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I had my first epiphany this February

February was life-changing. I had my first epiphany this month. In the first week of February, after hitting another low in life, I wanted to give up everything. But because I'm stubborn, I thought of giving it another try. I wrote what I wanted from life on a piece of paper. Then I did what I do best - I planned. I made a daily routine in which I included the activities to bring me closer to my goals. ( By the way, my goals are to have peace of mind, attain happiness in things I have, and live a simple and meaningful life.) And most importantly, I made an effort to delete what was toxic or unnecessary. This is what I changed: I kicked off all the negative and bad influences - people, food, circumstances. I don't log into Facebook as I don't get positive vibes from it. I'm being picky with food and exercising portion control. But the challenge was to kick-off bad circumstances as they are never under our control.  The best way, in my opinion, to deal with a bad

Vodafone endeavors make NCR residents happy and the entire nation proud

Back in 2006, being a small-town girl, I was awed by the magnificence of Delhi. I exited the Sabzi Mandi railway station and marveled at the engineering wonder of our country - Delhi Metro. The experience of riding Metro from Sabzi Mandi to Rajiv Chowk was a peek into the modern way of life - I was mesmerized by the management of Delhi Metro. It was nothing short of magic - the opulence and magnanimity were breathtaking. But the moment I stepped out of the air-conditioned premises of Metro, reality struck me. I cursed the June heat. It was even harsher in Delhi’s pollution. The buzzing traffic, vehicles coughing smoke, and dusty sidewalks - I felt sorry for those who live there. As for me, I was to catch the evening train back to my hometown where air quality is better. The picture of Delhi I saw on TV faded within minutes. I saw the authentic Delhi where heaps of waste, pollution, and Dengue were a part of normal existence. I made a mental note of never living there. The idea of


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Gift Each Other Financial Stability This Valentine’s Day – #CoupleGoals

I firmly believe a couple should work on their financial stability in the first few years of their marriage. That’s what we did. We ditched the idea of owning a car and used that money for the down payment on our apartment. We were young. We had the resolute and energy to use public transport. We were smart and determined to make these adjustments fun. That one decision has helped us to have a sound foundation. When a couple has money, they are in a slightly better situation to deal with other problems in life. So I always suggest to my cousins and friends to make sacrifice in the initial years of their marriage to have a secured life. But for that to happen a couple must work together. And if you are not on terms, one of you must take initiative and make it a Couple Goal. This Valentine’s Day take charge and gift each other financial stability. Following are some smart, meaningful, and necessary gifts for a couple’s financial security. Life Insurance to Say ‘You Care’ Most of

Earn More Money in 2018 with These Tips

All we hear about money management is - cut expenses and save more. It’s a great advice. But we must understand it’s only half-effective. How much more can we save when our income is constant and expenses rise every month? There is definitely a limit to it. In the long run, we can be in a better financial position if we bolster our revenue sources. We know it’s easier said than done. It’s not easy to make money. And it’s certainly difficult to add a new revenue stream. So we have compiled a list which can help boost your income. Ask for a raise This is the first and the simplest way to increase your income. Ask for a raise if you are in a job. Increase your service charges if you are self-employed. This doesn’t require learning a new skill set. You only have to ask for your worth in light of increased inflation and your contribution to your organization. Present your case well. Show your worth and contributions while asking for a raise. Click and read the complete post on M

Bose Girl 2018: Ruling The World With Headphones And 2 Apps

This post won special mentions prize in Bose Future Ready Contest Dear Ms. Workaholic, Take a break. Breath-in, breath-out. I’m about break a news that would make you crave 2017 more than Double Fudge Chocolate Cake. Yes, 2017 - the year Bose would launch Google VPA enabled Bose QC35 II Headphones. You’d fall in love with it. It would give you an extra hand with its wireless feature. Cool! Fancy! High-tech! Your very own Personal Assistant, if I may say so. World at your fingertip - press a button - and voila, all is done. Confused, too much. Ah, okay! Let me break it up for you - step by step. Jog to favorite songs and plan day while cooling down Jogging is not a mundane activity anymore. In addition to the happiness from endorphins, the drive back home from the park is blissful. Why, you ask? With VPA enabled Bose QC35 II Headphones I listen to my favorite songs while working out. I press the action button on left side of the headphones and directs my phone to play my fa