Who Am I, Dad?

I danced with the wind, not cared for a dime,
Lived under your shadow, when the sun shined.
Like a princess every day, I ordered this and that,
Sang my stupid tales, again and again, you gave me a smile and a pat.
The day search for the ‘prince’ ended; you gave me right away,
Not thinking twice dad, that I’ll miss you every day.
You gave your piece of heart and we both are happy for sure,
Melting in someone’s life, I don’t have time to ask for more.
Have I ever told you; your teachings are not going in vain,
I conquer all my problems, but, I miss you when I’m in pain.
Who am I, dad? I asked myself hundred times,
Just a random girl, who has the best dad of all times!

*I am not a good daughter but my dad is definitely the best.


  1. Moving poem,Saru....
    "I conquer all my problems, but, I miss you when I’m in pain.
    Who I am, Dad? I asked myself hundred times,
    Just a random girl, who has the best Dad of all times!"

    loved it:)

  2. Ask your Dad and He'll tell you if you were the best daughter.
    I conquer all my problems, but, I miss you when I’m in pain.

    Beautiful post :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. lovely poem...
    dedication to all Dads

  4. his teachings definitely did not go in vain...that's proof enough that you are a good daughter...



  5. Its a Voice of every girl For her Father.. Lovely creation Saruji... :)


  6. Nice poem. You have a very good space here.

  7. Very touching Saru.. Beautiful
    Truly dedicated to all the dads..

  8. Awww! So beautifully expressed! :) This line stands out - Just a random girl, who has the best Dad of all times!

    Good luck!

  9. Beautiful thoughts.....Keep up the good work dear...

  10. Beautiful u knw
    i can sooo relate to this..u touched the core.

  11. awww such a beautiful poem extolling a very precious relationship

  12. Encore! A moving piece once again.

  13. Beautiful poem.. Loved these lines ..

    "...Have I ever told you; your teachings are not going in vain,
    I conquer all my problems, but, I miss you when I’m in pain..."

    Very nice..

  14. Pure and gentle :)

    Weakest Link

  15. you had me with the first line...not even the full line half a line... it was beautiful...

    I too have written a poem a while ago from a daughter’s perspective... but your poem had this sincerity which poems lack nowadays from young authors.
    I liked it a lot. It has this pull into it… and I love that gravity with which it bounds the readers… I like that very much…
    Cant wait to read your next creation :)…

    Take care and keep writing………

  16. wow!! saru beautiful poem..

    i have written the same topic "who am i"
    & i am amazed to see how thoughts differ with same aspect...do u know something u wont believe me i too posted on 19th july :)
    so happy to see ur poem & ur feel

    keep writing & smiling :)

  17. *I am not a good daughter but my ‘Dad’ is definitely the best"
    yes i think we sometimes fail as kids but as parents, our father never does
    nice poem

  18. Your dad is lucky to have to have a daughter like you :)...after all how many daughters pen their affection in such lovely words..:) tk care

  19. @deepazartz- Thanks Dear...

    @Dheeraj- LOL Dheeraj, You know what was my reaction to your comment. Thanks:)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete- Thanks, as your comment helped me in correcting a mistake. :) Love to hear from you.

    @Jidhu Jose- Thanks Jidhu, I always feel I need a nicer picture. Maybe, I can use few of your clicks.:)

    @SUB- When I remember few days when I was really nasty, I feel so miserable. Wish could time travel and erase those events. Then, I will feel like a good daughter. Thanks for appreciating it.

    @अभिषेक मिश्र- Thank you!

    @Niks...- Thanks Niks...:)

    @Arvind- Arvind:) Thankyou, It's been many years that you're hearing and reading my poems. :)

    @Jay- It is indeed the voice of every girl. Thanks Jay ji:)

    @Shanthi- Thanks for admiring the blog. Keep Visiting...

    @swati- Dedication to all Dads! :)

    @Harsha- I feel parents are so great and we are so small in front of them. I feel I am nobody. Thanks for liking it:)

    @Neha- Thanks Neha:)

    @Red Handed- :) I am touched after reading your comment, thanks!

    @magiceye- Thanks, Deepak Sir!

    @jaynthbusi- I wish my poems are as awesome as your pictures. Thanks.

    @Chandra81- Awww thanks for such nice words:)

    @Sunil Padiyar- Thank you Sunil :) These are my favorite too:)

    @Spaceman Spiff- Thank you!

    @Rachit- Thanks Rachit:)

    @Thousif Raza- Your comments make me speechless. :) It is a humbling experience when I read such words.:)

    @sowmya- I will read your post. Your work is so beautiful:)

    @Sujatha Sathya- Right, we are indebted to them:)

  20. @India's no.1 blog- I wish my Dad thinks so. Thanks:)

  21. things happen...to err is human...you felt bad...isn't that enough?

