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Will you be my Sunshine?

The April sun was shining harshly and the mercury was breaking all previous records. In the sunlit garden, with even the birds resting under the shades of leaves, they walked hand in hand. The roundness of her baby face was highlighted by a hint of pink to her cheeks. Both were unaware what ‘moving’ meant; they thought he is going to London and will come back after the vacation. After an hour, when they finally waved hands with a smile, a budding love story was dashed with the craze to settle abroad. Tans from that April day faded easily but the memories were preserved in the corner of their growing hearts. Life moved on, even her family to a bigger city with more pollution and less time. With a faint memory of a childhood friend, Anjali grew up as a Lecturer in a College in Mumbai. She was happy, she was good at what she does and for the rest, she never cared. One Saturday afternoon when she opened her Facebook account, she received a friend request from a long lost fr

Driving My Own Way!!!

Drove seventy miles, On a sultry summer day, Crushing all the fallen trees. I'm driving against every tiny breeze... Neither a quarter, Nor a full value of dollar. I'm priceless, you dare think me seize. I'm driving against every tiny breeze... Ain't a season without me, Of flowers if you speak; I multiply the value of all by many degrees. I'm driving against every tiny breeze... All yearn to adorn me, when I'm eighteen. Foregone I am, I cease to be a queen. Stronger I am, even then, in all my beliefs. I'm driving against every tiny breeze... *Dedicated to every woman. We drive and will drive against everything which tries to suppress us. Cheers to our way of life. Cheers on being a woman!!!

World At My Fingertips!

Anticipating the fun that was coming my way, I hugged my Dad when he gifted me my first mobile in 2002. With enthusiasm, I started pressing the keys and embarked on the journey of discovery. It has been a long and exciting journey since...A journey, which not only soothed my senses in times of stress but helped me in finding three of the most beautiful relationships of my life. Initially, with high rates and expensive downloading, mobile was just a gadget to flaunt. But with the rush of technology and competition, not only the rates were slashed but the mobile market was flooded with better models. My encounter with internet on mobile happened when I bought a multimedia phone. From then on, there has been no looking back. Listening to music, watching videos, texting, even finding a groom for myself...Seriously, I have done it all on this tiny gadget. One day, curious to discover more on my mobile, I activated the GPRS. And, that opened the boundless gateways. While scanning

Into the Ganges...

Dear Body, For all my life, I lived for you; Though, I died on numerous counts. Saddening... it was for me; For you, You never lost ground. You washed your sins every day. Bowing down to your needs, When I was nearing my decay. Fearing I will perish, In the oblivion, Today, I set myself free, Into the Ganges... Your Soul. Muddled soul in a tyrant body seeks recourse. Prisoner for thirty odd years can survive no more. * This poem is published in Rousing Cadence  

On A May Day...

Love so gratifying, love so profound. Love at its height, love, I found. It was the season, it was May. Air spoke of Love, it was raining every day. Stars didn’t come, they went out to romance. Clouds sheltered them, showing their stance. Morning schemed passion, evening, on fire. Sensed like everything brimmed with desire. Should I say or else keep quiet? For my man will laugh at my plight. It happened in summers, I loudly say. I fell in Love on a May day! Love needs no reason and no season.  However, this poem is dedicated to all those who found their love in the month of May, as I did.