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Rewind - April 2023

April was unkind. Or perhaps I was foolish to take life seriously. But the bottom line is I am not writing when writing is the only thing which brings joy. I wrote only one couplet. Date Published 04/13/2023 अब इसे जुनून कहो या पागलपन इंसान वही तरक़्क़ी करता है जिसे हो कुछ पाने की धुन Hoping to a better May! Love, Saru

Rewind - March 2023

 I've been busy sorting out the last leg of pending tasks. I'm finding no time or inspiration to write poetry. I wrote only one couplet in March. Sometimes I am scared that I will forget to write. Hopefully, things will change this month.  Date Published 03/02/2023 बहुत तरसते है सुकून को वो लोग  जिनके घर में अपने तो होते हैं पर उन्हें समझने वाले नहीं  Bahut taraste hai sukoon ko woh log Jinke ghar me apne toh hote hain par unhe samjhne wale nahi