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i wrote a 5-page love letter

the day i met him the world changed its shape i ran pillar to pillar to impress him my heart knew no escape i was 20-something jane he was a greek god the chances of him falling for me were pretty slim and odd i was always good with words so i took my favorite tools i wrote a 5-page love letter love oozed from every molecule i started by writing - my love struck it out twice it was not ladylike to be that direct was my friend's advice then i started with his name a preface on where we met two paragraphs of what i liked about him and 3 lines on how tough he was to get 2 pages on love and soulmates and how i was both i was different, i was a lily not the over-hyped rose a page thereafter layered it with age, commitment, and grace a life-long promise to stand by him in good, better and worst days on the last page i extended him my friendship that was my another strong suit it never withers away it's

How I was Mistreated by a G+ Community Manager

9th August - I was approached by G+ Community Manager (Renu Jinturkur, she is a Google employee.) She wanted to feature me on G+ and asked me to organize my stuff into Collections. On 14th August, while I was updating cover photos of G+ Collections, I got '404 Error' multiple times. I kept refreshing thinking it was some internet issue. But within minutes, my Gmail was disabled. For those who don't know the severity of Gmail disabled - you lose access to Gmail, Blogger, Youtube, Google Drive and every service attached to it. To me, a blogger who has spent last 6 years building up her presence, it came as a shock. I lost both personal and professional data. My life came to a standstill! I work as a content writer, social media influencer, and ghostwriter -  my Gmail is the only way all agencies and brands contact me. Even for a normal person losing access to your email can disrupt your life as our email addresses are registered everywhere - from government issued id

7 Things You Are Better Off Buying Second Hand or Used

We belong to the generation of pampered shoppers. Almost everything is available to us on the internet and we have multiple credit cards to buy them instantly. We no longer use items to their maximum life. We buy, throw, and replace things very fast. We end up wasting our hard earned money and polluting the environment. Would it not be better to use money judiciously? Buy quality products and buy according to use. How, you ask? Try buying used or second-hand products. There is no point paying full-price when you can get the same quality in half. Following are few items I prefer buying used: Household appliances for rented homes I love the idea of new appliances but when you move a lot like I do, it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on them. With each move, things wear out. Few bumps and scratches are inevitable. And technology changes fast. Also, we all have this fantasy of decorating our home with brand new products. Then why waste money now? Save till you mov


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