I’m the girl even your friends won’t approve

I burn your soul,
I light that kind of fire.
My words slit innocence into half,
I demand that much desire.

I ruin your days,
Your nights are no longer yours.
Love tastes like brandy-poison mix,
It is not pure.

You reek of desperation,
Your blood boils often.
You write letters with blood,
Only to bury them in an empty coffin.

Neither your body,
Nor your mind makes sense.
I treat you as a lover,
But I call you a friend.

When you grab me by my waist,
I stare into your eyes.
I’m your salvation,
The woman who can listen to your silent cries.

I leave you half-thirsty,
I’m that unfinished prose,
You hate the idea of love now,
You look for yourself on empty roads.

Still you want a lifetime with me?
Because you like the taste of fire.
I may not be a perfect girl,
I’m the only one you admire.

It’s too late now,
I seep into bones fast.
Don’t regret falling in love with me,
Don’t ever call me your past.

Your friends hate me,
You fight for me too.
You declare us soulmates,
Knowing too well that’s not true.

Then why we started all this?
Why you fell for me?
Two messed-ups in a tragic story,
One hurricane, other the raging sea.

P. S. I’m still looking for an answer.
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  1. Absolute madness and delightful as you paint this strong woman which everyone is intimidated with. Super.

  2. Very true 👍👍 iska answer to milna mushkil hi hai

  3. I'm not the perfect girl, I'm the one you admire.....lovely lines
    Perfect for the portrait

  4. ������ the words ended all too soon in the poem.. probably like the romance after shadi :).

  5. Absolutely passion dripping from your words Saru! I loved the ending even more.

  6. Absolutely superb!!!!!!!!!

    infinite marks out of 100.......

  7. very passionate..

    How are you Saru.. A Very happy new year to you and Family ..


  8. Beautiful...
    As always, its heart touching. Loved it.
    I am a big fan of yours, Saru. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Please visit my blog http://www.anoptimistic.com. Would love to see your comment/suggestion there. Thanks!!

  9. Whooa! Passion and madness. As unapologetic as can be.

  10. It’s too late now,
    I seep into bones fast.
    Don’t regret falling in love with me,
    Don’t ever call me your past.
    who will give the answer ?

  11. Amazing 'words', Saru! Wishing you all the happiness in the New Year!

  12. I was reminded of the song " Why, why, why Delailah?"...

  13. She is not perfect but she is strong willed, level headed and determined not to live in anyone else's shadows. But he loves this imperfection. Beautifully written :).

  14. Other than omg, I have no other words to say. Loved it in and out. Passionate, clear , charming and racy ❣️

  15. Somewhere this girl exist inside us.. lovely poem


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