Money Habits You Must Develop Till 25

Fresh out of college, new job and with a fat paycheck - the experience can be overwhelming. With this newly acquired financial freedom comes great responsibility. To start with - break old money habits and adopt new. This rise in disposable income can bear fruit if we start managing our finances at an early age. And what better time to start it than our 20s?

Incorporate these habits in your life and say hello to financial stability very early on in life:

Say No to Borrowing

Let’s start by erasing the bad habits first. Act mature and stop relying on your parents and friends. In college, our allowance is tight. Hence we borrow from friends. There is no commitment on paying back, late fee, or interest. It’s a casual arrangement between friends. But don’t let this habit grow out of control. Manage your expenses in your own paycheck. Borrowing is a bad habit and in some cases, it can turn into an addiction. It’s easy money. It’s especially important to control borrowing when you are a compulsive shopper. This applies to piling up expenses on your credit card as well.

Cut your coat according to your cloth, as they say.

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