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Childlike Memories

We never park our memories, they walk in our hearts like a child,
They even run, crawl and dance when we smile.
Sometimes, they become stubborn and make us nostalgic,
Fabricating our life around them is pure magic.

All Over Again...

Insomniac from many nights,
My condensed pulses want to revive,
Maybe our love story is too plain,
Let’s fall in love... all over again...
Remember the road, I walked in the rain,
Lurched bare feet beating the mundane,
I pocketed the moments that day,
Separated colors from all the grey,
My life has changed since and it won’t be same,
So, let’s fall in love... all over again...
In the twinkling of eyes, in the tapping of feet,
In the glass of wine, in the crumbling of bed sheet,
Sweet nothings walk never making a rush,
Always new story unfolds with a Midas touch,
Address me as you like but follow my plan,
C’mon, let’s fall in love... all over again...

All Dressed Up - I

Hearing your footsteps, my imagination is on fire.
And, the silk around my body, shimmers with desire.
Admiring myself in front of mirror, preparing for this rendezvous,
No matter how I look, I love dressing up for you.

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My Story

Sugar coated promises for my hungry soul, And a touch of her soft hair. My young heart was elated by only these, In the beginning of our affair. In the bus, early morning, we used to meet, Two senseless people baffled by the crowd. Just to protect us from gazing eyes, We used to whisper and not speak aloud. Got married in no time, She was twenty-two and I was twenty-four. God gifted us a little princess within a year, Felt like happiness entered from our front door. It was 'you', my darling daughter, Who completed our family portrait. You inherited the best from both of your parents, I'm proud, now you're working in a corporate. You asked me hundred times, My story and what inspires me to transcend. Nothing is impossible for a man, who has a dutiful child, And, whose wife is his best friend?
Overrated thoughts for success but one thing I say strongly, The truth is behind every successful man there is a family.

You Create Beauty...

After a long tiring day, When my heart seeks consoling, In the night, When my views are strolling, To make me live, You create beauty in life. Sometimes, when you're away, My skin feels bare. Cuddling myself with your photo, I look for you everywhere. To tell me life is better than it seems, You create beauty in dreams. When the world makes me dumb-struck, And I sit like a neglected art, ground struck. To tell me not to care afterward, You create beauty in words.

Je t'aime - III

Voice, I heard his voice,
No, not from a distance, very near.
It could be my dream,
I didn’t open my eyes to look clear.
He rubbed his hand on my shoulder,
I flicked it away.
Thought it might be my friends,
Who tease me this way.
Left with no options,
He lifted me in his arms.
Then, I believed his presence,
As usual, I was smitten by his charms.
In this garden, I waited for him,
Through June, July, and August.
He kept his promise,
And returned to us.
I asked him, for my longings, my love,
Give me something true.
He got down on his knees, took the ring,
Proposed and said, 'I love you'.


Hope withers away, memories become pale, In life, some relations never change. Months and then years pass by, Still, we never realize. They smile with us and wipe our tears, And love us through all these years. In pain, they make us laugh, We forget no one, we love them all. To write about them is a way to show, We can never repay the debt we owe. Come what may, they will still be a part, And will remain really close to our hearts.
*A tribute to all those people, whom we can't thank enough!