Grace and the Guiltless - Impeccable Language with Realistic Climax

I don't like reading a certain genre. But this is 2018. I wanted to do something new. I picked up one from those books I buy when I go out and have a strong urge to stack my bookshelves. So while shopping for furniture at Ikea one day, I bought 'Grace and the Guiltless' from The Dollar Store nearby in Vaughan.

This novel is a story of Grace whose family is brutally murdered by 'The Guiltless Gang.' She is the lone survivor who must take revenge. So she does. Her journey from being a normal girl to a victim or desperately wandering in woods, to facing death, and to becoming a bounty hunter sounds real. There is not even a single moment where she loses focus. She knows what she wants. She is determined and not even the love of her life can stop him.

I love her clarity of thought, steadfastness, unflinching determination to prove herself. The two things that stood out for me in the book - impeccable language and climax. I googled this book. It falls under the Young Adult category. The language is beautiful. The narration flows. I didn't miss a single line. If I did (while sipping my smoothie) I re-read the entire paragraph. I learned language articulation from this book.

The climax of the book is unusual. The author, Erin Johnson, is clear in her vision. It is a revenge saga, not a love story. There is a spark of a love story in the novel. But Grace says a silent goodbye to her lover, not to her mission. And I loved it!

I don't write book reviews. I don't know the craft and techniques it requires to critique a book. I write my feelings. The purpose of this review is to maintain a journal of the books I read. But if you are looking for a recommendation, I would say 'yes.'

Happy Reading, 

P. S. I love Book Photography. I took these pictures while reading this book.


  1. The photos are definitely great.. hopefully the book is tooo :) he he he he


  2. Sounds like an interesting book and coming from you, it seems to be worth the movie. The cover is also super attractive.

  3. Books reading ab nahi ho paati per ye sabse accha hobby hai,bahut books ka collection tha 😊
    Acchi book hai, review se hi climax ka excitement ho raha hai 👌👌

  4. I know that feeling Saru when you read a good book and have a sense of fulfilment ....when it just flows and you don't need to push yourself to complete it ....


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