Hope withers away, memories become pale,
In life, some relations never change.
Months and then years pass by,
Still, we never realize.
They smile with us and wipe our tears,
And love us through all these years.
In pain, they make us laugh,
We forget no one, we love them all.
To write about them is a way to show,
We can never repay the debt we owe.
Come what may, they will still be a part,
And will remain really close to our hearts.

*A tribute to all those people, whom we can't thank enough!


  1. What a lovely presentation Saru ji

    Your pious emotions are wonderful and heart

    Don't you like Hindi blogs?

    If You like,you are most welcome on my blog.

  2. Wow....u r writing with feelings and emotions

  3. b-e-a-utiful.. :)
    sayin it the jim carrey way.. :)

  4. those lines came from your heart..and touched ours! :)

  5. True enough ,words can say so little when someone has done so much! Beautiful post reminds me to be grateful to all things small or big..Regards!

  6. It's really a magic reading your poem Saru, Thank you for touching lives with words like yours. Awesome :)

  7. Nice Poem, although its a little vague. You do have a way of making poems sound good without rhyming.

  8. very special.....for loved ones..... :-)

  9. Very nice.. and touching! Loved it!

  10. it is so beautiful... straight forward... and s as u said, we can never than enough of the people with whom we create ever lasting memories... some time we do, but we wont forget forever :)

    nice one :)

    take care and keep writing.........

  11. I must say, Beautiful Tribute.. nice one..

  12. that is so very true....I think I would dedicate this to all my friends, parents and my them so much they have always been with me....and I agree we can never repay the debt we owe them loved it

  13. True to each and every word !Loved :)

  14. Beautiful things r not always good,
    But Good things(post) is always Beautiful.

  15. All my friends come to mind ..its funny we make effort for strangers but we take ppl closet to us for granted ..

  16. beautiful tribute...very touchin...:)

  17. @Rakesh Kumar- Thank you Sir! I'm delighted.

    @magiceye- Thanks Deepak Sir!

    @Jidhu Jose- I wrote this one for a friend and never shared it with him. I hope he likes it. Thanks...

    @Arpitha Holla- Thanks Arpita and now whenever I think of Jim Carrey, my next thought is 'Humor Unplugged'.

    @Red Handed- Thanks Dear and my purpose is solved.

    @Neeraj Dwivedi- Thank You!

    @Angel- Yeah, we should be grateful for everything in life. :)

    @moonshaneisle- Thanks a lot Dear:)

    @Somesh Mukherjee- I'll try to write better next time and thanks Somesh...

    @Skywalker- Thanks :)

    @Sneha Sunny- Thanks Sneha...

    @KP- Thanks BTW your recent post is out of this world.

    @Thousif Raza- Thanks Thousif:)

    @Sunil Padiyar- Thanks a lot Sunil!

    @Bhavna- Go and dedicate it to those beautiful people who make world a better place. Thank:)

    @incessantme- Thanks!

    @UmaAnandane- Thank you so much:)

    @Being_AC- I am touched by your comment. Thanks:)

    @India's no.1 blog- :) Your post is the topic of discussion for my mom. Thanks a lot Dear:)

    @SUB- Thanks Sub:)

    @alissa4illustration- Thanks Alissa:)

    @induravisinghj- Thanks Indu:)

    @Shilpi- Friends are so precious but we take them for granted which we shouldn't.

    @vaisakhi- Thanks a lot:)

  18. Another great work by the great writer. I am awed!

  19. Beautiful ...Lovely tribute to all those who really cares...

  20. Very beautiful.. so moving!! :)

  21. Like an unseen hand they continue to guide us, comfort us, and pat us on the back.

  22. Hey Saru,
    As always a great one...thanks for sharing

  23. Here and Near as dear to heart
    Hear and feel the smile and love
    As you shares and parts...
    The memory lane of blossom...
    All my loved one came on the way
    Let me sing a song for them !!!!

  24. It's beautiful.... Really a tribute to our loved ones! :)

    BTW... I really like your's blog's title... :)

  25. very beautiful ......... show all the feelings of love .....!
    awesome .

  26. This is beautiful, made me think of the ones I'm thankful for

  27. :) you write so well saru....

  28. What a soft tribute...felt so contended when I read it...keep going:-)

  29. Ohh wow.. this is a perfect dedication to all loved ones..

    Very beautifully written Saru.. :)

  30. very true indeed :)
    well written
    keep smiling :)

  31. Lovely way to show your love to loved ones. :)

  32. Saru Di, You are beautiful inside out and it shows in your words. :)

  33. wow!! beautiful words. reminded me of my people in my own life whom i cant thank enough... :)

  34. great poem Saru....!!
    by the way.. I can find some similarities in the flow of thoughts with you...
    although you write way better than me... :)

  35. @Animesh Ganguly- Thanks Animesh and I am nowhere close to being a great writer...

    @neha- Thanks a lot Neha...

    @डॉ॰ मोनिका शर्मा- Thanks Dear:)

    @Anand- Thanks Anand...:)

    @: केवल राम :- Thanks and welcome here:)

    @Anil P- True and we should always be thankful to them!

    @Chandra81- Thanks Nikz...:)

    @Naveen S.- This comment is a lovely tribute, thanks for sharing!

    @Namrata Mahalingam- Thanks Namrata :) Thanks Dear...

