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We all want to be in total control of our finances. And for that, we take serious measures. We make budgets, download apps, we even set reminders. Given all this, it’s understandable if we miss a deadline here or there. It’s not easy to keep track of everything in our busy schedule. Earning money is tough enough and if we top it with managing it like a pro, we are talking about a lot of pressure. Financial fitness is a hard task. It’s not an easy feat. Plus, we are here to lend a helping hand. We have prepared a Fitness Calendar for our MoneyView readers to pump up finances in 2018. Follow this calendar month by month and by the end of the year, your finances would be in pretty good shape.


  1. Your financial posts motivate me for careful planning..I always fail to do so :(

  2. That's a really useful way to plan finances. While we do right monthly expenses and put them under specific heads like Long Term, Entertainment, Miscellaneous expenses, we haven't done this level of financial planning say for the whole year yet. For now, its more like 6 month financial planning.


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