Bose Girl 2018: Ruling The World With Headphones And 2 Apps

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Dear Ms. Workaholic,

Take a break. Breath-in, breath-out. I’m about break a news that would make you crave 2017 more than Double Fudge Chocolate Cake. Yes, 2017 - the year Bose would launch Google VPA enabled Bose QC35 II Headphones. You’d fall in love with it. It would give you an extra hand with its wireless feature. Cool! Fancy! High-tech! Your very own Personal Assistant, if I may say so. World at your fingertip - press a button - and voila, all is done.

Confused, too much. Ah, okay! Let me break it up for you - step by step.

Jog to favorite songs and plan day while cooling down
Jogging is not a mundane activity anymore. In addition to the happiness from endorphins, the drive back home from the park is blissful. Why, you ask? With VPA enabled Bose QC35 II Headphones I listen to my favorite songs while working out. I press the action button on left side of the headphones and directs my phone to play my favorite playlists. Till last week I jogged to Arjit Singh’s songs. This week I’m hooked to 90s hits. The fun part begins after the workout, though. I sit on the park bench, sip water and after cooling down for about 5-minutes, I start my day. I use Google Assistant to know about weather, so I can plan my day’s outfit. Carry an umbrella if there is a chance of rain. I read my unread messages. Make a mental note to reply. Set reminders for the day. And on my way back home, I call mom. You know how important this is! She is super happy with this new routine. And the traffic noise doesn’t bother me while talking to her as Bose QC35 II comes with superb noise cancellation.

The best feature for super-possessive phone freak in me - I don’t touch the phone with my sweaty hands. It’s tucked neatly in the pocket.

Making the best use of lunchtime
I look forward to my 40-minute lunch break. I eat lunch in my office. Instead of reading online, which I did earlier to rejuvenate myself. I put on my Bose headphones and do what I love - research places for my next vacation. I simply say, ‘Quiet beaches in Goa’ to get all the information. The days I’m not in a mood to plan a vacation, I listen to the news, make the shopping list and send a group text to my girl gang. Girl Gang reminds me of what happened last week. We went to this new Thai restaurant for lunch and everyone loved it. I picked that restaurant while cooking. You read it right. I had Bose headphones on, clicked the action button and asked it to search ‘Thai restaurants in town.’ I picked this one from the list, but not before reading, sorry listening, to the reviews on my Bose QC 35 II.

Smart Shopper and Smart Driver in the Evening
I’ve always been picky while shopping. But now, I am a smart shopper. I don’t waste time contemplating what to buy and where to buy. I simply ask ‘Buy Matcha Tea’ and Google Assistant shows me the list of shops where it’s available and the price. Then I drive to that store where it’s available at the cheapest price. Don’t worry! I was bad with directions earlier. Now, I put on my Bose Headphones and ask for directions. I get the shortest and fastest route to the destination. Bose QC35 II Headphones has brought so much control in my life. I do things faster and now I have ‘me-time’ every single day.

Ending day with healthy dinner and meditation
I am 5-pounds away from my target weight and all this is possible because I’m a sensible cook. When I cook in the evening, I take help from the VPA, not my maid. I ask - calorie count of my dishes. Every Sunday, after buying groceries, I plan the weekly menu with the help of my Bose headphones powered by Google Assistant. I put on my headphones and ask my virtual personal assistant to guide me to healthier alternatives, superfoods, and quickest recipes. This has made me healthy. I eat healthy meals and light dinner. I feel light, not bloated. Then I end my day after watching a show on TV. I don’t waste time in surfing channels aimlessly. I simply press the action button on my headphones and ask which shows are playing on TV. If not that, I keep the headphones on and meditate before heading to bed.

To calm your nerves,  let me assure you I did thorough research. Bose QC35 II Headphones are the best - super comfy, best in class noise cancellation, and has amazing battery life. 

You’d notice I’m no more a cranky workaholic. I’m a happy girl who enjoys every aspect of my life. I’m more in control of my life. I’m my own Boss. All thanks to the superpowers vested in me by Bose QC35 II Headphones, Google Assistant, and Bose Connect. These headphones coupled with 2 apps to connect it has made my life ah-mazing!

Yours truly,
Bose Girl 2018

P. S. Remember this picture. By the way, this year I’m planning to finish my Goodreads Book Challenge. I will download audiobooks and listen to them on my Bose QC35 II. And now look at this uber-cool beauty, available in two colors.

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  1. Kaafi accha product hai, socha tha husband ko gift karungi per price kuch jyada hai to thoda wait karne k baad butbuy ka hu 😊

    1. It's expensive but totally worth it. I have Bose Headphones (the one in the picture above) and the sound quality is amazing. Even after years of use, its performance is unparalleled.

  2. Wow! I will look forward to buy it. All the best Saru :)

    1. You like fancy products, Saurabh. These headphones are for someone like you.

  3. Best of luck for the contest, BoseGirl😃

  4. Reading yours and Alok's post on Bose, I am all the more excited about their headphones. But then seeing the price deters me :(. Aren't they too expensive even though its worthed? ;)


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