13, Cambridge Street

She walks on the lyrics,
He can make even Saturn laugh,
Teaming up in August this year,
Life gifts 'friendship' as a souvenir.
Digging deep as they interacted,
Beautiful shock they extracted.
Both lived on Cambridge Street,
Separated by few blocks of concrete.
Three summers later destiny smiles,
Now, separated by oceans and million miles.
Stumbled upon on cyberspace,
Nurturing their talents at a steady pace.
Though they dined, shopped, walked in the same air,
Maybe, sipped coffee sitting in the next chair.
Never saw each other all that while,
Brushing those moments both smile.
It's gratifying, jubilant and heartwarming,
The little pavements of friendship they're forming.
Humor, wit, rhyme, and verse,
Have a lifelong celebration to attend.
Floating with the clouds of creativity,
They have the company of a great friend.

*Based on a true story of two bloggers.


  1. A beautiful post...thank god for internet to keep many a relationships going..

  2. the more i read your poems and the more i get attracted to them :) :)

  3. Sweet..I loved it very much.. Simple yet very nicely written... I enjoyed every line...!!! Loved your blog too..!!! :) cheers..!!!

  4. how come i never read u in the english textbook in school??

  5. Yep.. happens all the time! I call it as "Friends with our faces.." nicely written dear..

  6. Lovely tale expressed in beautiful lines. :) Your poetry never fails to bring a wide smile on my face, Saru :)

  7. The story is beautifully written, Saru, and the clincher of *sheer joy* was at the end, when I read that this is based on a true story! LOVE it! :) ♥

  8. lovely...very sweet a story! and of course, beautifully told :)

  9. wow very beautiful expression of two frds- nice saru ! :)

  10. Very interesting poem yaar... :)

  11. I am at loss of words..
    everytime you deliver true beauties!

  12. Lovely story said in a lovely poetic way :)

  13. I think this is your best Saru. Few lines brought an uncanny smile on my face :) <3

  14. Lovely relationship and beautifully presented. <3

  15. Beautifully written Saru. I'm a big fan of your writing :)

  16. I'm so not your fan now. Its a level higher now :):)

  17. And who might the two bloggers be?
    If it is an anniversary, then add my wishes too.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  18. wonderful :) Internet does help connect hearts now a days..and meeting a fellow blogger is always a great experience!


  19. wow...how well you wrote it...
    rhyme and verse i might guess, but wonder about the one who makes Saturn laugh...


  20. Very sweet and so well written!
    Hope you have a nice evening:-)

  21. ohh good to see a true story :)

    Weakest LINK

  22. Beautiful poems and very true. Cyber world keeps us connected with people.

  23. Beautiful ! :)
    Any one can relate today's reality and the feelings of this poem... as today we're more connected with cyber world.

    you write poems with so ease !

  24. बहुत ही सुंदर कविता है,इतनी खूबसूरती से इन भावों को लिखा है कि दिल चाहे पढ़ना इसे बार-बार...

  25. awasome saru ......your writing is super ........nicely explain ..love to read your poem everytime ...........

    itni sundar anhubhuti hai ki shabd hi nahi mil rahe explain karne ke liye ...:)

  26. It is indeed a beautiful world and thanks so much saru for showing us a glimpse of it through your beautiful words :)

  27. What a beautiful relationship ,it all starts with words then the rest is history now !

  28. An outstanding creation from your silent mind & faithful heart..
    A best friend does not ask us to be other than what we are..:)
    @Good luck! you r necessarily outside of the false!

  29. 'If ur poem can touch my heart, then it's not because of ur language, not because of ur lyrics but because of ur theme-the evergreen friendship that fuels two blogging minds'

  30. Beautifully written Saru:-) I just love it...

  31. Did you major in Literature or what? This is beautifully narrated :)

  32. aaaawwww this reminds me of me n my fiance!!!

  33. I'm still pondering over the last line :D
    You know what, you give life to the words very astonishingly :)

    Love, Risha :)

  34. Superbly written Saru! Something similar happened with me also, though we met in real and not in cyberspace. It was amazing to discuss the places we had coffee and we ate, maybe often at the same time, never noticing one another...

  35. Well said Life gifts 'friendship' as a souvenir. Good one

  36. Awesome composition with rhythmical lines...demonstrating the state of connectedness or bond between the two people..especially emotional one!! Keep it up Saru.. great !!

