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I Am Not Alone

Last year blessed me, He walked silently into my life. It was Love, That took me in its stride. One evening we walked holding hands, Then, I told him what I felt in heart. He said we were one soul, Who were living in parts. To bring the parts together, We fought with the world and tied the knot. Being one soul, Gave life a whole new spot. Chirping birds, floating clouds, Nature conspired for us. Always swimming against the tide, Life was in an adrenaline rush. This year cursed me, He walked silently out of my life. It was Death, That took him in its stride.       Yesterday his soul was saying, Fearing memories will fade, he can’t move on. He will stay and admire me, Standing always by my side from dusk to dawn. Image Source - Here

Don't Miss Him

Don't sit alone and cry, He is with you just  realize . He is the wind kissing your hair, He is the moon who is shinning up there. He is the smile on your face, In your solitude whom you embrace. Don't ever miss him, not even for a while, You are breathing his love every time.  Image Source - Here


मेरी सपनो को सजाने की हर कोशिश अधूरी रह गयी! मुझमे और मेरी मंजिल में सिर्फ दो आंसूओ की दूरी रह गयी!!

When You Came

During that season I was living, But for no reason. In the life there wasn't any smile, And my feet always stopped at many whiles. I was dead, But no one covered my body. For me, I buried myself already. Suddenly in the graveyard, there came an angel, Who proved himself to be true, So, I am actually living, Since the day I got you.

Who Am I, Dad?

I danced with the wind, not cared for a dime, Lived under your shadow, when the sun shined. Like a princess every day, I ordered this and that, Sang my stupid tales, again and again, you gave me a smile and a pat. The day search for the ‘prince’ ended; you gave me right away, Not thinking twice dad, that I’ll miss you every day. You gave your piece of heart and we both are happy for sure, Melting in someone’s life, I don’t have time to ask for more. Have I ever told you; your teachings are not going in vain, I conquer all my problems, but, I miss you when I’m in pain. Who am I, dad? I asked myself hundred times, Just a random girl, who has the best dad of all times! *I am not a good daughter but my dad is definitely the best.

Musings - II

My skin talks to me for it waits for your embrace, Wish could rest on yours for I have no better place. *In the arms of someone you love, you’ll find the best resting place. Still lingering, Musings - I.

Mumbai is asking...

I forget the wounds, Every few years they remind me, Inked in the color red, My tattered soul asks, "Why me?"

You are my 'Sonshine'

I told the breeze, the sun and the stars, Who is my life and for whom I have come so far. I live with him, I sleep by his side, He is the reason, for which I survive. At times he comes and holds my hand, Then, I tell him where he should stand. I will see him sail through and he will shine like the sun, He is the man I love the most, he is my son. Dedicated to one of the most beautiful relations - mother and son.

Je t'aime - II

Was drifted away with ecstasy, rubbed and erased all fears, As he was coming to me, he would have been near. I waited for this July like no one has waited before, And I loved him always, with each passing moment even more. Now, hopes are drifting away, reading his latest letter twice, Is maintaining this relation by any means wise? Should I wait for him? He needs more time; They say for love to be true, it has to be one of its kind. August is not far away, my heart pleaded my mind, Though deep within I think, Is my love so blind? The lady in me crave for his embrace, For my numb soul, this is a hard phase. Convicted of falling in love, I have to bear this pain. Consoling my pounding heart, its pleading will not go in vain.

Musings - I

My soul wanders all night, for it has no solace, Wish could sleep in your eyes, for I have no better place! *A couplet is so intense; it conveys everything in few words. Also, it lingers in your memory for a long time.