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Rewind - July 2023

I believe every few months I am a different person. Life has been teaching me some great lessons and I am readjusting my wings with a desire to soar high. Whether I will achieve my goals is a different story but chasing my goals without any fear has empowered me. It has made me a different person. I am becoming someone my younger self would have loved. Right now my 2 regrets are I don't have time for my book and I don't do that much creative writing. Writing, especially Hindi poetry, gives me immense joy. God willing, this will change, like all the other things that have changed for the better in my life. Eternally thankful to God, the universe and all the beautiful people I have met in my life. This is what I wrote in July: Date Published 07/20/2023 जब कोई बिन बोले समझ जाए आपका दुख बस यही है जीवन का सबसे बड़ा सुख Love, Saru