  37. Dear Saru.....I liked the way you wrote this poem. Ofcourse, needless to say the theme is beautiful. But for this one, I would like to congratulate you for your writing style, its different than others that you have written. Its not simple to write like this! My wishes to you.

  38. superrr like like and like saru .
    am in love with ur 'Words'.

  39. I felt every word you have written Saru!

    It's gratifying, jubilant and heart warming,
    The little pavements of friendship they're forming.

    BEautiful lines. :)

  40. i so loved this one.. love the flow of the poem.. beautifulll ... :) ....

  41. Beautiful to the core and tangibly written...loved it:-)

  42. Wow! Very nice! Wish I too get a blogger friend like that :)

  43. The love. the internet. Amazing piece. I am starting to wonder that i was living under a rock having never stumbled upon your blog. I am so rollin' you now on!!

    p.s Your poems are starting to grow on me the more I read you

  44. These "little pavements of friendship" that run through 13 Cambridge Street, may they long long live :)

  45. hey saru...nice one, yet again! :)
    btw, do you by any chance stay in Boston? ;)

  46. @Rahul- True, internet helps in creating and maintaining relationships these days. Thank you for admiring the poem.

    @Skywalker- That's a huge compliment, thanks:)

    @Superrrnickkk...!!!!- Thank you so much dear for such nice words...

    @kalpak n.- Awww, Thanks Kalpak:)

    @A grain of sand- Thank you Stuti...

    @KP- It's a nice name and thanks.

    @Harsha- Thank you Harsha...:) :) :)

    @Lady*♥*Fiona- Dear Lady Fiona, I wait for your comments, thanks for dropping by and gracing my blog.

    @Jidhu Jose- Thanks Jidhu...

    @Mithlash- Thanks!

    @Rohit Sareen- Thanks Rohit:)

    @sowmya- Thanks a ton dear...

    @Binu Thomas- Thanks Binu!

    @Rosette Princess- Thanks Dear!

    @Red Handed- Thanks for such a wonderful compliment...:)

    @Deepthi- Thank you so much Deepthi...

    @Chintan- Glad you like it Chintan and you find it the best poem on the blog, is pretty amazing:)

    @vertu- Thanks Vertika <3

    @AKSHAY KUMAR G - Your compliment made my day, thanks Akshay...:)

    @~Serendipity~ You're so generous with your comments Ayushi, love it:) Thanks for making my day again...

    @Blasphemous Aesthete- It's not their anniversary dear, they met last month...:)

    @subtlescribbler- It's a great experience Sarah and specially if he becomes a good friend.

    @SUB- You actually dig into the poem...:) Thanks for admiring it Subhrasis...:)

    @Neha- Thanks Neha!

    @deepbaazigar- Thank You!

    @Spiderdama- Thank you so much dear...:)

    @Rachit- :)

    @Aakash Kokz- Thanks Aakash...

    @Kitty- True dear, it keeps us connected and thanks :)

    @induravisinghj- Thank you so much Indu!

    @Ashwini- Thanks :)

    @shashi purwar- Thanks for such a beautiful comment Shashi:)

    @Arti- Thank you Arti...

    @Angel- Rightly said Angel.

    @Being_AC- Thank you Sir:)

    @Seema- Thanks Seema.

    @sriramnivas- :) Indeed, the spirit of this poem is more beautiful than the poem itself.

    @Satish Mutatkar- Thank you Sir!

    @swati- Thank you Swati!

    @magiceye- Thanks...

    @Kiran @ KiranTarun.com- No dear, just Law and Finance and thanks...

    @Mr.Jovita- So sweet <3

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    @sm- No, just friends...:)

    @Team G Square- It is wonderful beyond words...

    @Sourabh K Rao- Thank you

    @VIKRAM KARVE- Yes Sir, wanted to keep it that way:)

    @Risha Kalra- Thanks Risha...:) :) :)

    @Rajesh- Thanks:)

    @Siddhartha Joshi- Its truly amazing Siddhartha and you can understand how beautiful it feels. Thanks:)

    @bemoneyaware- Thank you!

    @Vinod- Thank you so much Sir:)

    @Shaifali- Thank you so much dear, I'm extremely happy that you noticed the change in style and as it's inspired by a true story, I was little nervous while writing it.

    @Armando Halder- Thank you:)

    @chitra- Thank you Chitra...

    @Spicy Sweet- Thanks Sahana...

