Barren Life

I could be wrong,
As I’ve always been.
Treading the less traveled path,
I've some unanswered questions within.
Some black and white memories
Some wounded old dreams.
Feels like,
Dragging this body for centuries.
Tired of getting up after every crumple,
I laugh with my eyes bleeding,
Can I get some rest, some rest on your shoulder?
I could be alone,
As I’ve always been.


  1. There are memories, grey memories too.
    As usual, a brilliant piece!

  2. Its a darker side of life and only a reliable shoulder can console the soul... As always, you've captured the emotion perfectly. :)

    "Feels like,
    Dragging this body from centuries.
    Tired of getting up after every crumple,
    I laugh with my eyes bleeding" - loved these lines... its so moving..!

  3. I know that's not Saru...but a lovely poem indeed... albeit a bit dark...we all need that shoulder, we all need that rest...


  4. Wonderful written!
    Picture looks like the most perfect place to take a rest.., but we all need a shoulder sometimes.

  5. Emotions beautifully expressed...once again a lovely piece from u :)

  6. nice poem ....all need a shoulder always

  7. Grey way. Blank verse, is the one and only genre of poetry I specifically like. Though, come on, now, you are good at it, go for some bright, cheery, maybe? Pointless being sad, eh?

  8. Wonderful written, as always you write :)

  9. The hurt sometimes, is the baggage that becomes heavy, the heart requires someone who can listen out or who can even lend a shoulder to rest the head.

    The feeling of loneliness wonderfully worded. Good work Saru.

  10. Laugh with my eyes bleeding.
    Great lines as always!

  11. 'as i have always been'...some things never change,maybe we don't want them to..

  12. Saru- Beautifully penned! A partner is what one needs to share the burden as there is no dearth of people to share the joy!

  13. hey saru! nice post sweety.

    BTW, passed along an award to you!

  14. bahut si sundar likha hai saru ,
    love this line .laugh with bleeding eyes ..... ,
    har shabd me gaharai hai ,
    lonely ness bhi najar aai hai ,
    yado ke rang, saru ki lekhni ke sang
    ye kavita dil mai uter aai hai ........ :)
    beautiful..........! lonelyness

  15. It feels like someone leaving but not really sure if they should be doing this. Good one.

  16. Some black and white memories,
    Some wounded old dreams.
    Feels like,
    Dragging this body from centuries.

    this is touchy! soulful poem saru!


  18. Despair! Reminds me of "I fall upon the thorns of life ,I bleed!"....the dejected feeling mirrored by your words is all penetrating...
    "Dragging this body from centuries.
    Tired of getting up after every crumple,"...poignant!

  19. I read it thrice before I could make some meaning out of every line that I read (or so I think) :) Or maybe that's the nice part of the poem, we can all make our meanings and enjoy it :)

  20. i must praise the inspiration behind saru's poems lol..
    i'm sure thr must be one.

  21. A winner all the way again... it has always been :)

  22. phew.... u r brilliant when it comes to poems.. love it as a whole, and some lines esp .... its beautiful .. :)

  23. Beautiful ............

    "Some wounded old dreams" -liked this line very much.


  24. Lovely Di! And loved the last two lines. Just amazing!!

  25. Can I get some rest, some rest on your shoulder?

    Wonderful presentation,Saru.

    Your poetry touches the heart,

    making me speechless.

  26. I usually have memories that are in black and white with splashes of color here and there.

  27. Dragging this body from centuries.
    Tired of getting up after every crumple........These line speak volume...writing with such a depth,I should say marvelous!

    I need a favour...kindly review my first poem..n dont hesitate to critize me badly..It surely will help a new born baby.:)

  28. "Some wounded old dreams.
    Feels like,
    Dragging this body from centuries."

    wow! Super saru :)

  29. Another brilliant creation from you Saru. Keep writing.. love your poems :-)

  30. Very nice. It is hard to compliment such poems. Words cannot do much justice to the appreciation the reader wants to convey.

