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Quote Unquote ~ 8/365

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Yes, You Can!

Can't do much,  Can't climb mountains for sure. With my average calibre, Path is very obscure.  Fitness, technique, will, All qualities I lack. Even on plain roads, I lose track. I'll fail miserably What's the point to try? I'm a dwarf, I can't touch the sky. Wait...You're telling me, I'll rise, if I set my mind at it. As winners always brace, They never quit. "Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily" - Napoleon Bonaparte *Image Source - Google

The Five People I Meet Everyday

Have you ever been to ER? Sadly, I have been and it's the most chaotically organized place. When you are in the Emergency Room, you feel there are so many sick people in the world. But the moment you step out of the hospital, world seems all hale and hearty. That's surely not the case. A closer look at the people around you would narrate a different story. Someone had a tragic accident and lost his limbs; many have lifestyle diseases; some are terminally ill. May be, it appears ordinary on the face of it but a peep into their lives would tell you a great deal about their problems and how modern healthcare helped them in leading a normal life. I keenly observed people around me and some of them have a story worth sharing. Read on… Broken, Not Shattered - I truly believe when God takes one thing away, He blesses you with some other thing in abundance. I see this boy everyday maneuvering his fully automatic wheel chair across the street. He met with an accident, lost

To You, Mom

This post won first prize in 'Tribute to Mom' Contest on Mom,  Today I missed you. When the maid was cleaning the kitchen, I wanted to say your exact words, 'Do the glasses first. ' I realized how much I behave like you. Those little habits that irked me while growing up are a part of me now. Some say I am your replica. I feel proud to hear that but at the same time I know I am not half as good as you are. We kids never realize what our mothers do till we are placed in the same spot. We bask happily under your shadow, making excuses for almost everything. I discuss it with my friends how our mothers did everything without cribbing and always with a smile. Is something wrong with our generation or I have to be a mother to understand the generosity of this word? I remember the day when there was flood in Ambala. We were sipping coffee on that beautiful rainy day. Out of nowhere, in just 20 minutes, our house was half submerged. You panicke

Bill Gates of Small Town

Not very often I meet people who challenge themselves. In my town, it's a norm for a son to join his family business. Why not? No rent, no boring office routine and a secure source of income, close to your family and friends. But when I heard about Nitin's business, I thought he could play around for a few years, he is young and his family is one of the richest in town. All the means to chase his dream and he is not under any pressure to bring back the paycheck. Even if he failed, he had a backup plan.  He was designing a website and he had big plans for it. ' Is he a Software Engineer?' I asked one of his close family friends Priya. ' Nah, he is a commerce graduate but his library is all stacked with programming and computer books. He studies really hard,' she replied. Building a website is pretty easy but maintaing it is a not a cake walk. I know this from experience, I have a failed e-commerce venture credited to my resume. Whenever I used to me

Lost Prairie, Perished Dreams

Someone said Look for greener pastures Chase it, dream high Leave the barren highlands You're an eagle Just fly... I did what they said I left my folks Earned enough bread Slogged day in, day out Yesterday someone else asked - Are you happy? Enough dime, perfect home I smiled, I thought Living in the prairie My dreams are lost Merrier times, I profess Can't be bought with money *Read the footnote here **Image Source - Google

Quote Unquote ~ 6/365

Carved in my memory, Some evenings... a tinge of love. I drop few tears years after, Heartbreaks are always tough.