7 Traditional Money Saving Tactics Used by Women that Still Work

Let’s rewind back to 20 years. There was a wedding in the extended family. My family was all set to attend the 3-day long ceremony. All of us had new dresses and a fat wad of money for shagun. Looking back I wonder how my mother managed everything. As a middle-class woman, she had all under control - school fees, tuition fees, monthly bills and even had a contingency fund. She was better prepared than most modern couples I’ve come across. Please note, if not more, salaries have tripled in the last two decades. How come my mother met all her obligations with a monthly income of 10,000 INR? Something we can’t achieve with our fat checks nowadays. After my marriage whenever I asked how she managed her finances - her answers were simple. And there lies the wisdom - passed from generation to generation. The traditional ways to save and manage money which I’ve incorporated and streamlined my finances. We all can use these traditional methods that still work and save thousands annually.

Recurring Deposits

My mother was a fan of RDs or Recurring Deposits. At any point in time, she had at least 2. The amount was often nominal. If I look closely, it was her way of ensuring she saved before spending. The moment RDs matured, she invested them. She planned for major events using RDs as well. If there was a wedding in the next 10 months. She used this method to save money for the ceremony. Result - she was prepared for all the occasions and also for the emergencies.


  1. Very well written. I admire the way my mother used to save money. Still my mother in law does the same.

  2. A very well written article with some great useful ways of saving! :)

  3. @Ranjana and Maitreni - Thank you so much, girls


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