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Rewind - February 2020

A few good, bad and ugly things I wrote this February. Date Content 02/02/2020 We are all teacups - fragile and designed to hold warmth inside. 02/03/2020 अंधेरे में तो परछाईं भी साथ छोड़ देती है  और हम लोगों से उम्मीद लगाए बैठे हैं Andhere mein toh parchhai bhi saath chhod deti hai Aur hum logon se umeed lagaye baithe hain 02/03/2020 कोई ले जाए डॉक्टर को दिखाए जरा भी सुनता नहीं मेरी  इस दिल के कान ख़राब है 02/03/2020 Even if you pour gasoline and burn them alive - memories will still reek of you. 02/03/2020 The intimacy we share in long pauses can put sex to shame. 02/04/2020 तेरे बाद भी जो रहेगा पूरा  बस ऐसा इश्क़ करने की गुस्ताख़ी की है मैंने Tere baad bhi jo rahega pura Bas aisa ishq karne ki gustakhi ki hai maine 02/05/2020 जहाँ बिकते है रद्दी के भाव जज़्बात  उसी बाज़ार से लाया था वो अपना दो टके का प्यार Jahan bikte hai raddi ke bhav jazbaat Usi bazaar se laya tha woh apna do takkay ka pyaar 02/06/2020 सामन

We are all lonely. Terribly lonely.

Sometimes I want to scream at the top of my lungs in a crowded place out of sheer loneliness. And sink on the concrete floor with my head tucked between my knees. I want someone to look into my empty eyes and read my story. Then comfort me with a hug. But I stand quietly in the corner of this posh restaurant smiling politely at the couples walking into it with their fingers interlocked. They wait for their table. I wait for mine. In the meantime, I stand there alone, a thousand thoughts run a marathon inside my tiny head. What have I done to deserve it -- is one such thought. Sometimes I talk to others. Those who appear to have it all. After 15 minutes of easing into the conversation, I find they are no less miserable. If I'm a Siberian desert - cold and barren, they are Sahara - few people come to visit them - a very few walk with them under the scorching circumstances. Deep down, we are all lonely. Terribly lonely. We all seek one person with whom we can share that