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Rewind - August 2020

August was a very good month. There was a lot I learned from personal experience which I will imbibe in the journey to be a better human being. I also realized the importance of a healthy enviornment. Cutting ties with toxic people and places has been the greatest learning of August. On the writing front, or, writing-for-pleasure front, I wrote the following:DateContent08/01/2020जिस दिन से तुम मिले हो कमबख़्त रातें कटती ही नहीं 
Jis din se tum mile hoKambakhat raatein katti hi nahi08/06/2020कुछ किस्से नए से हुए पुरानी यादों को ताज़ा करके 
Ishq kahan samajh aayega un logo koJo sirf jism dekhte hai
इश्क़ कहाँ समझ आएगा उन लोगों को जो सिर्फ जिस्म देखते है 08/12/2020इंटरनेट पे बोलने वाले भी कमाल करते हैं बिना कुछ जाने चरित्र पे सवाल करते है
Internet pe bolne wale bhi kamaal karte hainBina kuch jaane charitr pe sawaal karte hai08/14/2020हे रबकुछ उल्टा हो जाएलोगों के मुँह बंद होपर दिल खुल जाए
He rabKuch ulta ho jaaye

Lambi Judai by Vandana Srinivasan - A Song For Your Parched Soul

Pick your smartphone. Open YouTube. Search Vandana Srinivasan. Tap 'Lambi Judai' from the search result. Keep your phone on a flat surface and be prepared to dive into an ocean of melody. The song starts and the soul-stirring voice of the singer sends shivers down the spine. If art is meant to touch your soul, her rendition will leave for soul hungry for more.
I, for one, wept.
I wept for almost an hour. The song played on a loop in the background. My body and soul felt light as I was shedding one more tear. I never knew I had those many suppressed and pent-up emotions inside me. Vandana was singing - I was unburdening my soul at her feet. It was cathartic. It was meditative. It was something I never experienced in my life before. Though I listen to at least 50 songs in a day.
The song is about memories, separation and love. We have thousands, if not millions, songs on these themes. In fact, this song is a cover. Call me biased, this cover is better than original. The credit goes…