All Dressed Up - I

Hearing your footsteps, my imagination is on fire.
And, the silk around my body, shimmers with desire.
Admiring myself in front of mirror, preparing for this rendezvous,
No matter how I look, I love dressing up for you.


  1. Just soo cute..Made me smile...You Go girl!!!!!

  2. awww..this is really cute and got me feeling good =)


  3. These couplets are so sweet :)
    Diabetes runs in my family Saru Di, don't give me such sweet posts :P

  4. Awesome! you captured the anticipation and excitement of the meeting very well..looking forward for more...:)

  5. Narcissism?
    I guess not, it's something better.

    And I am reminded of a scene from some Amitabh Bachhan movie where our drunk hero, beaten up by someone reaches home and instead of applying bandages on himself, puts it on the mirror, pretending to be talking to the guy on other side. He too might have loved dressing him up, in a different manner albeit. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Every one seem to have said it.. :(
    I am repeating now.. this is damn cute!!! :)

  7. Just a word to describe it "beautiful"

  8. Just loved this.
    Especially the first two lines.

  9. short n sweet n delightful! the best set of four lines in quite sometime :)

  10. "sajna hai mujhe...sajna ke liye"
    I remembered this by reading those lines..haha..stupid me..sorry :)

    Been hovering here quite a lot...but writing here for the first time :)


  11. It's so great to write and dream about the things that we sometimes take for granted. Very beautiful!

  12. Saruu :)) your imagination :) cheers to that...dress up have a speech to are a neta now :)))

  13. Something as simple has been described so beautifully, and yes i could relate to it, as had a similar equation few days back :) ... thnku for bringing back those memories...

  14. :) A sweet moment couldnt have been penned down better :)

  15. that is so so beautiful :)_... i like it a lot...

    take care and keep writing............

  16. ohoooohoo sweet and so romantic dear...nice...keep it up

  17. Wow ,all done for love ! Cute post!

  18. hmmm that's soooooooooo romantic :)

  19. @induravisinghj- Thanks Indu:)

    @Deepthi- Thanks :)

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    @subtlescribbler- I'm glad you like it Sarah:)

    @Kiran @ Thanks Kiran!!!

    @~Serendipity~- Next time, I'll make it sugar free...You are so sweet yourself, Ayushi, don't blame diabetes for that:)

    @Shilpa- Thanks for admiring the inherent meaning of it...:)

    @KN- Thanks!

    @Blasphemous Aesthete- It is, after reading your comment that scene looks so close to this post.:)

    @KP- Thanks:)

    @Shesha Chaturvedi- Thanks Shesha...

    @VIKRAM KARVE- Thank you Sir, even I love the first two lines, especially the expression- silk around my body...

    @Rohit Sareen- Thanks Rohit :)

    @Little Heart- Thank you so much Dear...

    @Jidhu Jose- Thanks Jidhu and your lovely shots inspire me. I wrote some lines which were inspired by your ROSE shot...

    @Neha- Thanks Neha and I must say I have to learn presentation from you:)

    @Kunnu- Hahaha...Actually, I can't imagine myself singing this song or any song for that matter to my husband. I hope you like it Kunal:)

    @alissa4illustration- Thanks :)

    @: केवल राम :- Thank you!

    @kalpak n.- Thanks a ton...

    @A grain of sand- Thanks Dear for saying such lovely words:)

    @India's no.1 blog- Thanks...Well as far as imagination is concerned, I think I have to borrow it from you:)

    @Menachery- And, that brings a smile on my face:) Thanks...

    @Arti- Thanks a lot Arti...

    @Thousif Raza- BTW where were you??? Thanks for liking it Thousif :)

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    @Angel- Thank you Angel!

  20. Oh! beautiful emotions.
    Your post reminds me this song
    'सजना है मुझे सजना के लिए'
    Thanks for the nice presentation.

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  21. Best as ever!! Short but so romantic!!! Your imagination has no boundaries :)

  22. 'Short and inescapably sweet', should prod in more lines...

  23. Short, sweet and beautiful. :)

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  24. hell i m very very late....evrything said....:( gonna be the same still...lovely post very cute....:)

  25. Yes

    ""She looks always beautiful to his heart's mirror
    it does not matter how she looks to a mirror,
    She is before the mirror to see a spark in eyes of her lover""


  26. awwwww :) Saru you are such a wonderful woman, now I want to date you :P

  27. Nice and crisp.. :D

  28. Short and amazingly beautiful....just loved it from the core of my heart...

  29. its so lovely.. :)

    I really want to be d first one to comment.. all the adjectives seem to have been already used and i feel tht i'm repeatin the same thing.. :)

  30. As always... Few Lines, Deeper meaning... :)

  31. Beautifully jotted down, splendid words :-)

  32. My words to add saaru...this is such an awesome 4 line poem really means alot and whom so ever u have written is really lucky !

