Ode To A Date

It was an ordinary day, smiling with potential,
Life was brimming and the date was simple, not differential.
Ashes rose, humanity changed, cries could be heard from heaven;
World changed since and now that simple date is '9/11'


  1. very nice way to express 9/11 ...
    very short, but very true

  2. soulful indeed...esp the contrast between the second and the third lines yaa...the chasm between the two seems as wide as the gap between good and evil...humanity will never be the same again as the incident showed how evil people can be...apt words once again...hats off...:)

  3. True, one day some people decided against humanity, and after that day, there has been a fear, people fear 9/11, people fear osama bin laden. Never imagined that death of a person could bring relief to hearts. The advent of kalyug is what I see. Extremely touching one ma'am!

  4. A nice expression of compassion,
    Follower know it's ur passion..

    Timely deliberation makes it perfect.

  5. A great tribute Saru... They can change the humanity, but little they know that they can't even touch the solidarity..!

  6. you described that day in a very short but touching way..... I hope terrorism will come to an end someday.

  7. बेहतरीन प्रस्तुति...गागर मे सागर सिमट गया...

  8. True, touching and sad.. we will remember.

  9. A sense of disquiet... The world changed for ever..Saru,brilliant!

  10. World changed since and now that simple date is '9/11'

    True....Na jane 26/11 ke liye duniya kab badlegi.... :(

  11. I still remember the day it happened. The world has definitely changed since that 'simple date'.

  12. Penning down a few words is a very easy task. The difficult thing is to make people like those words. And it's nearly impossible to touch someone's heart with those words.

    You have made 'the difficult thing' very simple, because your few words have stolen my heart easily .You also made it possible
    to touch my heart very deeply.You are really

    Many many thanks for this presentation
    to remember 9/11.

  13. simplicity was the magic of these lines :)


  14. I adore ur style.. u convey every thing in a bright way.. even this!

  15. i think 9/11 is over-rated!!!!!!!!! poor arabic countries have suffered way more in the aftermath...

    you wrote quite well, just that i don't care much about 9/11...

  16. A sniper bullet indeed. very relevant.

  17. the world has changed since then...our prejudice has only increased....

  18. Heart warming indeed! What a beautiful tribute to a date that will forever be etched in the minds of all... Excellent work, Saru :)

  19. simple but u painted the whole picture!

  20. short but deep....i guess this day humanity was redefined....beautiful tribute...:)

  21. So touched. You said enough in few words.
    Follow each other .

  22. Yes, indeed, it was a calamitous date between civilisation and savagery.

  23. I am very sad to recall that the strings of most useful numericals 911 in US, unfortunately, were attached by few radicals to the curse of terror. Saru..Thanks for writing such beautiful lines in the memory of many innocent people those who were made to sacrifice for no reason or rhyme at all !!
    May God bless Humanity to be victorious for ever !!

  24. It was a black day indeed, on the face of humanity.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  25. so simply you described the most brutal incident

  26. Very well explained. We all would never forget it, all the people affected by that incident would always be in our thoughts and prayers.

  27. bina jyada kuch bole hi...sab kuch bol diya!

  28. I liked only your words..very beautifully expressed. personally I dont care for the date or the incident.they have chosen theri way-there t poor countires whose agony also needs to be heard :-)libyans r eaten up...adn what abt the rets of them

  29. i was wondering what to write on 9/11. But its too depressing an incident to write about, I thought. And what you wrote is just a perfect dedication/picture of that gruesome day. Very well put Saru, yet again!

  30. "Ashes rose, humanity changed, cries could be heard from heaven;"
    Only Saru can write such lines!
    Touching.. :)

  31. Touching and compassionate....good tribute!

  32. Very intense and effective, Saru! Every line is so powerful and rightly conveys what it has to.

  33. Hey Saru,

    I need to ask you something. We are running a series at the e-magazine I work at on hobby bloggers. I was thinking that we could feature you for poetry writing. Would you be interested? Couldn't find your email id-so if you are interested could you please drop me a mail at either anneprinita@gmail.com or anne.john@womensweb.in? Let me know!

  34. Once it was just another date,
    A date, a history, perhaps misery,mistry,
    A tragedy, some even consider it a conspiracy.
    For some it brought sorrows and pain,
    While some corporates stands to gain.
    Once it used to be just another date,
    But, not any more.

    Started writing the comment by got inspired by your poem Saru.

  35. We can actually have a bloggers convention..every time you post a poem :) heres a toast for your thoughts...:)

  36. that was short and deep...!!! :)

  37. Very soulful indeed! I salute you! :)

  38. Even though it is over, it isn't. We're still fighting, soldiers are still dying, sorrow and people are facing the long term effects of breathing in the crappy air on that day.

  39. i remember that night on television.. a plane crashing into WTC...i was not able to believe, that it actually happened..there hits me the nostalgia..