  31. life is one extended karma repayment plan:) most of us have been here...years ago under the same sun...felt the same breeze and even had the same faces with different names and circumstances around us...who knows what tomorrow will bring :) another nice piece :) with a dash of solace towards the end :)

  32. Wow. WOW. I don't think I'll ever be able to appreciate these words truly. That's how beautiful they are.

  33. Very Beautiful and soulful yet simple :)

  34. Thanks for sharing WORDS depicting Emotional feelings of Luv and being luvd.Thanks for sharing it Saru!.

  35. every line was like better than the previous one...n all stitched togethr made it just beautiful...dark sad...but the end was like hope all over again....loved it...:)

  36. Tha Saath tera jabtak, ye aasmaan bhi na jhuka paya hamein.. Chhuta jo saath tera, jamin ne hi daba liya!!

    Saru.. my above lines echoes your message (in a different way) that support is wonderful element in the life, be it active or passive, and is needed by everyone!! I would rather add that even in golden times, one need someone to share!!

  37. Wonderful as always, Saru :-) Favorite line: I laugh with my eyes bleeding ~ beautiful and something we can all identify with at some point in our lives. I think darker poetry can hold such beauty ~ ♥

  38. When I read your poems, I wish I could go back to writing poems. But, errr, am bad at it :p Once again, soulful and wonderfully written 'words'. You have one more follower to your long list of followers:) Keep penning down such wonderful poems..

  39. Find another lonely soul, and be lonely no more :)
    It is all up to us that we need to carry life as a coarse luggage, or a wonder ride.
    Beautiful post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  40. Wonderful !!! Smiling through pain truly defines life.. :)

  41. Birds eye view!
    A passionate fervour..

    As 'Sachin' made a century but India lost the match:) best wishes..

  42. Wonderful choice of heart warming words... :)

  43. Why this sudden gloom? But, as usual, very well written.

  44. I laugh with my eyes bleeding,
    : what a great line. A great post Saru.

  45. a very different one from u...but it was simply deep and beautiful.

    gr8 stuff

  46. look in to the yellow sky....
    wait for the raindrop to dry,
    a new dawn oh! so serene
    wait for the rain to wash the pain of yestereen!

    Wrote the same for another poem i just also fits here perfectly...Seams to be a day of Introspective Poetry...Loved the composition.

  47. This was hardcore Saru! Everytime I read you, I think this is your best. Now I feel, the best is yet to come perhaps for you dig deeper by each one of your poems!

    God Bless girl....


  48. @Saru~~ Another touching verse...
    Way to go girl.... :)

    Indie :)

  49. Hi Saru... you seemed to have dug into the depths of a tortured soul who is attempting to reach out.

    Your words have captured a truth of life. However social an animal we may be, fact is we arrive alone, we leave alone. In between, we contact, connect, exchange. Brilliant.

  50. Whatever you write be it positive or a little dark like this one, it always turns out so beautiful.You touch upon every emotion in a very detailed manner.Loved it.

  51. I loved the poem, but the title confused me...!!!

  52. Discovered this blog through womensweb magazine. Interesting - enjoyed many poems. I try to write some myself at my blog too.

  53. Grim feeling, beautifully expressed. Loved it Saru! :)

  54. beautifully expressed

  55. this poem is a melancholic beauty

  56. Deeply touching (as usual :)). Very well written Saru!

  57. O wow, movingly well captured, Saru dear.

  58. GRRRRR ..what a beautiful poem ,can't resist reading it thrice !love this lines--I've some unanswered questions within.
    Some black and white memories,
    Some wounded old dreams.

  59. Really beautiful poem. Very expressive and haunting.

  60. speechless !! nicely written !!!

  61. Ohh.. that was wonderful.. the path to realization.. a bit dark and sad.. ! suits my taste.. :) loved it

  62. @Manali- Thanks a lot Manali:)

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  63. "I could be alone, As I've always been" - is the line that struck out to me for its poignancy. Great job, Saru!

  64. wow niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I laugh with my eyes bleeding,
    Can I get some rest, some rest on your shoulder?

    I wish I could write like that :)

  65. AS always your lines are touching ...

  66. @SprigBlossoms- Thank you Ananya:)

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