Happy Girls make Happy Homes

I am from a small village in Himachal. As a part of the wedding ceremony, your friend or cousin reads out 'Shiksha.' Shiksha is a list of teachings - what the new bride should and shouldn't do. After writing 3 back-to-back posts on Mother's Day, I was thinking what would Shiksha look like if a mother writes it. This is my version of Modern Day Shiksha and I call it - Happy Girls make Happy Homes!


  1. I love the title! Really happy girls make happy homes!

  2. Happy girls make happy homes and this happiness gets transformed into happier lives :) so wonderfully worded Saru!

  3. Perfect formula for happy life. You rightly said, Saru, happy girl makes happy home. Who doesn't know what happiness is how could she make a happy home? The lesson is utmost care should be taken to keep the girl happy whom we bring to our home. I'll remember this mantra forever.

  4. This is so beautiful and I think every girl should read this :)

  5. I agree to this ....it is the source of my joy too,

  6. Last few lines are very beautiful and meaningful !!

  7. It's empowering for every girl to be happy. I wish you could read to girls in rural area who may lack the net but also not literate.

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  9. Hey Saru,

    It's a lovely Shiksha and should be given by all parents to their children. Does it happen though? How often are parents so supportive even after the child is married? Most of the time, regardless of what the problem, the children are expected to deal with them on their own. Happy news is welcome but problem, please keep them to themselves. I believe the shiksha is ideal as much as it is necessary but I am not sure if it is close to the truth.

    I would give the Shiksha to my daughter and tell her I will be there for her no matter what. I am not sure every generation has enjoyed this privilege.

    Apologies if I went a bit off tangent here. These are ramblings not about your lovely post.


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