Tantalizing Hug

I'm a prisoner of my own longings, he is unconcerned,
He compliments 'her' beauty; inside, I'm burnt.
When ashes of envy run deep in my blood,
He whispers usual melodies with a tantalizing hug.


  1. What was that!! Wow..
    I must say...such a negative feeling put forth such beautifully... U are getting better with each day Saru..
    My Doggy Barks in joy again : WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! :)
    keep it up!!<3

  2. In my WORDS,Ur poem is Yumm and sounds practically sweet.A big Hugggg for U.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the poem, love the words. I truly wonder how you bring in such wonderful feelings in so little words!

  4. This one is unusually deep...and brings out one of the oldest emotions known to mankind :)...another great one from your pen :)

  5. Awsome....bringing out so strong emotions with so little words... your blog is just so aptly titled.. :):)

  6. Wow nicely done! I really admire ppl who can write such beautiful posts. I m too bad with poems.

  7. As usual, Awesome words used to describe your thoughts.
    Seriously admire your thoughts...
    I don't think they have any boundaries.... Do they?? :)

  8. Oh Saru... This is so deeeep... These are just 4 lines but convey very deep human emotions... Loved the beginning line so much... Hats off!!! :)

  9. So damn deep and touching just in 4 lines! Kudos to you :)

  10. Wow..the beauty of a short poem! Very well written!!

  11. Depicting a small but a strong part of relationship between 2 people :)

    "He compliments" - "I'm burnt" --> ends with " a tantalizing hug"

    Like it !!

  12. So short but so beautiful. Made me think how simple men are..:-)
    Keep up your good work!

  13. W.O.W
    What a great piece.....i loved it!

  14. Awesome....depicting the true emotions of human being....Jealousy and Love...

  15. love is always accompanied by doubts and jealousy it seems...:)...nice work...

  16. What a nice contemporary verse.. and it hurts..
    Your words have always rejoiced me.. like morning coffee..

    This seem to be a different approach, and what can I say I liked it too.. keep writing dear!

  17. Saru- Very well written in such measured choice of words!!

  18. I luved it !!..A simple hug...can do wonders!..

  19. "When ashes of envy run deep in my blood" ~ GORGEOUS! You have a gift of saying so much with so few lines ~ love it! :)

  20. I actually like hugs more then kisses.

  21. Ouch.

    But that was a nice poem.
    Quaint and spot-on. <3

  22. No doubt!- surrounds a strong imagination,
    'She' burnt(doubt!); 'He's in agreement!.:)

    Surely! emphasizes Ur quality rhythm & words.

  23. Completely agree with you Saru... :)

  24. Your poetry explore the myriad faces of love and its complexities! The lines run deep in my heart...lovely:-)

  25. Dear Saru..

    Jealousy ...I never read anything beautiful than your poem on this emotion.



  26. Saru, what was that! I mean, this is a kinda negative feeling, a little complex, but expressed so beautifully. And in such a few words. :) Wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful!

  27. i totally agree with Shaifali.. never read something so beautiful on a negative emotion...very beautiful Saru :) :)

  28. Ohh.. So, is it a love triangle?? Or, am I missing out on something??

  29. When my heart likes it, my brain can't stop being generous!! And of course this would be the case only for the most deserving ones :)

  30. Men are always known for their flattering chants and only a smart woman won't fall prey to it

  31. Love - so complicated! A deep poem. Well written!

  32. :) only you can do this in just four lines, and so beautifully :)

    Chintu Singh

  33. yet again!!!

    ***whistles***...you have brought met to do it! :D

  34. that was amazing.....no doubt..!! love it... :-)

  35. awesome as ever...where do u get these lines from? you are too good Saru :)

  36. :) I got seven awards for you.