  40. wow... with so less lines you have said so much saru.... great work... sorry i haven't visited ur blog in a while... great poem btw

  41. very nice .......... sab kuch kam shabdo me prastut kiya . :) sweet

  42. A very horrible incident ! No one ever expects it to happen ! The world was surprised ! One stupid idea came to my mind , the brain of this incident was just so full of brilliance and with oozing confidence plus having 1000% demonic thoughts....woooo to this man , he just wasted what God gave to him ! Anyways according to hearsays and news he was already dead !10 deaths he deserved fot until now victims suffered much..families of victims all and all of the US people and to the whole globe even.

  43. Gut wrenching day for every one of us. Beautiful tribute.

  44. a soulful true tribute...excellent !

  45. @Venkateswaran Ramachandran- Thanks RV:)

    @India's no.1 blog- Thanks for noticing the contrast as it signifies the sudden change of event on that day. And, thanks for the encouragement...

    @Animesh Ganguly- Thank you Animesh!

    @Red Handed- Thanks Dear!

    @Being_AC- Rightly said Sir:)

    @Anand- You're very right Anand, it's above all the petty things in life...

    @Sneha Sunny- I hope so too, Sneha.

    @induravisinghj- Thank you Indu!

    @Spiderdama- Yeah, we will remember this sad day forever...

    @Rahul Bhatia- Thanks a lot Sir!

    @Ashwini- Thank you Ashwini and congrats on your award...

    @डॉ॰ मोनिका शर्मा- I can't answer that question but as a person, I wish loss of life should not be treated as per nationality...

    @Deepthi- Even I remember it clearly Deepthi...

    @Rakesh Kumar- Thank you Sir, your comment has given me encouragement and motivation to write better. I can't thank you enough for such words...

    @sawan- Thank You!

    @Realms of fantasy...- Thanks...

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    @aakash- Thanks :)

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    @SUB- I wish it could be the other way round...

    @Arti- Thank you so much Arti for such kind words:)

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    @♥●• Izdiher·•●♥- Thank you and welcome here!

    @matheikal- You said it in one line Sir, thank you...

    @Vinod- I never thought from this angle. I pray so too Sir...

    @Ana- Thanks Ana:)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete- True Anshul...

    @Team G Square- Thanks

    @Chetan- Thank you Chetan...

    @Aakash Kokz- Right Aakash, we can never forget them...

    @sm- Thanks!

    @Neha- Thanks Neha...

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    @äмän ♥- Thanks Aman...

    @Steven Baron- Thanks Steven and welcome here:)

    @alissa4illustration- You're right, everybody seems to be paying the price for it...

    @Nirvanic- Even, I remember it clearly dear.

    @kalpak n.- You're a master of comedy...:)

    @joshi daniel- Thanks Daniel...

    @Thousif Raza- Thanks Thousif and welcome back!

    @shashi purwar- Thanks Shashi...

    @Angel- It changed the world Angel!

    @vertu- :)

    @☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬- Thank you!

    @Kiran @ KiranTarun.com- I read your post, this incident effected everybody in one way or other.

    @Kitty- Thanks a ton dear...

  46. Beautiful and soulful.. I still remember the horror and the pain it caused....crime against humanity.....

  47. Loved this piece Saru, I have gone through much more that you write just now as well. Loved it all. I am the Editor-in-chief of Cupidspeaks.com which is an online youth platform and I feel that it could be great to have you contributing in our portal as well

    Cupid Speaks

  48. hie...dropping by from Risha's blog..this was very short, yet very strong.

    PS: Dunt even know ur name..As a blogger one should surely have a profile or abt me:)

  49. बेहतरीन प्रस्तुति..

  50. Great writing! very impressive thoughts.

    Welcome on my blogs

  51. I just have one word - B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!

  52. 9/11 changed it all, humanity's grit to sustain doubled. nice post.

  53. @reacharcs- We all do, it was a black day in the history of mankind. Thanks for liking it!

    @Akshita Jain- Thanks Akshita, it would be an honor.

    @Ambadi- Thank you!

    @Aakriti- My name is Saru Singhal and 'about me' section is at the bottom of the page. Thanks for liking dear:)

    @manojjaiswalpbt- Thanks!

    @Dr (Miss) Sharad Singh- Thanks Dear and welcome here:)

    @Sunil Padiyar- Thanks Sunil and I'm enjoying your latest story a lot...:)

    @thephoenixarts- True Sir, we all are paying the price...

  54. love the simplicity in tribute. well put:)

  55. Short and sweet! But yet very powerful! Very nice Saru.:-)

  56. @TD23- Thanks Nimesh...

    @Rohan Moorthy- Thanks Rohan and welcome to Words...:)

  57. very nice post dedicated 9/11

  58. An old post but came along! Nicely expressed the date!


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