  22. Yes they are right? And thank you :)
    Really nice blog you have aswell!!

  23. Hey Saru, please accept your lovely award and Conratulations to u to honey. :)

  24. I am so excited that's why making mistakes in spelling... :D

  25. very nice and emotional poem Saru.....lovely

  26. wao... so beautiful words... ;)

  27. वाह पहली बार पढ़ा आपको बहुत अच्छा लगा.
    आप बहुत अच्छा लिखती हैं और गहरा भी.

  28. @SUB- Right, I send sorry texts to my Dad, which he never deletes...:)

    @Mie- Nice to hear from you. Thanks!

    @vertu- I understand, I was in awe myself. Will accept it. Big Big Thanks to you!!!

    @khushi ( a girl's diary)- Thanks Khushi:)

    @Nirvaan- Thank you Dear.

    @nilanila- Welcome Back and Thanks:)

    @संजय भास्कर- Thank you Sir. :)

  29. very touching and beautiful ! :)

  30. Not only your dad, I can't imagine any dad reading it and not melting. Bravo

  31. Nice flow of words...:) and a nice tribute too...
    thanks for visiting my page :)

  32. @Kitty- Thanks Dear!

    @sunbyanyname- This is a dedication to all Dads. Thanks for such lovely words.

    @Tarun Mitra- Thanks!!!

  33. A dedication worth reading and reading always! :) Enjoyed it. A tribute well worded, and one to an important person in life.

  34. @Somsi- :)

    @Leo- You are right, it's a tribute from daughters to Fathers. Thanks!

  35. Lovely Poem my dear! Heartwarming!

  36. "I conquer all my problems, but, I miss you when I’m in pain."
    loved this line.. :)
    superb poem.. loved it..
    i can relate to each nd every line of it and its simply amazin.. :) :)

  37. @Ms. Holla- :) Dedication to Dads!

  38. awwww that was such a cute poem, I hope you sent a copy of that to your Dad too, he will feel proud once again for you and yea for Dad's whatever you do you will his little princess :)

    very nice writing and a good blog here

    would like if you can visit my blog sometime

    Good luck and keep blogging

  39. @Bhavna- I wish I could but internet is horrible in Himachal. Thanks and I would love to visit your blog:)

  40. There is something about a daughter father relationship. I seem to be very connected with my own dad.

    Truly great!

  41. Sars... ahhhh your bad ! This post made me cry ! It reminds me of my dad! He's in heaven now , like your dad ,he was the best dad in this whole wide world. He was such a value laden man. What my hearts bleeds into is dad passed away without any amount of service i have given , am a nurse but i wasn't able to nurse him.
    I super love this line...I am not a good daughter but my ‘Dad’ is definitely the best. Can i tweet this ?

  42. No words to describe the sweetness in your poem...especially the last line :)

  43. @alissa4illustration- Thanks Dear!

    @Angel- Sorry for your loss Dear, I cried when I wrote this poem. My Dad is in Himachal and I miss him. You own this poem, do whatever you want...:)

    @Beyond Horizon- Thanks :)

  44. Very touching. Your dad must be very proud of you.

  45. @अतुल प्रकाश त्रिवेदी- Thanks Sir, I wish so too.

  46. The only thing that I can say is that its BEAUTIFUL.
    I'll share this post, just for the reason that it so much made me love my Dad even more. You are great at penning down your thoughts!

  47. @Animesh Ganguly- Your comments made my day. Thanks...

  48. Great !
    Congratulations to the best Daughter of all times!

  49. @Prasanth Iranikulam- Thanks Prasanth...:)

  50. Saru ji.. A moving poem. Like Prasanth said above, you dad must be saying he has the best daughter of all times! :)

  51. @Venky- I hope so...Thanks for admiring it!

  52. there are some bonds that are inexplicable but strong. nice read :)

  53. @A grain of sand- Yeah true and thank you...

  54. wow this is so beautiful i really dont have proper words to use write now ...really heart touching! <3 =)

  55. @Rosette Princess- Even my reaction was same after reading your poem...Thanks:)

  56. A lucky dad and a lucky daughter. Beautiful dedication.

  57. Its so beautiful Saru.Every daughter will relate to it.Your father must be really proud of you.

  58. Awesome! To be frank I rarely read poems but this one was worth every line!.

  59. Hey...that's really touching one...loved it

  60. i have wet eyes, for i do understand how difficult it is to let go of someone who was your part and heart. its moving...

  61. Made a hard-boiled one like me (and a father of two beautiful girls) melt....fantastic:)

  62. very moving. i can imagine the emotions you have gone through while writing this.

  63. @Sameera- I'm glad you liked it:)

    @Upasana- I wish so dear and thanks for reading it...

    @Vijay Menon- Thanks Vijay :)

    @deepbaazigar- Thanks Deepak!

    @Shesha Chaturvedi- It's from my heart and I wept when I wrote it!

    @j. littlejohn- :)

    @Satish Mutatkar- Sir, it's the biggest compliment ever, thank you:)

    @dixitnama- Thanks dear for appreciating it's meaning:)


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