मेरी सपनो को सजाने की हर कोशिश अधूरी रह गयी!

मुझमे और मेरी मंजिल में सिर्फ दो आंसूओ की दूरी रह गयी!!


  1. wow Saru, this is first time I am visiting your blog and I will say you dont face any comment deficiency :)

  2. awesome...! sab k sab adhoore :(

  3. Saru, Its really heart touching... Loved it...

    Jay Dave


  4. this is heart touchingly sad....

  5. Just two lines with a small snap - heart touchingly sad combo!

  6. painful indeed..if this happens..:(

  7. Won't try to put my expressions in words for this one.... Speechless.

  8. बहुत सुन्दर..
    ये आँसू खुशी के ही होंगे..........
    गम में आँसू तो स्वतः ढलते हैं..किसी प्रतीक्षा की आवश्यकता नहीं होती।

    भावपूर्ण रचना

  9. उन दो आँसुओं को बह जाने दो, अपनी मंजिल को पा जाओ|

  10. कितनी सरलता से उन्होंने कह दिया हाल इ दिल.

    कमजोर कड़ी

  11. Thank you for this useful information.

  12. so less lines yet so much emotion. i can feel what you wanna say, i cant put it in words but i feel it so deeply... great lines... :)

    take care and keep writing...........

  13. nice one...but rub off the tears n smile..:)

  14. @some unspoken words- Thanks:)

    @Skywalker- Thanks Dear but please check my earlier posts.:(
    You will see how deficient I was...

    @jaynthbusi- Thanks Jaynth:)

    @magiceye- Thanks Deepak Sir.

    @Jay- :)

    @Arti- Thanks Dear:)

    @Bhavna- It is sad, I remember when I wrote it. Though, the reason was academic. I was 2 marks short of being in the rank holders list of CS.

    @Sunil Padiyar- I hope you liked it Sunil.

    @Nirvaan- True...

    @jojofeelings- Thanks :)

    @induravisinghj- Thanks Indu :)

    @Mukesh Kumar Mishra- Thanks and you said something very meaningful and deep. Sadly, these tears are for pain...

    @Girl with a silver pen- It is Dear...

    @Blasphemous Aesthete- This is very motivating. Your thoughts = Wisdom!

    @Rachit- Nicely said Rachit and I was not aware that you're a poet. The poem on college was too good.

    @Somsi- :)

    @Thousif Raza- :) Thanks Thousif...

    @SUB- Thanks, I am in fact laughing when you said to imagine ourselves the size of football stadium. Great post and waiting for the rest of it.

    @Neha- Thanks Neha...

    @India's no.1 blog- Thank you:)

    @Ms. Holla- :) Thanks.

  15. I'm late I guess. LOL. very beautiful lines I must say.

  16. It's much more subtle than 'Words'.

  17. Sars i didn't get the words below the pic but it's alright pics tells me whats in it ,certaintly i know so many unsung things behind ...it cuts me ! Nice really !

  18. I feel really bad that I can not read Hindi. I am missing something important.

  19. Really heart touching..
    and sooo emotional...

  20. Saru, your words are beautiful, what is more beautiful is the way you put it.. very touching.. havent read all of them, but the few I read are gr8.. especially the Dad one.. thank you for visiting my page and following :) :)

  21. Tears do not flow easily, so if the distance can be reduced, let them flow to reach your destination...

  22. love the photo. thank for dropping by

  23. @Sneha Sunny- Thanks Sneha:)

    @Avibration- Tears speak their own language and they speak subtly.

    @Angel- Sorry for the language problem, it means- All my efforts to decorate my dreams fall short.

    @Hariharan Valady- Sorry Sir:) It means- All my efforts to decorate my dreams fall short and I compared it to two tears. Two tears symbolizing that if I have persisted a little, my dreams would have been a reality.

    @oja- Thanks Dear and welcome back...:)

    @Sunita - The Me :) :)- Thanks Dear and Congratulations :)

    @Beyond Horizon- Beautifully said...:)

    @Prabhavathi- Thanks.

    @peachkins- Thanks Dear!

  24. i have a weakness towards hindi and i use to write a lot but no more now. However I have your blog :D like it.

    Keep Rocking,

  25. Saru - in Gujrati will mean 'nice', so is your post.

  26. @LHInsights- Thanks and I am using your tips:)

    @अतुल प्रकाश त्रिवेदी- Thank you Sir.

  27. So awesome and meaningful, please keep writing

  28. Don worrry.. Remember this quote.

    Sitam ka had se badh jana Tabahi ki nishani hai,
    Badalate hain sabhi ke din kahani ye purani hai.

  29. @Animesh Ganguly- Thanks Animesh:)

    @Nisheeth- Wow, beautiful words, Love it...

  30. @संजय भास्कर- Thanks Again :)

  31. Nice post .

    you are invited Bloggers' meet weekly , manday.

  32. @DR. ANWER JAMAL- Thanks a lot and thanks for the invite...

  33. @SS
    glad that you are using the tips :D good luck and really like the way you are managing your blog . awesome :D


  34. very nice these two lines tell every thing ...... !
    this is the best feeling of heart ......... The some word that tell us every thing ..
    lovely ........<3

  35. @LHInsights- Thanks Prasant and See how wonderfully your post is working...

    @Arpit Rastogi- Thanks Arpit

    @sapne-shashi.blogspot.com- Words tell so much Shashi...Thanks a lot!

  36. raah ka roda na samajh in ashk ke katron ko
    naadan,har manzil ki neenv inse he to hai :)

  37. दो आंसूओ की दूरी

    बहुत सुंदर …

    सारु जी हिंदी में इतना अच्छा लिखती हैं आप ?!
    आपसे निवेदन है , अधिक नहीं तो कभी कभी हिंदी रचनाएं भी पोस्ट किया कीजिए …

    मंगलकामनाओं सहित
    राजेन्द्र स्वर्णकार

  38. Ati sundar Ati sunar!!!..
    Kavita kafi achhi hai...
    whoever will read will realize his/her broken dream!!!...

    Do pankti, sapne ko sach karne ke liye bhi ho jaye!!..
    Irshaad.. Irshaad!!...

  39. @Rajendra Swarnkar : राजेन्द्र स्वर्णकार- Definitely Sir and thanks for admiring it:)

    @Akhtar- Sure, in my next hindi post:) Thank you...

  40. Mind blowing. You did great job.
    And the pictures says everything too.

  41. Saru, AWESOME is the word. :) I am browsing through your poetry to have some lovely time online. :)

  42. Even though there are two lines in this quote, the words have great meaning which is very touchy.

  43. @Kam- Thanks for liking it!

    @Harsha- Thanks a lot Harsha, you made my day:) XOXOXO

    @DASHAMI'S COLLECTION- Thanks dear and welcome here!

  44. atisundar panktiyan...
    agar koi puche ke do panktiyan jo apke dil ko choo le to mere jawab hoga ke ap "koshish" kavita ko padhen...
    saral aur sehaj shabdo ka uttam upyog...

  45. How did I miss this one? Really beautiful :-)

  46. कोशिश करे कोई ये भी कुछ कम नहीं,सपनो की दुनिया तो यु भी अधूरी है!!
    मंजिले यु भी यहाँ किसको है मिलती,अधूरी ख्वाहिशो का ही नाम जिंदगी है!


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