Are You Passing Bad Money Habits to Your Kids?

We don’t like to discuss money matters in front of our children. We tend to postpone this serious discussion till the right age. Little do we know, like all the basic manners, good money etiquettes should be taught from the very beginning. And like all other habits, children pick money habits from their parents. So be careful. And keep the following pointers in mind while dealing with money -

Never Succumb to Child’s Tantrums
Most parents fall into the tantrum trap. Sometimes parents say ‘yes’ to put an end to an embarrassing situation in a marketplace. And sometimes it is hard to see your child crying. But no matter what your situation is, don’t cave in. When you give into your child’s demands, he tastes the easy way to get things done. And this is not the case in the real world. Teach them money is limited and we have to put it to the best use. Control is the key. Be a little strict with your child.


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