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Be A #Dare2Stare Champion

Life is a roller-coaster ride. There are days when we are on cloud nine and there are days when we feel down for no rhyme or reason. It’s a mixed bag of emotions considering what all happens around us on a daily basis. Still, we must try to stay positive - by concentrating on goodness and channelising our energies towards fruitful activities. I do that, it’s like my go-to bag for surviving stress that comes with our fast paced lives. These are the things I do to change my perspective from good to better and trust me, it changes the way I see the world.
A long walk with music on Music is a therapy and so is a long solitary walk, at least for me. It recharges me. During my long walks, I sort out my feelings and untangle actual concerns from useless affairs. Once the baggage is sorted, I see a clear picture sans prejudice. It helps me to concentrate on worthy affairs that ensures progress. And once anyone is onto something productive, he or she worries less and enjoys more. Don’t you think…

Tiff, No More...

Do you feel bad after fighting with me?
Like a corner of your heart is sad Like you are just drifting in daily chores Like all the good just turned bad
In those hapless moments Amidst emotional deluge strong I unweave our conversations Reckoning what exactly is wrong
I rearrange happy memories Aligning it to love and care Smiling intermittently with moist eyes In those moments of total despair
I skim through years And one thing always stands out You've always sprinkled cheer To my phases of drought
To my rain, my sunshine My warmth and cool breeze Inseparable we are Don't ever fight with me please

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For more  hashtag stories, stalk me on - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, not so far away. There was a little girl, who always wanted to play. She knew nothing of this world so rough. Chased butterflies, she had too much love. If there was ever a problem, she ran to her mother. Who would solve everything magically one after another. There were a thousand things both mother-daughter did. Played carom, snakes-n-ladders and took many trips. As the girl grew, she made notes of all things nice. Little treasures of her wonderland - her mother's love and sacrifice.

They had the most fun anyone could ever seek, Her mother made new-new games week after week. If it was 'Name Your Favorite Jungle Friends' one day, 'Spelling Competition' dominated another. Happily playing, laughing and learning, Girl had beautiful memories with her mother. There was one game though, little girl most dread. She kept counting on her fingers and in her head. She would make excuses of the length of a fable. Whenever mom called her to play 'Jumbled Tables.’

Read - Anywhere, Anytime...

The longest relationship I have ever had outside my family is with books. A book lover can definitely understand the depth of this statement. A book is not a couple of hundred pages sewn together. It is a magical spell that transports us to another world - full of hope, wisdom and it holds million promises. Before my marriage, I had my own mini library. When I last counted I had close to 500 books - fiction, drama, poetry, bestsellers and all prints of my favorite authors. After marriage, my lifestyle changed. We are a nomadic couple, we move every year or year and a half. Earlier, moving took a toll on my reading habits. With every move, I had to giveaway my precious collection, but not anymore. All thanks to wonderful e-books! Now I’ve even started building my own virtual library. Here’s a look into my library -

I buy a book at Delhi Airport and read it during my extended halt at London. Depending upon the weather, I switch between books, courtesy the virtual library I carry with me…

The Two Minute Saga

Dear Husband,

Here's simple math, Read it with utter devotion. There's foundation, concealer, blusher, face powder, And these are totally different from body lotion. It's an endless list, Only for face you see. And I apply the bare minimum, The precise count is three. First goes the face cream, Followed by some circular movement of fingers on cheeks. Different strokes depending on age and skin type, Trust me, it's a fine technique. It's either kohl or mascara next, To dress my gorgeous eyes. Remember that very place, Where the whole universe lies. The last step of course is, A gentle application of lip gloss my love, And even for this bare minimum, Two minutes are never enough. Next time if you'll shout, I will hand over your dream wife to you. A packet of insta

FlipKart - Where Wishes Come True!

My brother is seven years younger to me. As my mother was working and my father stayed in another town, I was the one who took care of him in their absence. My motherly instinct surfaced early in life. I taught him, played with him and pampered him. We were best buddies. For #EveryWishFulfilled he thanked me with his cute gestures. But, don’t even think it was a rosy picture all along. There were days I was at the receiving end of his tantrums. On one birthday, he wanted a toy which came free with a ‘pack of splash candy’ and I couldn’t find it in any store. It was Pichkoo - a pichkari in the shape of animals. Apparently, it was so popular that it was out of stock. He was very upset and annoyed with me; he even blamed me for not trying hard enough. It was then, I realized gifting to kids is a serious business. Buying gifts is comparatively easy these days with the advent of online shopping. You don’t have to run store to store to fetch a gift your child wants. Also, flood of great opt…

Adding Lifeline To My Life

Three years back when one of my friends lost her husband in a tragic car accident, reality dawned upon all of us. Is life that fragile and unpredictable? It can take an unexpected turn and in the blink of an eye, life falls like a deck of cards. She was newlywed and pregnant with no financial security. There was no one to support her and the unborn child. Her situation was a learning lesson for all of her friends - married or single. We took stock of things and started planning our future on a very serious note.
All of us talked about our financial independence and vowed never to leave our jobs. Not only that, we started planning - saving for emergencies, investing for future obligations and searching for a good life insurance policy. All of us were quite negligent on the products available in the insurance market. We only knew couple of old insurance brands from our parents, but none of them offered what we were looking for. Our requirements were very specific and when we searched we …

Life is what you make of it, literally!

Like many of you, even I have had bad phases in my life. Summer of 2012 was bad, February 2013 was worse and I can’t even begin to talk about April 2014. And you know what happens when you have series of bad phases? Yes, you get sick of it! You want to have a magic wand that just paints everything merry. Sigh, it never happens. So, like one sane soul said - things won’t change unless you do. I did what was needed, I changed myself. One fine October evening last year I decided that whenever things would go bad, I will start doing something productive to shift my focus. Hence, my first 30-day challenge started.

I took the challenge to cook 30 different breakfast items. It worked out pretty well. I wanted a distraction, something that kept me busy and happy. It did all that and there was a bonus. After completing the challenge I realized, now I will remember November 2014 for something good, not for the agony I was facing. As the saying goes - life is what you make of it. Before taking th…