Livpure – Best Water Purifier in India

Water and air quality have fallen drastically over the years in our country. With the increase in the number of vehicles on the road and industries mushrooming in the suburbs of every town, the air we breathe contains many harmful gasses in it. The worst effect, however, is on the drinking water. The water we use at home has impurities that not only affect our health but causes life-threatening diseases. Sadly, children are the ones who are most affected by it. It has now become imperative to have water purifiers at home. The only way to make sure that water is safe for drinking. It’s a cost effective method to keep family’s health in check. Unlike buying packaged drinking water which makes a huge dent on the pocket.

There are many brands in the market that sell water purifiers. Amongst them, Livpure is one of the most trusted manufacturers of water purifiers in India. They focus on delivering superior water purifiers for the home and commercial use across India. The technology they us…

Heartfelt Mother’s Day Gifts that Won’t Cost You a Rupee

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And in case you are bored of giving the usual gifts to your loving mothers. Worry not! There are many heartfelt gifts you can use to make this day special. What’s best - all these are free! Celebrate Mother’s Day this year with these warm gifts to show you care. Make it special for your mother with one of these beautiful gestures - Breakfast in BedMothers are the early risers in the family. Surprise them by waking up earlier than them on Mother’s Day. Make her favorite breakfast item. If your culinary skills don’t allow to cook a detailed meal, don’t fret. Fix a quick breakfast - toast, tea, and fruits. Work on the presentation. Assemble the breakfast on a fancy tray with a flower on the side. And you’ve done enough to impress your mother! Start the day with this special gesture.
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And on this note, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.

Happy Girls make Happy Homes

I am from a small village in Himachal. As a part of the wedding ceremony, your friend or cousin reads out 'Shiksha.' Shiksha is a list of teachings - what the new bride should and shouldn't do. After writing 3 back-to-back posts on Mother's Day, I was thinking what would Shiksha look like if a mother writes it. This is my version of Modern Day Shiksha and I call it - Happy Girls make Happy Homes!


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For more hashtag stories, stalk me on - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Of Long Lost Summer Days With Maa

Maa, I bought Pond's talcum powder from Indian store yesterday, I sprinkled it after the evening bath. Combed my hair with center partition, And walked barefoot on freshly cut grass.
The soft scent of lilies didn’t go well with my body chemistry, I didn’t smell as nice as you. The center partition didn’t suit my round face, How the kurta looked, I have no clue.
It was hard to imitate you, As a girl, I tried to fit in. You, a gracious lady, With skin as smooth as porcelain.
I have the same features, Minus your class and grace. How silly of me to think? I could be at your place.
But Maa, I thought again, How can I replicate long lost summer days? You dressed in a neat cotton sari, Serving rooh-afza to guests on holidays.
I can’t buy your personality, I buy the closest things, though.