  37. awww... i so love reading your poems... you are simply superbbb ... :)

  38. Beautiful thought. Best wishes for navratri festival.

  39. Wonderful choice of words, Saru! :)

  40. Every Line you make...
    Every Word you spake...
    Every Feel you shake...

    I'm forced to read you...
    Awesome Saru... **Hugs**

    Indie :)

  41. Research team has to be send to you now, to study how can someone think such lines? :p ....fidaa !!

  42. bringing forth something so aptly in just 4 lines is a commendable job!! kudos to you!! u write beautifully.. :)

  43. Its heart touching!
    very lovely post! :)

  44. Oh my my. This one I felt. This jealously. Sigh. Strange ugly little thing. I love the way you have phrased it. :-)

  45. @Mi- Thanks Mi and come back soon, my LQ (Laughter Quotient ) is on all time low...:)

    @MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!.- Thanks Christy for such a sweet comment:)

    @The life-a-holic- Thank you Deepthi...:)

    @India's no.1 blog- Thanks a ton dear...

    @Realms of fantasy...- Thanks for such a beautiful comment dear.

    @Jidhu Jose- :)

    @☆ Rià ღ- Thanks Ria, even I'm learning...

    @Venkateswaran Ramachandran- Thoughts come from heart and heart has no boundaries RV...I hope you'll agree...

    @Anand- Thanks Anand, you're always so generous with your comments:)

    @Rohit Sareen- Thank you!

    @--- Bagya --- - Thanks a ton:)

    @Sameera- Thanks Sam...

    @Reicha Ahluwalia- You did a wonderful analysis of the poem...Hats off to you...:)

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    @Rahul Bhatia- Thank you Sir:)

    @The Perfect ...One- Right, it does magic...

    @Lady*♥*Fiona- Thank you dear...:) :) :)

    @alissa4illustration- Hugs are more warming and meaningful...

    @Aasiyah- Thanks Aasiyah.

    @Being_AC - Thank you so much Sir.

    @vertu- Thank you!

    @Venkateswaran Ramachandran- :) :) :)

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    @Harsha- Thank you Harsha...

    @SuKupedia :) :)- Sunita, I just read your post, delicious food is still in mind while replying to comments...:)

    @Binu Thomas- It's not a love triangle, he is admiring other female and she is jealous...:)

    @magiceye- Thank you Sir.

    @Anand- Delighted to read the comment Anand. BTW...Moving on...:):) I would say, Thank you. See your posts are always on my mind...

    @sriramnivas- Love is a tricky thing, I guess...

    @Team G Square- Thank you.

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    @Indiana Amrita- The comment is so beautiful...:) XOXOXOXOXO

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    @swati- Thank you so much Swati:)

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    @Zeba- Thanks a ton Zeba...

    @केवल राम :- Thank you Ram:)

  46. Relationship sooooo very complex and writing about it - is there a superlative degree for complex? ? Emotions running high....

  47. 4 lines speaks a lot! :) very nice as usual!

  48. Jealousy was never so beautiful... you do have a way with the words. Really touching post :)

  49. Painful emotions, yet worded so beautifully. Bravo Saru :)

  50. check this out..

  51. Your expression is so nice that it has the immense power to tantilise the feeling of any sensitive man..Very Good composition.Please visit my post.. Thanks.

  52. Beautiful..Aren't we all prisoners of our own longings !!

  53. awesome as ever Saru ji!!!
    the pain is reflected beautifully :)
    love your words!!

  54. Oxymoronish feelings !! Kudos Saru

  55. This is such a heart breakingly beautiful verse:) It hit somewhere soft..

    This is very, very nice:)

  56. Hello.
    A little jealousy in love is good..we are imperfect humans afterall. We must not le it consume us though, for it can & will damage any relationship.

    Very nicely done!

    Thanks for sharing & for following my blog. I always try to return the kindness & am following you too.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Yesterday With You

  57. How beautifully you express your emotions Saru.
    It straight way touches the heart.
    Thanks for the nice presentation.

  58. Very nice... Beautiful feelings and beautifully penned down... Cheers!! :)

  59. Sweet Love... :)


  60. @Agnija- Thank you so much!

    @specs buffy- Hope you liked it...:)

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    @Rajendra Raikwar- Thanks!

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