You Create Beauty...

After a long tiring day,
When my heart seeks consoling,
In the night,
When my views are strolling,
To make me live,
You create beauty in life.
Sometimes, when you're away,
My skin feels bare.
Cuddling myself with your photo,
I look for you everywhere.
To tell me life is better than it seems,
You create beauty in dreams.
When the world makes me dumb-struck,
And I sit like a neglected art, ground struck.
To tell me not to care afterward,
You create beauty in words.


  1. you are so in love :D

  2. beautiful poem with ur lovely lines

  3. Emotions..! dripping down..! Good work :)

  4. Awesome..! High on emotions. :)

  5. Awesome Saru this is outstanding ....

  6. A soulful piece ! Beautiful expression..

  7. A good promise!
    Unbreakable by distance,
    Unchangeable by time...

  8. Beauty and love expressed in every word..! very nice..!

  9. When you pen down words like above in here,
    Thinking they gonna reach the one meant for and stay,
    Love rushes in fast and envelopes him on the way,
    Makes him blush and giggle inside with simply no words to say :)

    Beautiful!! :)

  10. "And I sit like a neglect art"

    Good one

    keep it goin;)

  11. I really *love* this, Saru! So beautiful! x0x

  12. amazing!!!! words play very important role in our life

  13. Nice words... really makes us think abt our loved one, who create beauty in life and in dreams...

  14. U had me craving for some more lines..lovely!

  15. wow what a feel saru...wonderful thought!!
    keep smiling always :)

  16. Deep emotions coming 4m widin...beautiful...:)

  17. You create beauty in words, Saru..

    Beautiful :)

  18. very touching n written beautifully :)

  19. very beautiful ....... beauty is everywhere...... in your writing .... in heart .in soul . lovely thought . :)

  20. I think for every poem, the basic idea first forms in one or two lines and those one or two lines carry the entire philosophy or weight of the poem. What the poet does is, spreading the basic idea like a bird spreads its wings, to may it fly.

    "To tell me life is better than it seems,
    you create beauty in dreams"

    These are fine lines and perhaps, the basic idea for this poem might have been formed in these two lines, since they appear to be carrying the entire weight of the poem.

    "you create beauty in dreams"

    To me it somehow appeared, this line would have been fuller, had it been like this

    "you create beauty in my dreams"

  21. Soulful magic with words.. yet again.. :) Loved it..

  22. one of the effective definition of love with true sentiments...I think!!!
    welcome to my blog..

  23. The last 6 lines Saru...I read and reread several's just Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the feel of the poem...Beautifully expressed! (I mean more than that:))

  24. Lovely Poem are an amazing writer :)

  25. Beautiful :)
    The loved sure creates the worlds beautiful, the real world when he/she's around, and when they are out of sight, the dream world has spring with their fresh blooming thoughts.

    Very nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  26. You create beauty in dreams....that's the best part...:)

  27. Beautiful poem, and thanks for dropping into my blog :)

  28. "To tell me not to care afterwards,
    You create beauty in words"

    I'm speechless.. its so so so lovely.. :)

  29. is beautiful with love :)

  30. wow.. u must be in great love to write these poems.. enjoyed it :)

  31. You're good. Great infact :)


  32. @Chintan- I was when I wrote this poem years ago...:)

    @Jidhu Jose- Thanks Jidhu...:)

    @Vyankatesh- Thanks a lot dear.

    @aerosum- Thanks and welcome here...:)

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    @Angel- Thanks Angel, I wanted to title it 'Angel' earlier...:)

    @Being_AC- Beautiful expression...

    @KP- Thanks for such a nice comment...

    @Risha Kalra- Risha, you are writing masterpieces these days...:)

    @Amit Charles- Thank you Amit:)

    @swati- I am so thankful to you, you take out of your busy schedule and each of my post...:)

    @Neha- Thanks a lot Neha.

    @magiceye- :)

    @vertu- Thanks a ton Vertika...

    @~*Lady Fiona*~- Thank a lot, it's very inspiring to see your beautiful comments.

    @Santosh Bangar- They do and thanks :)

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    @Red Handed- Thanks a ton...

    @sowmya- Thanks Sowmya...:)

    @Venky- Thanks...

    @Realms of fantasy- Thanks a lot dear... I really felt like this when I wrote this poem.

    @shveta- Thank you Shveta:)

    @Neeraj Dwivedi- Thank you!!!

    @metagravity- Thanks Mi...:)

    @some unspoken words- Thanks Dear... Thanks Shashi for such a wonderful comment.

    @venkat.b.rao- You are right about the theme. Will keep your advice in mind for my next creations. Thanks...:)

    @Sunil Padiyar- Thanks Sunil, loved your recent hindi poem...

    @chitra- Thanks Chitra:)

    @Suresh Kumar- Thanks Suresh...

    @ShutterbugKevin- Thanks a lot :)

    @Rohit Sareen- Thanks Rohit:)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete- Love is the most beautiful feeling and being in love is superlative... Thanks...

