Je t'aime - III

Voice, I heard his voice,
No, not from a distance, very near.
It could be my dream,
I didn’t open my eyes to look clear.
He rubbed his hand on my shoulder,
I flicked it away.
Thought it might be my friends,
Who tease me this way.
Left with no options,
He lifted me in his arms.
Then, I believed his presence,
As usual, I was smitten by his charms.
In this garden, I waited for him,
Through June, July, and August.
He kept his promise,
And returned to us.
I asked him, for my longings, my love,
Give me something true.
He got down on his knees, took the ring,
Proposed and said, 'I love you'.


  1. awwwwwwwwww!! a lil story in a poem :)

  2. how sweet.....and romantic... I love it....!!:-)

  3. Wow!!!!!!!! Ya simply love your lovable story...

  4. i liked this one the most among all your proses...

  5. I loved it.. sooo romantic :-)

  6. Looks like someone just poured her heart...

    Awesomely awesome :)

  7. her senses met mine and the gentle breeze blew :)

    Weakest LINK

  8. hey hey hey...liar!! August is not over yet :) a bit of exaggeration there huh ;) nice post as always :) wish i could write about love..:((

  9. रूमानियत ..बस रूमानियत ...बहुत सुंदर

  10. Whow, lovely poem... :)


  11. so so so sweet :) i liked it a lot... it has got this childlike quality to it... and truthfulness that they are so true and bonded to each other... i love that a lot... its beautiful :)

    take care and keep writing.........

  12. .

    He got down on his knees, took the ring,
    Proposed and said, 'I Love You'.

    …Congratulations !

    Saru Singhalji
    सस्नेहाभिवादन !
    beautiful & lovely poem
    so many thanks for nice writing .

    हार्दिक बधाई और शुभकामनाएं !

    -राजेन्द्र स्वर्णकार

  13. With all due respects, this wasn't quite as good as your other poems. This sounded more like a short story to me; the imagery and the emotions were lacking. It was also a little predictable. Not saying it was bad, but not quite as good as the last two of your posts that I read

  14. awwww moment to cherish!

    beautifully done!

  15. Incredible and lovely! i could imagine the proposal as if it was happening in front of me. You have such creative talent. Love reading your poems. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Ur Words are lovely and superb.Nice work Saru!.

  17. you never know how much i enjoyed reading this poem.This was cute and a great poem too...surely smitten by his charm...good work :)

  18. and its a love story..complete and happy :))

    not just cute but also makes me smile wide!


  19. tres bein.....very cute write....:)

  20. This is very sweet, Saru ~ lovely poem! :)

  21. awesomest......its all about how a love story which has been gift wrapped in a poetry...wonderful , very romantic and lovable story...thanks for sharing buddy

  22. Short, sweet and romantic!!! Good happy read! :)

  23. Simple and sweet, a great romantic post. :)

  24. realy lyk ur post.. a small story.. u r awesome

  25. The mood and sentiment are built quite well.nicely done.

  26. just one word to say ..... awesome .......lovely :)

  27. Very sweet and lovely. I really enjoyed reading it :)

  28. lovely...especailly first four lines...just loved it :)

  29. Wow... This was really cute!! :)

  30. I like the French title...and yes the longing too:-) Keep writing!

  31. Wow Saru... that one is great...!
    But is that purely fictional or someone really proposed you recently :)

  32. Aww! Beautifully written. Absolutely lovely and soulful. :)

  33. @incessantme- Thanks Dear!

    @Santosh Bangar- Thanks a lot:)

    @Chintan- I hope you like it Chintan...

    @Sneha Sunny- Thanks Sneha...

    @induravisinghj- Thank you Indu:)

    @Jidhu Jose- Thanks Jidhu:)

    @Varshu- Glad you like it!!!

    @Arpitha Holla- Thanks a ton, Arpita:)

    @Skywalker- Thanks and I'm so happy you liked it:)

    @swati- Thanks :)

    @Ben- Thanks Ben and I love your comment:) :)

    @Hemant- I wanted pure romance and nothing else from this poem. I hope I did that:)

    @Rachit- That's a nice one Rachit!

    @India's no.1 blog- I told about being a liar, it's my privilege. LOL...
    Don't you remember what I said about 'Humor Day'...And, writing about love is no where close to it...

    @Realms of fantasy- Thanks a ton!!!

    @डॉ॰ मोनिका शर्मा- It's such a lovely comment Monica, I uttered your words many a times after reading it...

