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Fly ✈ Malaysia, Truly Asia on AirAsia

I was first introduced to Malaysia by my College friend, Swati. She lived there for 4 years and was always singing praises of Kuala Lumpur. ‘Is it that wonderful!?’ I asked her multiple times. Her point was vouched by Malaysia, Truly Asia commercial airing on TV Channels those days. So, one day I surfed all about this city of high-rise buildings and cosmopolitan culture. I must tell you, I fell in love with it for multiple reasons, each being stronger than the other. Since then, it has become my Dream Asian Destination. Fly ✈    Malaysia, Truly Asia on AirAsia The first thought that flashed my mind when I read about Kuala Lumpur was - A modern sibling of India. Why not? We, Indians, give extra importance to food and religion and in Kuala Lumpur, we get an overdose of it. In fact, you feel much at home with a variety of Indian food available there. Being a foodie and a vegetarian, this completely bowled me over. If we start a tour of this city, we can spend at least a

Let's build a stronger India, shall we?

This morning I saw a mother wrapping her child in a blanket while boarding the bus. She was tucking the blanket from all corners. She was surely protecting him from cold weather but what about the dust, germs present on the bus seat and cold flu virus many passengers leave behind on bus handles? Wrapping your bundle of joy in a cosy blanket is not enough, we have to make them stronger from within. Their bodies should have a shield of their own and it should be prepared to counter-attack all the germs, viruses and infections. Healthy food is the first and foremost key to make kids stronger. Dark leafy green vegetables, lentils, nuts, carrots, kiwi, cauliflower, garlic helps in building immunity. These days most of the kids refuse to eat such food, so we should make eating interesting for them. Instead of serving a bowl of salad, we should make a sandwich of whole wheat and stuff fresh vegetables in it. Don’t forget to cut it into interesting shapes, may be, of their favorite

Happy Feet

Kiran would look at her son and feel sad at his slow growth. Parth was born with weak liver and was always sick with one or the other reason. Regular dose of medicines had an adverse effect on his growth. Son’s health was a constant source of worry for Kiran. All the kids around his age were more active and happy. She would look at his walker and pray to God that he starts walking. Sometimes, she cursed herself for being a bad mother. She thought she must have neglected something important during her pregnancy.  With each passing day, her worry led to a longer list of items she bought from stores. She would buy everything suggested to her, from a new tonic to a food supplement. But nothing seemed to be working and all that made her more anxious. ‘What’s wrong with me? I try everything and take utmost care and don’t even worry about money. I always buy products of known brands,’ she almost wept while sharing her misery with her friend. ‘Don’t worry, everything will be alright,’ sh

Coupled for Eternity

As the day drew near and near, I could feel my pulse getting higher. Was that the pressure of getting engaged or the hoopla of a ceremony?…I don't know but one thing was for sure, I was not exactly enjoying everything happening around me. I was merely a part of it. I was getting engaged and you all will agree that preparations are not that romantic. But what happened a day after defined LOVE for me and it was surely my Platinum Day of Love. A day after our engagement, we were talking casually on phone when my fiancé asked me to go to the front lawn to check beautiful August weather. ‘It will cheer you up, Saru,’ he urged. Exhausted with a week long preparation I reluctantly dragged myself and was surprised to see him standing in front of my house. ‘Get ready and let's go for a drive, ’ he said with great enthusiasm. Completely bowled over by his sweet gesture, all I could manage was a smile. And how could anyone say ‘No’ to such a romantic offer? Without caring a