i wrote a 5-page love letter

the day i met him
the world changed its shape
i ran pillar to pillar to impress him
my heart knew no escape

i was 20-something jane
he was a greek god
the chances of him falling for me
were pretty slim and odd

i was always good with words
so i took my favorite tools
i wrote a 5-page love letter
love oozed from every molecule

i started by writing - my love
struck it out twice
it was not ladylike to be that direct
was my friend's advice

then i started with his name
a preface on where we met
two paragraphs of what i liked about him
and 3 lines on how tough he was to get

2 pages on love and soulmates
and how i was both
i was different, i was a lily
not the over-hyped rose

a page thereafter
layered it with age, commitment, and grace
a life-long promise to stand by him
in good, better and worst days

on the last page i extended him my friendship
that was my another strong suit
it never withers away
it's like a tree with deep roots

i signed off with little hope
and with a great worry
crossed my fingers
he better hurry

his response came
by day's end -
more than a lady love
he was looking for a friend

on a 280-page book
we met on page 5
said 'i dos' on page 90
and since i'm his wife

p. s. never underestimate the power of letters and friendship

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  1. You are indeed too good with your tools - words. Frankly, I don't understand poetry. But always a pleasure to read your verse.

    1. Coming from you, it's a huge compliment. Thanks, Alka.

  2. I so loved this love story Saru especially the usage of numbers. I always learn something Darling whenever I am here.

  3. Bahut sahi,aapne humare dino ki yaad dila di jab Mobile aut ph itne hotey nahi thy 😊
    Thank for sharing

    1. Those were good days. There was a better connection without these gadgets.

  4. That's a superb poem Saru and love knows no logic. It's what makes it love and friendship. What pen you have! When is the book of poetry coming?

    1. Hopefully, one day. And thank you for reading it, Vishal.

  5. A beautiful story narrated through a beautiful poem!

  6. Such a sweet, beautiful poem. Couldn't stop smiling :)

  7. Normally, I don't read poetry...I was thinking that I am not good at following poetry! Once I started reading your words, I knew that even I can love poetry!

    Love all your words, Saru! Thanks for helping me knowing my other side!

    1. This makes my day, Sandhya. Thank you so very much. Hope you'll write poetry too.


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