From Envy to #Evion - My Vitamin E Journey

I had soft, supple, and clear skin. Till 26, I had no skin issues. This happy phase ended in the late 2000s. One winter my body needed more moisturizing than earlier. I had to apply face cream every 4 to 5 hours. My skin itched. It was dry. If I didn't moisturize it, I could see cracks on my skin. It became a ritual to apply a heavy moisturizer 3 times a day. I love winter. But this change in hormones and the subsequent change in my body made me dislike it. I started dreading winters. In addition to battling the cold, I had to follow a strict skin-care routine. I envied everyone with normal skin. The amount of effort in picking lotions, creams, oils was too much for me.

After a couple of years when the need to moisture twice or thrice a day became imperative the year around, I knew it was time to consult a skin doctor. 'There must be something wrong with my body for such a change to happen.' When I went to the doctor I got an answer for all my skin care worries. He ran some tests and I was deficient in Vitamin E, among other things. He told me to include Vitamin E enriched food in my diet. But as my levels were really low and my was skin, body, and hair were taking the toll, he gave me Vitamin E supplements.

After taking the course for a couple of months, I saw positive changes in my body. Skin felt better. Hair fall reduced drastically. My health improved. The doctor recommended Evion Supplements. They are the leading brand in India - making Vitamin E, since 1978.

Why I love Vitamin E and You Should Too
I have dry skin and with age, the skin ages too. Even the body needs a lot of care. The cholesterol levels, hormone levels, and the immune system needs support from the outside. As what we eat is what we are, food intake plays a crucial part. By including Vitamin E in my diet and taking Vitamin E supplements, now I have better skin. The elasticity of skin has come back. It has repaired the rough patches, giving me smooth skin. The best trick that I follow is to have Vitamin E supplements 3 days before the menstrual cycle helps me to keep a check on PMS symptoms. There is little to no cramping and anxiety after taking the Vitamin E supplements. My hair has thickened and regained its luster. These are the visible changes in my body. In addition to all this, Vitamin E has helped me to keep cholesterol and hormone levels in check. And that's why I love Vitamin E. Try it, and I'm sure, you too would love it.

Read these posters - Vitamin E is more important than we thought earlier. We must pay attention to it.

Best Sources of Vitamin E for Vegetarians
Woman body needs extra care. I am a vegetarian. I can't have non-vegetarian sources of Vitamin E which are more effective. So I have altered my diet to include the best sources of Vitamin E a vegetarian can have. A peek at what I have -

  • Almonds in the breakfast. 
  • Sunflower seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts for garnishing the salads and smoothies. 
  • Spinach, avocado, and kale in salads, sandwiches, and making dishes with these vegetables. 
  • I make curries with squash, pumpkin, cabbage, and broccoli. 
  • I eat Vitamin E enriched fruits - kiwi, tomatoes, papaya, mango. 
  • I use olive oil for cooking and in salad dressings. 

In case my annual check shows a deficiency of Vitamin E, I take Vitamin E supplements. Because it is difficult for our bodies to extract all the required nutrients from food. So we have to take supplements to make up for the deficiency.

If anyone of you has Vitamin E deficiency, take Evion Supplements. To beat the damage of cold on your skin, try #Evion Vitamin E cream. For more, check

As far as I'm concerned, after taking Vitamin E supplements recommended by my doctor and making changes in my diet, my skin and health are better. I know how to take care of it. I don't feel envious, I feel more in control of my body.

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  1. Great information 👍👍
    Health issues ki wajah se mujhy daily Evion lena padta hai, kyunki natural source to main daily itna nahi le paati, aur shyad kisi k liye bhi possible nahi hai 😊

  2. An informative post on Evion for Vitamin E.

  3. @Everyone - Thank you so much for reading.

  4. Thanks for the information. All the best!

  5. I love Vitamin E oil - good for the face and hair.

  6. That's a lot of useful info in one post :). By the way you said that you dread winters. I am just wondering how do you manage in -25 degrees in Canada though I know Alok seems to love winters :P.


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