Money Lessons I Wish I Knew at 17


I have wanted to write this for a long time. Today, I finally have the courage and hopefully articulation to say it in the most meaningful manner. I started working at 17. I have made successful investment decisions, both in the property and share market, in my early 20s. I started my business and practice in the mid-20s and was successful at it, too. Then after my marriage circumstances changed. I had to leave my practice and business behind when I moved to the US. I was on a dependent visa and was not allowed to work there. It was then I started blogging. For those who have seen my blogging journey, I was fairly successful there too.

The only mistake I did post marriage was to give control of my finances to my partner. I made money and he took care of it. Please note, I am not blaming him. I somehow lost confidence that I could do it. It came from living in isolation, working from home and losing touch with the real world.

In the 1990s, I saw #Longines advertisement in a magazine. I was fascinated by it. It became the only thing I ever wanted to have. Alas, because I was always taking care of my responsibilities and I gave control of my finances to someone else, I could never have it. Despite the fact, I always had money, much more money than I now have. In November 2019, pre-COVID era when I was making good money, I went to the mall for some work, I saw it on a window display and I bought it. Just like that, in 15-minutes, I bought a watch I have been longing to buy since 1999. 20 years later my wish came true!

So please don't do the money mistakes I did in my life. Always spend a portion of your income on your pleasures. Don't ever leave your career just to make a relationship work. As #LadyGaga said, 'your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore.' Still, if you leave your career to take care of your loved ones, don't be scared to start again. Start at any age and start in the area you truly love. Most importantly, never give control of your finances to anyone else. Invest your money, chances are you will make mistakes, learn from them and invest again. Lastly, don't wait for 20 years to buy a watch.



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  1. investment is good. Everyone should do it. But, please don't be greedy. I was greedy. And lost my entire savings. I don't want to tell my story here in public forum. Please listen to me. I can write an email and tell you how greedy I was and how I lost. Regards

  2. I appreciate your thoughts born from your experiences. You are right, beyond doubt.


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