7 Things You Are Better Off Buying Second Hand or Used

We belong to the generation of pampered shoppers. Almost everything is available to us on the internet and we have multiple credit cards to buy them instantly. We no longer use items to their maximum life. We buy, throw, and replace things very fast. We end up wasting our hard earned money and polluting the environment. Would it not be better to use money judiciously? Buy quality products and buy according to use. How, you ask? Try buying used or second-hand products. There is no point paying full-price when you can get the same quality in half.

Following are few items I prefer buying used:

Household appliances for rented homes

I love the idea of new appliances but when you move a lot like I do, it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on them. With each move, things wear out. Few bumps and scratches are inevitable. And technology changes fast. Also, we all have this fantasy of decorating our home with brand new products. Then why waste money now? Save till you move into your own home. Microwaves, ACs, TV, Washing Machines are a few items that can easily be bought on the internet. Try Olx, Quikr, Click.in or Indialist.com.


  1. Agree on the need to buy judiciously and second hand, if one lives in a suitcase life style. It makes complete sense to me. I haven't yet tried buying online and my only indulgence are my branded stuffs which I am keeping to a minimum in a bid to save.


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