    @Poetic Soul- We must never forget them and keep them really close to our hearts and thanks for admiring it!

    @Chintan- Thanks Chintan...:)

    @Nasnin Nasser- I am glad you like it :)

    @metagravity- Thanks a lot:)

    @shveta- Thanks:)

    @sowmya- :) :) :)

    @vertu- Thanks Vertika and I wanted to show my love to few people, so wrote this poem...

    @Risha Kalra- Thanks Sweety:)

    @N.S.Kirti- Thanks :)

    @DJ- I don't write better than you for sure. And, thanks for appreciating it. Welcome Here!

  36. Beautifully written! Very heartfelt and touching :)

  37. Words that you wrote, came straight from heart,
    The people you owe will always be your part.

    The world so mean and hurting though,
    You may sometimes find friends and sometimes foe,
    But only a few of them may never go.

    These words declared that u remembered the people to be thanked,
    But these are those who never want to be thanked.

    Words that you wrote, came straight from heart,
    The people you owe will always be your part.

    - This is just for your words.....

  38. Indebted we are to all those lovely creatures who made our days and help us in grueling life.

    Weakest LINK

  39. Really touching and true.

  40. Ecstatic and mesmerizing. Your beautiful lines resonate love and hope. It is simply soul touching. Following your blog. You may like to follow mine.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Barkha Dhar

  41. Thank you from the bottom of your heart ... to follow my blog

  42. Nice tribute and sure we all have those people in our lives to pull us through tough times

  43. Wonderful, heart touching tribute...Keep penning :)

  44. Beautifully crafted...a gr88 way to tribute the ppl u always wanted....

  45. and v often need to thank all those arnd us..u have done it so elegantly :)


  46. @Harsha- Thanks Harsha!

    @Venkateswaran Ramachandran- Thanks a ton :)

    @Rachit- Very true Rachit...

    @swati- Thanks Dear:) Thank you so much and welcome here:)

    @Barkha Dhar- Thanks Barkha for such sweet words...

    @jaish_vats- Thank you!

    @☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬- Thanks Dear!

    @: केवल राम :- :)

    @CooperJal- Thank you so much!

    @Farila- Thanks a lot!

    @Arti- Thanks for encouraging me:)

    @Hemant- Thank you Hemant...

    @subtlescribbler- Thank you Sarah for admiring it so nicely!

  47. Hi, I came across your blog while going through comments on Thousif's blog. You really have a beautiful blog here, congrats!
    I love your poem. And I'll visit more often; I write poems too!

  48. Beautiful tribute ! Thank you for reminding me to be grateful to ppl around me :)

  49. Beautiful !! keep it coming.:-)

  50. Touching Tribute, Saru:)
    Well, there are many occasions I feel the same. Some people we can't thank enuf! I feel short of right words to express the depth of my feelings...

  51. very touchy... n true...
    so nice...

  52. very well said Saru,

    "flowers cant thank the tree enough"
    child can't thank his mother enough"
    snakes can" thank the ants enough"

    some people and some relations cannot be complimented enough


  53. hi since you like poems, would request you to check this beautiful poem by Shaona for my blog...its a tribute to mothers :)

  54. Very well written Saru, your sense of composition is impeccable. Will certainly keep an eye on your writing, keep posting! Satish

  55. @Vijay Menon- Thanks Vijay and Welcome here:)

    @VIKRAM KARVE- Thank you Vikram Sir.

    @Agnija- Thanks:)

    @Sridhar- Thanks a ton Sridhar...

    @Charu- You write such wonderful poems that it's a treat on your blog. Thanks Charu:)

    @Kitty- Thank you Kitty:)

    @Upasana- Thanks a lot dear:)

    @deepazartz- Thank you so much Deepa for such lovely words:)

    @POOJA- Thanks Pooja...

    @Gowardhan- Amazing words...:)

    @Nairita- I will do it dear:) Thanks for sharing the link:)

    @Satish Mutatkar- Thanks Satish, love your comment:)

  56. Wow!,Beautifully told with heart-felt and placid emotions.Luv It!.

  57. @Christy Gerald- Thanks a lot for admiring it...

  58. So true, we don't forget, but then Thanking them like you did is so graceful :)

  59. Gosh! I had to scroll down a galaxy of comments to post mine... :) :)... lovely poem , beautiful thought .. something that will appeal to all !! great job Saru ...:)

  60. @Beyond Horizon- Thank you:)

    @Pixellicious Photos- Thank you so much...

    @elixir_of_life- :) For these comments, I'm thankful to all the wonderful people including you. Thank you:)

  61. @ Saru : you have been tagged.
    please visit:

  62. I can't yet connect to most of your poems with my limited experience in life; but, this one I can. A very beautiful tribute.

  63. @Venkateswaran Ramachandran- Thank a lot RV:) I will place you permanently on my blog:)

    @Indranil Bhattacharjee- Thank you so much and welcome here:)

    @Nina- Thanks Nina Di:)

    @Ashwini- I hope so too dear and thanks for admiring it...

    @Kirklops- Thanks a lot dear and welcome here:)

    @Rajendra Raikwar- Thanks!

  64. What a lovely tribute and a reminder to thank them!

  65. So much profound and carries emotional depth. There are so many people playing such a role in our lives and we cannot thank them enough!

    1. I agree. We must express our gratitude often. It is one of the ways to bring positivity into our lives.


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