To Kalon

I rarely notice her beauty,
That's one aspect of her I never fantasize.
She speaks like a gentle breeze,
And when she does;
My heart and soul synchronize.
I dived into her eyes once,
That day her fingers touched my skin.
Hypnotized by the mystical chords,
Seemed as if;
On my skin, her fingers played the violin.
I don't crave for the contours of her body,
Though, it's like molten silver in an hourglass.
Pouring the liquid of adulation,                                      
If I'll do;
My golden love will look brass.
There are a thousand things about her,
But I don't want to be lost in the noise.
Swaying in the ocean of her words,
I'm in love with her musical voice.

*To Kalon means 'the beautiful' in Greek.


  1. oh my gawd!

    Though, it's like molten silver in hourglass.
    Pouring the liquid of adulation,

    how do you think of such fine lines :)

  2. wow!!! nice with good words.. Gorgeous one :)

  3. awesome....just awesome Saru...i'm in love with your musical lines :)

  4. Really superb,Saru.
    Finding no words to express my feelings.
    Your presentation deeply touches the heart.
    Many many thanks to you.

  5. Wow excellent
    Its so beautiful! I was lost in your words....loved it!

  6. I wish somebody had written this for me:-(

    beautiful !

  7. There is " kalon " in all of us. It depends on how one carries it.! Isn't it enough to say that life is beautiful because we are created beautifully by our God.

  8. There are thousand things about her,
    But I don't want to be lost in noise.


  9. Oh My God Di.Just mind blowing.Out of the world.
    "Though, it's like molten silver in hourglass."-Just wonderful!!!

  10. OMG... It was tooo good Saru... Your imagination has got no boundaries!! :)
    "...molten silver in hourglass... My golden love will look brass..." You use simple words in a way that will convey deep emotions...
    Now I truly envy you on how beautifully you use the language :)

  11. This one is just "laajawab" Saru.

  12. And I feel it is a perfect excuse. :D

    Though she's hot, it's actually the coolness of her aura that fascinates me, no, I won't mind having her for a lifetime, though she's more than a fortune to me :P

    A melodic and rhythmic post in praise of a chiming voice.

    Beautiful post, and lovely use of simile in comparisons :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. It seems that how easy it is for you to use anything to describe the other.......
    mind blowing

  14. Excellent. Forces me to read again and again.

  15. Vividly painted.Maybe just a touch of reconstruction of sentences needed.

  16. the rhymes tangled me.. I loved it anyhow :)

    Weakest LINK

  17. Every narration is like exploring a bottomless ocean. One can continue the dive yet never see the end..beautiful poetry

  18. Very nice...beautifully crafted poem :)

  19. Very Lovely Poem Saru..

    Below mentioned 4 lines are only for you. A Small dedication to such a fine and refined blogger.

    I am amazed to read the lines you write,
    Don't know how you make them look so bright.
    Keep writing as always, by playing with words,
    Coz these words are the one that moves you upwards.

    Hope you liked it... :)

  20. Beautiful poetry dear..and thanks for telling the meaning of kalon.. :)

  21. Saru..u make my heart beat faster by ur words..really everytime i read ur poems they are so passionately written.
    Am a fan of urs..for 2 for ur writings and another is ur patience ! i see that u visit each and every blog regularly..which ever blog i visit i see ur visit there :D

  22. melodic , rhythymic and lovely! aren't you tired of receiving these adjectives ?:D

  23. this is so different! kudos to creativity! super stuff saru!

  24. je'taime Saru Di, Its seriously awesome :)
    How do you drift so smoothly between lines and that too rhyming, I wonder when'll I be able to rhyme :P

    I'm awed by the grace of this poem :)
    It's gorgeous in the truest sense,

    Check this out

    Love ya :)

  25. I would die for such a eulogy.. How beautifully written!! My god!!

    the lines which took my heart away are "Though, it's like molten silver in hourglass.
    Pouring the liquid of adulation"

    Simply amazing!

    Keep writing Saru. You are a great talent!