  33. Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog and promoting on indiblogger also. You have a great blog there.

  34. Perfect poem for Janmasthami!!!!

  35. Wow Wow Wow Wow saru... Sorry for making it sound like a bark.. But believe me you've written it amazingly well!!

    I loved it! :)

  36. if u dress ur poem beautifully
    then i wonder how will u dress for beloved one :P
    nice expression saru :)

  37. Sweet and sensuous! We all dress up to be adored by the special someone in our life! don't we? glad to have found your blog.

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    Adithi's Amma

  38. Greetings, Sweet Saru :)

    Oh my! I don't know which I have enjoyed more, reading your BEAUTIFUL poem or all the comments received from your viewers lol!

    Such a treat to come to your blog ~ a combo deal of GREAT writing & wonderful company! Love it :)

  39. That is amazing.. Just 4 lines and you created the magic out of it... Nice one Saru :)

  40. Aww! So beautifully written. These fewer lines express so much. :) Lovely and romantic!

  41. I never thought I'd say this considering poetry was never my forte. But micro-poetry like this...bring it on, Saru :) Reads beautifully.

  42. thats very nicely written! loved it! =D

  43. आपको एवं आपके परिवार "सुगना फाऊंडेशन मेघलासिया"की तरफ से भारत के सबसे बड़े गौरक्षक भगवान श्री कृष्ण के जनमाष्टमी के पावन अवसर पर बहुत बहुत बधाई स्वीकार करें लेकिन इसके साथ ही आज प्रण करें कि गौ माता की रक्षा करेएंगे और गौ माता की ह्त्या का विरोध करेएंगे!

    मेरा उदेसीय सिर्फ इतना है की

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    आपके सहयोग एवं स्नेह का सदैव आभरी हूँ

    आपका सवाई सिंह राजपुरोहित

    सबकी मनोकामना पूर्ण हो .. जन्माष्टमी की आपको भी बहुत बहुत शुभकामनायें

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  45. Hi Saru,

    You have a way with words!
    I like your blog. Will keep coming back for more.

  46. soft words!! the desire to dress up someone else special is truly a great feeling!

  47. @shveta- Thanks and I am delighted to read your work:)

    @vertu- Thanks Vertika and I follow some of your tips while dressing up:)

    @Vikram- Thanks Vikram!

    @Rakesh Kumar- Thank you Sir and your blog is hard to miss. I will surely check the post...

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    @Ashwini- For those lovely words, a big THANK YOU!

    @Shaifali- I am glad you like it so much...

    @Arpitha Holla- No Arpitha, whatever you say seems so fresh...:)

    @Jay- Thank you Jay, BTW where are you these days?

    @chitra- These lines are for my husband, 20th was our Engagement Anniversary. Thanks:)

    @Dr. Supriya. Kallianpur- No mention and thanks:)

    @Ginger- Thank you and welcome here...

    @Lavender- Thanks a ton:)

    @♥ Braja- :) :) :)

    @metagravity- You're too good Mi, there is a peculiar quality about you which I adore. Thanks:) Biggest AB Fan!

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    @~*Lady Fiona*~- Aww, Thanks for such a beautiful comment and I'm in love in your comments as much as I'm in love with your poems:)

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    @TD23- Thanks a lot...:)

  48. Oh, how much you convey in four short
    but sweet lines!

  49. Hey. You have been tagged:

  50. I love the simplicity of your blog.
    Your writing looks very mature.
    Really loved the rhythmic beauty of the post. Simple yet very beautiful.
    80 comments! Well you look to be quite a famous blogger.
    Keep blogging.

  51. beautifully penned down words <3

  52. those are such lovely lines.. simplicity at its best.. :) :) :)

  53. How fortunate a man could be to have a girl like that!

  54. You are tagged here!!

  55. bestesssst....beautiful lines.....!!

  56. Silk and satin are the most romantic materials!

  57. Just four lines, and captured a lot. Nice

  58. Wow! I can feel your words. Amazing! :)

  59. @Debra- Thanks Debra:)

    @Mi- You're most welcome...:)

    @Skywalker- Thank you so much!

    @kalpak n.- Congratulations and Thank you so much!!!

    @GvSparx - Inspiring Lives- Thanks for such nice words and I'm not famous, just blessed with beautiful people who like my posts.:)

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    @Rosette Princess- :) Thanks dear:)

    @Amrita- Thanks dear and welcome here:)

    @Pradeep Raj- Thank you!

    @AKSHAY KUMAR G- Thanks Akshay:)

  60. No matter how I look, I love dressing up for you... Don't we all love dressing up for our "special" one?

    Beautifully described!!!

    1. Yes, we do love it...Thanks a lot for admiring it...:)

  61. Nicely written!


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