Childlike Memories

We never park our memories, they walk in our hearts like a child,
They even run, crawl and dance when we smile.
Sometimes, they become stubborn and make us nostalgic,
Fabricating our life around them is pure magic.


  1. nostalgia is priceless yaar...and i guess the part that many of us miss is the innocence and the joy that comes with living in your own world :) as we grow up we start trading is the first thing to go on the block...:( anyway...guess which is my fav Enigma number :) :)

  2. Ahh! Beautifully written. Memories are so priceless. Loved the last line so much :)

    Saru, when I am trying to share your posts on FB, the first comment of the post is visible on FB but not the post. Or else try to use AddThis widget. I hope it works.

  3. that is such an interesting thought!

  4. You should publish a book of your poems. Bestseller! =)

  5. yes's memories that makes our life special:)

  6. Nostalgic poem Saru, written very well...

  7. Truly said. Good memories give us smile to our face and bad memories give us pain to our heart.

    Very well said :)

  8. and the way you create magic with your words :)

  9. I think you beautifully play with the 'words'like a seasoned magician.Your description of memories
    is marvelous.Our mind is like a tape recorderr.Not only the memories are stored into it,but we can play reviving any memory we like.

    Many many thanks, Saru for the nice presentation.
    My good wishes to you for Ganesh chaturathi and Id.

  10. Very well said! Love this :) As usual, you always put a smile on my face!

  11. So true....and I was having same thoughts today while coming back to home from the office..these memories keep playing kabaddi all the time...

    Nice post..

  12. Your creation has taken me down the memory lane Saru made me remember all my past memories with a smile on my face:):) loved it..

  13. When ever I scroll down to read friend's blog, your blog is only one which callin me to read it first, it brings smile on face even before starts to read it... loved it as usual :-)

  14. Pricks the soul.....the meaning!

  15. Thank u saru for your visit
    I enjoyed your writing.
    do you know my tamil

  16. Little lines...beautiful and large meaning!
    How you craft them so brilliantly!

  17. This is called"found a hill while searching for a rat" very nice..

  18. i read ur post, thot of a reply, only to see miss red handed had written it already. so ya, even i wonder the same. :D

  19. So very true ! All will change or fade in this world but one thing left ,our memories may it be sweet or this line...they walk in our hearts like a child,
    They even run, crawl and dance when we smile.

  20. So few lines that say SO much ~ this is truly your gift, dear Saru & Red Handed eloquently summarized it!

    I *love* this one because it is so true and something everyone can relate to :) The first line is BRILLIANT! ♥

  21. memories....does that word produce a lump in your throat too? and then a smile playing on the lips :)

  22. That's something sweet to memorize whenever memory shows it stubbornness...:-)

  23. So true.. Memories remain in your heart forever.. Liked the 'nostalgic' part very much :-)

  24. sweet memories are really unforgettable :) well written saru!

  25. Beautiful!! short and touching! You always amaze me with the message you convey in very few words!!

  26. Beautiful!! Loved the title :)

  27. Memories are the treasure chest of our soul! Exquisite Post Saru.

  28. Memories, they makes us smile & cry too.

    the ones that hurt, does come alive sometimes, but those were also our part of life.
    "Fabricating our life around them is pure magic", true :)

  29. Hey hi! first time on ur blog..amazed that there is such good content out there! yours seems to be one a different plane..not really a connoisseur of poetry! But am happy that ur a nostalgia fan too! 1 up!

  30. But not all memories are pleasant.

  31. Cute insight.. and nice words.!

  32. Fabricating our lives around them can also be sometimes tragic..

  33. Very nice ....and truely nostalgic saru.

  34. Your magic wand worked again... so much said in so few words

  35. memories are truly a precious asset to be preserved. Lovely to see how you impart a thought through so little words :)

  36. Very nicely written! :)

    And I was being complimented ! :) hehe!
    Great work!

  37. Aww, that is one sweet short poem that can bring a smile on any reader,..
    Love the simplicity :)


  38. very beautifully written ...... love your 1st & last line so much .....
    memories are like bunch of flowers ....!
    love your poem sweet & short.

    :) <3

  39. hey dear... im a new follower, n im completely mindblown.. u hav sucha beautiful imagination n wonderful way wid words!!!
    i wud absolutely love it for u to check out my blog too... super new to this.. :)

  40. such true and touching words Saru Ji :)
    but i think i would still come under the childhood age, dont you? :P :P

  41. Saru, I think I got late this time to read your Words!!

    And you know what was I doing? I was creating childlike memories!! and now once I've created and fatafat went on to read your Words and felt so amazing!! :)

    Wow!! lovely! :)

    Keep writing!! Meri subah Roshan ho jaati hai aapka likha hua padh ke!!


  42. wow:) loved it :) beautiful memories help us having a beautiful happy life :) loved the last line :)

  43. I remember a lot! Maybe too much. My parents and teachers were really good to me. I do have some memories that are not the best. My first crush when I was in 4th grade passed away. He had heart problems. I also struggled in school. They talked about holding me back. Something must of clicked because I went on to get my masters degree.

  44. Beautiful....
    This is one theme I can keep coming back to again and again and never be saturated.

    I had once written something along the same lines. Try and give it a read. You might find an echo of your sentiments -

  45. That is a very beautiful thought!

  46. Hey Saru, I never read much as more inclined towards Photographs, Painting, Sketches etc...

    Tried few short things on your blog and liking it... One of my friend asked me to read your blog again n again and eventually I ended up liking some touching stuff... Hope to see more stuff :)

    but I am too lazy to comment :)

  47. @India's no.1 blog- I agree with you Prayukth and hope you like this.

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  48. Saru- short and sweet piece and so very TRUE - thanks for voting on my post - still learning the tricks of the trade as iam a green horn on indiblogger Saru- short and sweet piece and so very TRUE - thanks for voting on my post - still learning the tricks of the trade as iam a green horn on indiblogger

  49. Amazingly said..!U truely adding beauty to evry word u write here..
    I'm just days old to blogging..!
    but ur words are totallly amazing.. i dont think i can get better words..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I like this,, even i had wrote one poem on memories...

  51. @specs buffy- Even I'm 3 months old dear:) And thanks for admiring it!!!

    @Ankitha- Thanks dear for such a lovely compliment, join the blogging world, you will be truly amazed...:)

    @Ruchi Jain- I read it, it's wonderful...

  52. Fabricating our life around them atleast for me is quite challenging:)

  53. @Mithlash- It is at your age:) :) :)

  54. It is said, do not live in the past but the nostalgic memories keep playing in our heart & mind as you said rightly.


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