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We are 2 broken souls who perfectly fit

You reek of debauchery,
Of wild sex on cheap sheets.
Of half-drunken nights,
Mindless flirting on the streets.

And yet I find you comforting,
I know you won’t last long.
You are that pop-chart number,
Not a meaningful song.

There ought to be a heartbreak,
For you to put your soul up for sale.
Broken people tend to use,
Hungry passion as their holy grail.

I can swim underwater for hours,
To find that pearl inside you.
I can walk under dark skies,
To see the light in you.

I want to burn myself,
To set your demons free.
I can even pluck the thorns out,
And plant a beautiful tree.

But do give me some hope,
I want to fix my emptiness with you.
I’m an epic mess-up,
I know you are too.

The world would call us crazy,
So be it.
We are 2 broken souls,
Who perfectly fit.

Image Source - @benjaminpatch

Friendship is a one-way street. Once lovers can never be friends.

So we are done labelling our relation. I am love to you. You are love to me. Let's end the conversation on this note. Whatever remains after that is pure passion. Something the woman in me craves. Something the man in you enjoys.

We ruined our friendship yesterday. But, oh boy! I still get goosebumps thinking about it. My heart sinks. I feel dry in my mouth. And wet in places where I should. Even now, I can hear your whispers in my ear and can feel your body on mine. I have this uncontrollable urge to sink into your chest, kiss your neck and say - baby, you are mine. I want to savour you. I want to read unfinished poems to you. For one 5-minute kiss, I want to write a 20-thousand word prose. But I don't want to make you a hero. I don't want to give us a happy ending. I don't want to sleep with you every single day. Because if there is a man who can make one night a lifelong memory, you are that man.

I sure have this seething pain to be in your arms, sit with you on a col…