    @India's no.1 blog- Oh now I know, where you get ideas for HP, in your dreams. LOL, thats the only word you saw...:) Thanks...

    @Team G Square- Thank you:)

    @डॉ॰ मोनिका शर्मा- Thanks Monica...

    @Kiran @ Thanks and will be dropping more often to get inspired from your beautiful clicks...

    @Arpitha Holla- Thanks Arpita, my favorite lines from this poem. My husband said a very beautiful thing which inspired me to write these lines.

    @SUB- Thank a lot Subhrasis...

    @Anand- Yeah I was and thanks Anand for admiring it...

    @Soumya- Thanks a lot dear:)

  33. wow... this is so wonderfully magical!! lovely poem. :)

  34. Beautiful Poem
    "Sometimes, when you're away,
    My skin feels bare.
    Cuddling myself with your photo, "
    I loved these lines...They are so...cute, well

  35. Seriously,You have created beauty in in your words! Awesome :)

  36. "When the world makes me dumb-struck,
    And I sit like a neglect art, ground struck."....that was profound! Good one dear...keep going:-)

  37. Hi there...your work seems to be pretty deep and I do appreciate the simplicity of your words. Well written!

  38. A Lot Like Tishani Doshi, somehow...

  39. This poem is full of emotions and has a unique interprttation of life...Really nice.

  40. @N.S.Kirti- Thanks a ton! I am happy to know that you like this one. Thanks...:)

    @amrendra "amar"- Thanks :)

    @Sujatha Sathya- Thanks, I have placed you permanently on my blog...:)

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    @Dan Noir- I checked her work after your comment and she looks outstanding. So, I will take as a compliment...:)

    @manaskhatri- Thanks Manas:)

  41. I gave you an award here :)

    Loved this :)

    YOU actually create beauty :)

  42. is being together!!!!

  43. ahhh..the power of love

    beautiful lines!!! :)

  44. Very nice!! Left with a warm fuzzy feeling. :)

  45. Lovely poem! The italicised lines are all great :) Can imagine the scene.
    Take care and do keep writing...

  46. nice lines... beautifully crafted words to express the ecstasy!

  47. Very,very,very..... Nice post,Thanks.

  48. It is interesting how people can impact just through thoughts.

    Very nicely written.

  49. wow this is just beautiful
    Loved it
    Keep writing =) <3

  50. Just adorable... I love the line about the beauty created in dreams. Makes one feel like falling in love ;)

  51. @~Serendipity~- Thanks a lot for the award and thanks again for such a beautiful comment.:)

    @Naveen S- It is indeed, thanks a lot!

    @pri- Thanks :)

    @Sameera- Thanks a ton...

    @Charu- Thanks Charu, that's so sweet of you...:)

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    @Rosette Princess- Thanks a lot!!!

    @Farila- Thank you so much...

  52. Honey dipped words! sweet to hear,deep to think.

  53. Dear friends!
    Sending you this present with my heart and with that you'll be happy in fullest measure. May the happinest things alway happen to you.

  54. beautiful and heart touching poem.may god bless you with many many better poems .thanks

  55. @Prathi- Thanks for such a beautiful comment!

    @Adsense Performance- Thank you so much:)

    @rafat- Thanks dear and welcome here!

    @Debanish Achom- Thanks a ton...

  56. @Smita- Thanks Dear and welcome here!!!

  57. and in all shades of red,green and blue,
    i never fail to find you,
    at a ceratin distance or in dear proximity,
    in moments rare with tears strewn...

  58. @A grain of sand- Such beautiful words, be it colors or distance, the expression you used it marvelous. LOVELY...

  59. Wonderful words...!!
    I couldnt keep myself from translating this to Marathi -

    एक सरता न सरणारा दिवस
    कसाबसा ढकलून झाल्यावर
    जेव्हा मनास कुणी तरी गोंजारावंसं वाटतं
    जेव्हा सगळं जगच भरकटल्यासारखं भासतं
    तेव्हा जगण्याची उमेद देण्यासाठी
    तू जीवनातलं सौंदर्य दाखवतोस

    कधी तरी तू जवळ नसताना
    बोचरं एकटेपण साहताना
    तुझ्या फोटोला कवटाळताना
    भिरभिरती नजर तुला शोधत असते
    ती अगतिकतेची क्षणिकता संपवण्यासाठी
    तू स्वप्नातलं सौंदर्य दाखवतोस

    ही दुनिया जेव्हा मला हतबुद्ध करते
    आणि मी एखाद्या नाकारलेल्या निर्मितीसारखी हताश बनते
    सगळी कटुता भुलवण्यासाठी
    तू शब्दांतलं सौंदर्य दाखवतोस...

    २९ ऑगस्ट २०११

    If you permit, I will publish this poem with your english poem (with your name) on my blog and on my groups on Orkut & FB.

    Thanks in advance..!

    Ranjeet Paradkar

  60. @रणजित पराडकर- It will be an honor for me, thank you...

    @Ashwini- You have made my day with your wonderful comments:)


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