Of Long Lost Summer Days With Maa

I bought Pond's talcum powder from Indian store yesterday,
I sprinkled it after the evening bath.
Combed my hair with center partition,
And walked barefoot on freshly cut grass.

The soft scent of lilies didn’t go well with my body chemistry,
I didn’t smell as nice as you.
The center partition didn’t suit my round face,
How the kurta looked, I have no clue.

It was hard to imitate you,
As a girl, I tried to fit in.
You, a gracious lady,
With skin as smooth as porcelain.

I have the same features,
Minus your class and grace.
How silly of me to think?
I could be at your place.

But Maa, I thought again,
How can I replicate long lost summer days?
You dressed in a neat cotton sari,
Serving rooh-afza to guests on holidays.

I can’t buy your personality,
I buy the closest things, though.
Ponds talcum, Shilpa bindi, cotton dress,
And folding chairs for the patio.

Then I struggle hard to bring a little soul,
To the inanimate stuff.
I even fill the tall glasses with rooh-afza,
For an extra dose of summer love.

You must visit me once,
You'd amazed at your grown-up daughter.
As I try to recreate the 90s summer,
You'd in for a bout of laughter.

Maa, I do all that,
Because I terribly miss you on long summer days.
And the whiff of Pond's talcum powder,
I used to steal on that quick embrace.

I idolized you as a little girl,
Your fine manners and gentle laugh.
Do you know one of my most prized possessions,
Is your 12th Farewell photograph?

With age, I've become more like you,
Still, there are a few things I miss.
Sitting by your side on cool summer evenings,
And your soft kiss.

Mom’s Farewell Photo

And here's an old print ad of Pond's Talcum in the 80s -

Image Source - Here


  1. Beautiful poem, Saru. You are exceptionally talented. You could make poems out of anything, like talcum powder, rooh-afza, and even litter bins. And you also put emotions in them. Hats off to you. Well, I was expecting a pic of yours too side by side your mother.

  2. This is so lovely bringing forth a burst of emotion. You do look like her but different. Lovely poem, Saru.

  3. Who think about Rooh Afza , Pond's talcum powder or saree but You did it , you actually did it many times in your poems which makes your poetry " kuchh Hat ke " . The bond of relationship between Maa & Beti is always more strong than Fevicol :)

  4. Saru, you nailed it as always. The words you choose and the way you use those make the post special. Its your TM.

  5. This is beautiful, and emotional. I remembered my Mum, and her Shilpa bindi, after reading your post.
    Thank you for sharing, Saru. I loved reading it.

  6. brilliantly put..loved reading it

  7. Loved your poem. It brings back so many memories of my childhood ☺️.

  8. Such a lovely one and gifted you are Saru! So well written with nostalgia and love.

    P.S. The love the fragrance of Pond's. I keep one around just for a whiff ;)

  9. I love the way you include brands name in your posts, Saru! Loved it as always!!


  10. Saru, ur poem took me to the summer of 90's. How a dash of talcum powder used to sooth us on a summer day. M sure your mom would love the poem!

  11. This made me all nostalgic and loved
    Such simple days they were
    We daily used to buy jasmine Amala's for one rupee!
    That paper cut out brings back even simplicity of the ads
    Loved reading this saru

  12. Your posts are so heartfelt and reek of nostalgia that I fall in love with them. What a fine ode dear girl! :) Par excellence!

  13. I simply loved the references of Ponds talcum and Roohafza!
    Lagbhag 30 saal puraane din yaad karke ek tees si uthi dil mein..
    The lovely poem is a priceless tribute to your lucky mom:)

  14. Simply WOW... You weave magic through the words no matter what! Even those examples from daily life are always brimming with emotions in the way write! Hats off :)

  15. You have such a beautiful relationship with words, Saru. Simple yet so different in expressing your feelings. Also, you're as beautiful as your mother. The real beauty lies in one's soul and from whatever little I know you thru your posts is that you own a wonderful soul. 😊

    Loved this ode to mom. 👌

  16. Loved this heartfelt, woven with nostalgia and fragrant, summer memories poetic ode to mom ❤️
    The Pond's talcum powder, cotton dresses, straight partition of hair and walking on freshly mowed lawn are all things very close to my heart. Loved revisiting the Pond's talcum ad of the 80's.

  17. We used to use Ponds talcum powder when I was small! I can remember the smell even now! And Ruhafza too!

    Your mother has got a great daughter who adores her...she has brought you up very well...a soft natured person.

  18. brilliantly little, full of emotions and nostalgia

  19. Beautifully written poem that is full of nostalgia and emotions. It has reminded me of my childhood. In these days of fast food and fizzy drinks, it was nice to remember Roohafza. In fact I still love the sharbat.

  20. Lovely ode to your mom. How we associate memories with the smells and touch we acquire during our childhood. For me it was her chiffon sarees which I remember as she placed it over my face to help me sleep better! :-)

  21. Absolutely loved this one. There's something about the 80s and 90s that we all miss. I also try to recreate some of that magic but never succeeded in any of it.

  22. Nostalgia ! Brilliantly written. Love the way you connect everything.

  23. Certain memories are special and sacred. This is one of them

  24. Heartfelt and poetic rendering to the mother, an inspiration, a Goddess who shines always. There is an aura of divinity in this poem.


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