How you can Buy Happiness with Money?

Whoever said happiness can’t be bought with money obviously invested in the wrong places. Happiness can be bought with money provided we spend on experiences rather than on possessions. Money is necessarily a means to an end. And, that end should be happiness. If you embrace this truth, we will invest in things that bring us close to a blissful life. As they say, ‘Collect Moments, Not Things.’ Try to fit into this saying while spending money.

Invest in Your Passions

There is at least one thing we all love. It may be travel, cooking, reading or painting. Multiply your happiness by spending money on these things. If you love to explore new places, spend money on travel. If cooking is your stress-buster, take courses or buy fancy cooking appliances. Invest in a good bookcase or build a library if you love reading. Spend money on things that bring long term gratification.


  1. Great post, Saru. Thanks for sharing such helpful tips :)

  2. A wonderful write-up. Much helpful tips!

  3. I have always looked for value for money in my buys..but I forget this while splurging on family...the smiles accrued are the best investment returns and same goes for pursuing hobbies and passion. So agree with your ideas here.

  4. Yes, invest in what you are passionate about. Travel, paintings, pots, plants...whatever excites you.

  5. @Bushra - Well said. If a purchase can bring a smile on someone's face, there is no better return than that. Thanks for a beautiful comment.

    @Alka - True that!

    @Everyone - Thank you so much for reading.

  6. True, money invested for the passion multiplies the happiness.

  7. Yes 100% truth & you can start feeling when you spend your money in travel. Taking a small & long trip's will give you more happiness. My upcoming trip - August 13th, 14th & 15th - Goa

  8. @Ranjana and @Karthik - Well said.


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