    @Hearthacker- Thanks Jay!

    @KP- Thank you KP!

    @Thousif Raza- No doubt you will like it as there are many girls out there you feel the same for you. Waiting for you...Remember:) Thanks!!!

    @Rajendra Swarnkar : राजेन्द्र स्वर्णकार- Thank you so much :)

    @Sridhar- Thanks Sridhar:) I agree, this one is very light on emotions. It's a sequel and the first two parts were full of emotions. I wanted to keep it simple and sweet. All I can hope is you like my next poems where I will compensate whatever is lacking here:)

    @magiceye- Thank you Sir!

    @Barkha- Thanks Barkha:)

    @Hariharan Valady- Thank you so much:)

    @Christy Gerald- Thanks Christy:) It's such an encouragement...

    @The Solitary Writer- Thanks :) It means a lot as it's coming from an awesome writer like you:)

    @khushi- Thanks Dear!

    @subtlescribbler- Thanks Sarah and after reading your comment, I have a smile on my face:)

    @SUB- Thank you Sub:)

    @Farila- Thanks Farila:)

    @vaisakhi- Thank you so much...

    @~*Lady Fiona*~- Thanks for liking it:)

    @Neha- Thank you Neha:)

    @Bhavna- Thanks Bhavna, if you have time read the entire sequel:)

    @:-Dee- Thanks a ton!

    @jojofeelings- I am glad you like it Janhvi:)

    @CooperJal- Thank you:)

    @Red Handed- :) :) :)

    @Anand- Thanks Anand:)

    @Namrata Mahalingam- Thanks Namrata:)

    @Niks- Thanks Niks, your comment made my day:)

    @Gyanban- Thanks for appreciating it:) Thank you Shashi!

    @Charu- Thank a ton Charu:)

    @shveta- Oh, I am glad as I wanted to start the poem with the word 'Voice' and when I wrote the whole expression, I loved the beginning myself:)

    @metagravity- Thanks Mi:)

    @Rohit Sareen- Thanks Rohit!

    @Nasnin Nasser- Just to tell you when I wrote the first poem of the sequel and named it Je t'aime, my desire was to use 'I Love You' as the last words of the last poem. When I managed to write what I wanted, I was really happy.

    @DJ- Just a fiction, my husband proposed me with a poem...:)

    @Vivek Jain- Thanks Vivek and welcome here:)

    @Harsha- Thank you so much Harsha:)

  34. @Saru - thats great... so both of you are poets...!!! :)

  35. Simple and beautiful Saru...:)

  36. woww!!! this has to be a fairytale romance :)

  37. Good one.
    liked the way it flowed and the imagery it captured.

    keep it goin;)

  38. Hi Saru , saw you on the top list on Indiblogger, so thought why not visit you all the 3 parts of "Je t'aime" J'ai adoré tous vos poèmes

    I read this one again after reading the other 2, only then I could feel the emotions...The dilemma of the wife to wait or not to wait and then in the end all turns out well for true love because it was one of a kind and true...well written

  39. He got down on his knees, took the ring,
    Proposed and said, 'I Love You'.

    Now,what to say.Congrats.
    Enjoy the moment you might be waiting for.

  40. @DJ- He is not a poet, I guess that was the best way to propose me...:)

    @Arvind- Thanks AV:)

    @pri- I hope you liked it...:)

    @Amit Charles- Thanks Amit and Welcome here:)

    @Bhavna- I am delighted that you read the entire sequel. You made my day. Merci beaucoup :)

    @chitra- Thanks Chitra:)

    @Armando Halder- Thanks Dear...

    @Team G Square- Thanks a lot!

    @Kunwar Kusumesh- Thanks a lot Sir and I hope you liked it...

  41. That is so sweet!!!!!!!

    I asked my husband to marry me. :)

  42. Cute poetry, I just shared it on Bhadas

  43. Awwwww... That is sooo sweeeet... :) Very cute.. :)

  44. I love this , so romantic ! all woman wishes this be said to them !

  45. @alissa4illustration- Oh that's great...:)

    @Madhaw Tiwari- Thanks for sharing...

    @Sunil Padiyar- Thank you Sunil

    @G.N.SHAW- Thanks and welcome here :)

    @Angel- True Angel and thanks...:)

  46. Wow...this is really beautifully written!

  47. @Siddhartha Joshi- Thanks Siddhartha:)

    @Ashwini- Thanks Dear:)


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