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When Gabbar sang praises of Cashify and Baawri Basanti danced to his tunes

Cellphones, laptops, tablets, All glittery-shiny-new. 2-3 years after use, What to do with them we have no clue?

Sell, donate, trade-in, or recycle, Each option looks great. But only hands-on experience, Would tell you what's on your plate?

Even this Baawri Basanti*, Witnessed a roller-coaster ride. Gave me a good share of laughter, And a few moments I literally cried.

The funniest experience of all, Happened last May. When I was thinking of making cash, Selling my Kindle e-ink display.
(Kindle waiting for its worthy owner)

The adventure began the moment, I mounted my two-wheeler. Basanti on hunt for a prospective buyer, I went to many local mobile dealers.


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Money Lessons We Learn from the Festival Season

At the age of 11 when my mother gave me 50 rupees to buy Diwali crackers, I pleaded with the shopkeeper to throw an extra packet of charkhi (Ground Spinner). What seemed ‘pleading’ at that age was my first bargaining experience. I got one important money lesson that year – bargain hard. Festivals teach us to love, care, and share. They also impart valuable money lessons. Look closely and try to imbibe these lessons in your everyday life: Preparation is the Key for Every Event We plan ahead for the festive season. We decide what we need – new sofa, a 40-inch LED, drapes, gifts for family and friends and we prepare for all the little details. Same is with life in general. To be able to enjoy any event to the fullest, we have to prepare for it. Just like Diwali shopping list, we have to make shopping list for groceries every month. And just like researching for the best online deal for that 40-inch LED, we have to scout online portals for every big purchase. In a nutshell, we have to prepa…


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I deleted your number which, by the way, I remember by heart

Anger. It makes you do stupid thing. I was so angry last night, I deleted your number from my phone. But that was not enough. I picked up the phone again and I unfriended you on Facebook. I unfollowed you on Twitter and Instagram. I blocked you on WhatsApp as well. 'I am done!' I told myself.
I picked up the book I was reading and pretended to read. I was on the same page for 5 minutes. Words were blurry but your thoughts were clear. Very clear! I picked my phone, again. Searched for you on Facebook. I hated your profile picture. 'You snob!' I cursed. Then, I read your timeline. I read each post. I read between lines too - how you always posted a smiley while replying to girls - that made me boil with anger. The moment this realization struck, I blocked you on Facebook. I was officially done with you!
I turned sides on the bed. Confused, I recalled some best and worst times we had together. Few made me smile. Few, very few, affirmed that no matter how much I try, I can&#…

11 Home Renovation Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home This Diwali

Autumn brings the festive vibes. This calendar month is filled with festival after festival. We all are gearing up for the biggest Hindu festival - Diwali. And we all are ready to spend, decorate, eat and splurge. So let’s do that - decorate our homes and welcome this festival season with a bang. If you are running out of ideas to renovate your home to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, try any of the following: 1. Spend money on decorating the foyer or entrance
Entrance is the first big impression. This festive season make yours grand. Add plants, but place them inside traditional copper or brass pots. Or you can simply buy the handpainted earthen pots to add a dash of color to your entryway. Stick to the traditional look that matches with the Diwali theme. Place diyas to complete the look.
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in maruti 800 at 45 kilometers per hour

i tucked my t-shirt inside levi's jeans and stood like that model in cosmopolitan magazine

i had butterflies in my stomach mouth longed for a kiss a five-feet-one-inch girl in shoe-size six

you stopped near the curb clean-shaved in an off-white shirt a plain 19-year-old boy but for me my entire world

i sat by your side heart raced like the formula-1 car in maruti 800 at 45 kilometers per hour i swear i felt like a star

it was our first long drive up, close and intimate it was who would've thought of such chemistry between two students from economics class

the narrow roads leading to barog the clouds hovering so low somehow set the body temperature high with george michael playing on car stereo

you stopped the car