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I ❤ Luv Storys

Congratulations! In fact, a big round of applause for all those who survived the hiccups of the biggest merger of all kinds –  Marriage . I bet, now you have a  rock solid foundation . Naturally, the pebbles, stones and brick(bat)s that came your way in earlier days are now pushed hard under your feet forming a steady platform. Standing Tall , tell me, how it all started? Did he get down on his knees? Or her family came home to discuss the prospect? Either way, was it love at first sight or you allowed love to have its own course. Naah! Let’s cut these formal sentences out and be rather open. So, Love or Arranged Marriage? ARRANGED! Aha! How fortunate! You met your better half in your living room under the assuring eyes of your loved ones. A happy celebration at the outset. Family approval, big fat wedding spanning out for days and a warm welcome to the lady, that too, in style and grandeur. Life comes on a platter at times... Sorry, you said something? Even you had some pro

Let's Talk

Sometimes I feel I am fighting against my childhood beliefs. I was told, certain words are forbidden, certain phrases are frowned upon and certain topics are discussed only inside four walls. But the 21st Century woman in me, who starts her day with Facebook updates, doesn't agree. I was hushed on many occasions as a child, given signals to keep mum as a teenager; I admit, even I refrained from speaking on numerous counts, but not now… …now, I know we can snub a voice, we can hush a tone, we can do everything but  erase it completely . And if the matter still exists, it's worth a conversation. So, let's talk! Almost all the prohibited topics are centered around women and the worst part is, women pays the price every time. Being unaware is no excuse when it comes to health issues. Thus, it becomes imperative to speak out and clear the clouds that engulf our thoughts. Most of us don't know what all problems a woman face...not even the woman herself. In fact, we

Je t'aime

I posted these poems as a series last year. It was written as a story of a lady who was waiting for her beloved. He wrote a letter saying that he would come in July and meet her in the garden where they met last time. Read how the story unfolds in each poem. Please share which one of these poems you liked the most. Je t'aime - I In this Garden, My soul wanders, My self is lost. I breathe love in this place, Here life unfolds. I walk here everyday, Every day I sigh... With my arms folded around me, Waiting for this July. I have lost count of time, Count of days and nights... Since I sit on this bench, Holding his letter tight. I kissed him goodbye, For he will return for us... In this Garden, this July, To give voice to my words. Je t'aime - II Was drifted away with ecstasy, rubbed and erased all fears, As he was coming to me, he would have been near. I waited for this July, like no one has waited before, A

Surf ki Kharidari mein hi Samajhdari hai!

Words that soak into your ears are whispered, not yelled.* Now, yelling is something I am averse to; but one thing that I surely love is Words and you all know why. Most of the afternoons, lazing around, I feel like humming  Words by Boyzone and soaking myself in the music and lyrics of this evergreen melody. Poor me, miles away from the luxuries of having a maid, is so tired on some days that I take a power nap. With a power nap, sorry, a prolonged nap comes a dream. Dream of diamonds, beach holiday, perfect home and at times, of cooking, ironing, washing clothes and having uninvited guests... Yesterday during my mid-day slumber, I was dreaming of the LV Bag...but wait, cut two, I had an uninvited guest in my house. C’mon! Having an uninvited guest and that too in a dream; seems like there is no solace for my poor self. In a nano second, I was drifted from the LV store to my humble living room. You know the way it happens in a dream. A pleasant looking Lalita ji, w

Death of a Nation

Pyre of celebration, Everting the human soul. Men called her names, Alas! No one paid heed to her toll. Cacophony of hungry hands, Unleashed the beast. Satiating the callous thirst, Wait! Her skin is not a feast. Can you wander on streets? Like a sparrow singing a song. She believed in freedom, in her wings, Sigh! Something went wrong. The charred men laughed loud, Pointing fingers at her. Illusion it seemed, Everything was blurred. Suddenly she realized, Then... She moaned, not for her, for them. Death it was, death; you don't condemn. Death of a soul, of a nation, Of everyone who did only see. Broken wings will soar again, Over dead she will not cease... *Inspired from Assam Molestation Case. *This poem has been written for my team, The Bengaluru Bloggers’ Bistro of the IBL – The Battle of Blogs, sponsored by . Join in at the official website and the page on Facebook at