    @Menachery- Thank you!

    @Nasnin Nasser- Thank you Nasnin:)

    @--- Bagya --- - I wish, your wish comes true:)

    @leoPaw- Thanks!

    @Nonsense- Oh Dear, it's such a big compliment and you wrote it so beautifully, thank you!

    @SprigBlossoms- Thanks for your wishes, will pass it on...

    @Sridhar- Thanks!

    @Lavender- Thanks and I stay in Quincy which is a suburb of Boston, minutes away...:)

  47. Saru,beautiful post with luvly and sweet sounding words narrating the event.Luv it.Thanks for sharing(Sorry,I was kept busy)

  48. Saru...an ode to the cyber stuck blogger ? One of your best picks .....

  49. I guess we're all fed up with the real world, that we need to get solace in the online world of blogging. Let the real world learn from the virtual world.

  50. i usually dnt understnd poems....but this one was really nice....


  51. The line
    " Three summers later destiny smiles,
    Now, separated by oceans and million miles."
    Rhymed so beautifully. *sigh*

    I enjoy your almost every one of your poems. Thanks for writing!

  52. Guess friendship is a universal language... doesn't need words...:) another brilliant piece :) each comment adds more value to the poem...hats off once again...

  53. oh simply awesome- iam drooling over it - nothing to beat beautiful friends- a lovely title too:)oh simply awesome- iam drooling over it - nothing to beat beautiful friends- a lovely title too:)

  54. hey... looks like we stay in the same area! :) :) :)))))) Lets catch-up thru' email. My id: lavendernlemon@gmail.com

  55. nice & beautiful poem !

    now … एक हिंदी कविता हो जाए :)

    I'll be waiting .

    best wishes .

  56. This was soooo good Saru.. I always run out of words to describe your post in the comment section... You've beautifully described a slice of life.. cheers!! :)

  57. Like a soft breeze your words touched my heart :)
    Lovely poem !!
    My first visit to your blog(Is following you so sure) :)
    Take care gal..

  58. @Saru~~ Lovely one... Much deeper and enigmatic than previous ones....
    I'm a fan surely! :)

    Indie :)

  59. like the narration and the ending on the optimistic note:)

  60. A story well told in your poetic words. It is funny how cyberspace helps us strangers keep connected and forge stronger relations than perhaps even if we live on the same street!

  61. separation is the toughest part, one who overcome it is the best example of a person who knows how to keep relationship at its best :)lovely read, it compelled me to read twice after reading the last line :)

  62. aw..!! so so so nice.. :) beautiful.. :)

  63. Amazing.. reminds me of the play "Tumhari Amrita" !

  64. Sigh.

    I thought this was a song lyric.
    Have you ever tried writing songs?
    The words are simple yet the thought profound. :)

    I think this is the story of every two bloggers. <3

  65. @MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!.- Thanks a lot dear..:)

    @the mind behind the mindless lampoons- Thanks Ravi...

    @Exciting Songs (ES)- I think wherever we find like minded people we stick to it...

    @Soumyadeep- Thanks a ton:)

    @Charu- Thanks Charu!!!

    @India's no.1 blog- Thanks dear, means a lot:) :) :)

    @specs buffy- Thank you so much dear...

    @Amar S.K- Thanks Amar!

    @Lavender- Sure dear, send you a mail, waiting for your reply...:)

    @Rajendra Swarnkar : राजेन्द्र स्वर्णकार- Sure, I will be posting it soon, thanks for your comment.

    @Anand- Thanks Anand from the bottom of my heart!

    @Reicha Ahluwalia- Thanks Reicha for such a beautiful comment.

    @Indiana Amrita- Thanks Indie...

    @äмän ♥- Thanks Aman <3

    @TD23- Thank you Nimish!

    @Richa- True Richa, live is so strange at times...

    @jayendrasharan- Thank you!

    @Arpitha Holla- Thanks...:)

    @Meera Sundararajan- Thank you:)

    @Aasiyah- I'm trying to write a song as well, lets see how it comes...Thanks for such lovely words...:)

  66. Wonderful, I went through all the comments to identify the friend. Surely I missed the comment, if it is there! very curious Saru. and do I need to add that your poem was beautiful :-)

    1. Jenny, he is Prayukth aka Spiritual Sherpa and his blog is Humor Unplugged. Thanks for liking the poem. :)

  67. Awesome way to describe the way you both met. loved it.


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