  26. Your mind and heart , they're filled with utmost form of love, I feel it in every post you post! :)

    I'm gonna share this on Facebook. To Kalon, Yes! :)

    Love, Risha :)

  27. Beautiful lines! I feel lost in the beauty...

  28. Oh my! Simply awesome, Saru. :) The expressions are so refined and beautiful. Almost all the lines are my fav. Ahh!

  29. your poems inspire me to write prose' :)

    Nice composition Saru... 'Kalon' indeed... :)

  31. Loved the imageries...word fusion, style and the boundless imagination...Simply Exquisite:-)

  32. Amazing Saru!!! Beautifully depicted the love and emotions:-)

  33. Great work. Loved it. Beauty in words..

  34. i loved the way u played wid words....beautiful...n the rhythm the poem has just makes if more enjoybl....lovely poem...:)

  35. Who is the 'Kalon' in the poem?

  36. Saru, wer do u get these thoughts from? i wish i cud have the same coffee that you drink, shayad us se mujme kuch effet ho jaye :P amazing work!

  37. So Good... So Beautiful... Love it

  38. Day and Night have different forms,
    But your post travels to perfect goal..

    Sensible! best of luck

  39. The words have just come so smoothly! Aww! Your lines makes me fall in love everyday!

  40. That is so nice Saru.. keep writing!! :)

  41. once again u killed me with your lovely lines!

  42. Everything is so perfect..
    I especially like the last lines:

    There are thousand things about her,
    But I don't want to be lost in noise.
    Swaying in the ocean of her words,
    I'm in love with her musical voice.

    I guess..I will use it on some girl to impress her :P

  43. Splendid, Saru! loved your creation...

  44. A beautiful poem by a beautiful young women. Your poem is not only enchanting, but it has a tinge of resplendence. I am amazed by the way your thoughts flow like a stream of water in a valley. Love the lines ' I dived in her eyes once,
    That day her fingers touched my skin.
    Hypnotized by the mystical chords,
    Wow!Saru, you are an artist of words.
    Barkha Dhar

  45. a very late knock on this post !! think that lawyers spoke only in legal prose.'Kalon' Saru.

  46. Really great words!!
    Thanks for you nice comment.
    Happy weekend!

  47. Beautiful and really expressive.
    I hope you gift this to someone really special :-)

  48. Aww this is so beautiful. Haye :D
    Lovely blog u have following you :)

  49. Awesome awesome awesome work.....
    Saru..I love these four line the most..

    On my skin her fingers played violin.
    I don't crave for the contours of her body,
    Though, it's like molten silver in hourglass.
    Pouring the liquid of adulation,

  50. beautiful description lady...
    truly enticing..

  51. I am glad I read this so very beautiful poem! thank you, saru!

  52. Nice one... Its always nice to be in love with some magical voice...

  53. very nice expression....

  54. That was superb!! i had been trying to write something like this for ages. really loved it :)

  55. im just awestruck.. watever i write here, will look like trash in contrast wid ur beautiful words...

  56. @MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!.- Glad you liked it:)

    @Chintan- Thanks Chintan and the same way you think about brilliant shots!

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    @Rosette Princess- Thanks Dear:)

    @Mishi- I can dedicate it to you...:)

    @Team G Square- Thanks...

    @Angel- Rightly said Angel:)

    @deepbaazigar- Thanks a lot dear...

    @Sandeep sagar- That's a great idea!!!

    @Deepthi- Thanks Deepthi...:):):)

    @Anand- I envy you for such fresh posts on your blog. Thanks for admiring it. I still can't get over that coffee post.:)

    @sush- Thanks a ton!

    @VINOD ARORA- Thanks so much Sir:)

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  57. You have an amazing depth of thought and are a player of WORDS! :)

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts... :)

    Indie :)

  58. .....and that was beautiful. loved it

  59. Absolutely beautiful ...Loved every wrd in it !!!..:)

  60. Hey Saru !!!

    Words are definitely your forte !!! You truly can romance with the words... and the best ones at that !!!

    Lovely... Keep writing !

    Cheers !

  61. This is so awesome! Classic,walks the reader to through the lovers mind :)

  62. @Rekha G- Thanks Dear:)

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  63. This one has to be one of your absolute best. :)

    "On my skin her fingers played violin", "molten silver in hourglass", "Pouring the liquid of adulation" - Such richness of imagination ably supported by the beauty of your words. No wonder you look so satisfied in that picture after writing this. :)

    1. Thanks Raj, I was really happy after writing this poem. Sometimes, we can be narcissist;)

  64. Wowwwww.. its just breathtakingly beautiful.. Your poems are soothing to the soul.. :)


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