Curly Affair

Beauties around her,
Despise themselves sitting aside.
Playing with her curls,
She shows it with pride.
Last winter these curls enticed me,
Long tresses adding volumes of passion.
Scenting fresh every day,
Here's her secret of being in fashion.
Lot of labor she puts,
To nourish her hair.
Old age tricks of henna and oiling,
On a busy day few steps of Dove hair care.
She flaunts it, she smiles,
Praising eyes make her feel beautiful.
Rummy with the aura of her hair,
Even the bouncing of it is musical.
Be it in bun, in a braid,
Or decorating a red rose in mystical waves of black.
She loves her hair,
Falling for it, I'm loving her back!


  1. So they were right.."Saru ki poetry jaisi koi ni"..ha ha

  2. Nicely written, superb picture selection, can't take my eyes away,,, am sure guy's will be distracted with that picture :P lol

    Good Luck for the Contest :)

  3. Oh great.. wat a way of loving the hair.. reminds me of an old album song.. where a guy falls for the girls hair..
    All the best for the contest!

  4. That was nice.. poem about hair.. cool pic too :)

  5. Why doesnt somebody dedicate this poem to my hair!:-(
    well written!

  6. love thy hair
    and thy hair shall shine for thou :)

  7. nice poem with beautiful pic

  8. The title is so cute and apt to your words! Lovely read ~ good luck on the contest! May the best hair win :D

    "decorating a red rose in mystical waves of black"
    ~ Gorgeous! :)

    @Stuti ~ "love thy hair
    and thy hair shall shine for thou" ~ Love it! :D

  9. Is there anything you can't write a poem on Saru??

    Brilliant as always!!

  10. A very creative way for Dove's competition - I am hoping and praying that you win! Good luck honey :)

  11. "This dark curly affair is what I like about her the most" says the romantic guy....Wow!!! even guys fall for long silky hairs; so gals, take great care of your precious curls.
    This 'Curly affair' is indeed not an affair to miss......great work and keep posting.


  12. Curly affair -=- another beautiful piece on hair affair. "She flaunts it, she smiles" *grinning* :D
    All in all you are a tough competitor for all the contestants.
    Hope you win. My best wishes are with my favorite blogger(you) :)
    Stay blessed !

  13. Fantastic affairs! becomes a souvenir,
    It is the picture which awaits for your Words..

    Good luck for participation.

  14. Awesome. Sooo cute!

    All the best for the contest

  15. firstly, all the best for the contest! n ive got a feeling tat apart from just winning, they might just use a few lines in their copy as well!

  16. what a starting..mind blowing....
    infcat everything is just mind blowing from photo to poetry.....good luck

  17. I have been dying for curly hair!!!

  18. Wow! A very creative and a lovely take on this topic. And the way you have weaved it is simply awesome. Hope you win, Saru! Best wishes.. :):):)

  19. what to say?? The word 'Beautiful' can't suffice your work.. Best wishes..

    Someone is Special

  20. Ghosh i never knew someone could come up with a poem on this thing.. heheh.. but knowing you.. hmmmmm i should not have doubted.. very beautifully written dear :) :)

  21. I am sure Dove will be very happy to hear this!! :)

  22. Wonderful tribute to curly hair!

  23. I was always envious of others hair. Mine is thin, frizzy. What I'd do for thicker straight or curly hair.

    Wonderfully written!

  24. Wasnt it just soo beautiful. Curls anyday!

  25. Alright,
    I give it to you!
    You've made me fall
    In awe with you...
    The picture is a good eye catcher :-)

  26. as lovely as those curly things.

    WOnderful post.

  27. :) I shaved off mine so cant enjoy them .. he he he

    lovely poem , I use ot have long hair upto my knees in the good old days ..


  28. Excellent Saru :)
    Your words always win hearts of readers;
    Loved the poetry

  29. Saru ji, aced it again, very beautiful choice of words. scenting fresh, all the posts, I must say.

  30. What can I say other than Wow! I have curly hair and absolutely hate it, but you are making me change my mind now :)

  31. Great curly poem!! Dove must be happy to see this poem.

  32. Wow! That was exquisite! Reminds me of an Urdu poetry..."when my beloved stroked her tangled curly hair, a thousand thoughts tangled in my heart"...something like that! (Don't remember the exact wordings)
    Congrats for the contest! Brilliant way of putting it!

  33. @Di: you can write poem on anything and everything...a decent piece for the contest :)

  34. hahah :) a naughty one indeed :) found this one extremely cute (bounces and all)...:) most of the time my hair behaves as if it has a mind of its own though :( :)))

  35. Short and sweet Saru.All the best for the contest.

  36. wowwww...... awesomeness.. love ur poems

  37. Awesome:) Nice poem and i could visualize the beauty with bouncing curly hair!

  38. Superb! A winning entry! All The Best :)

  39. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your poem is pretty nice, and the accompanying picture is stunning... I love the curls on that girl!

  40. and the winner is ...

    lol .. i don't know who wins the contest but for me .. this is the ultimate winner!!!


  41. How a beauty,
    DPSC Bose

  42. Great poem Saru... Whatte way to express your love for the hair... So beautiful and my best of the best wishes for the contest! :)

  43. Hey the girl in the pic is very nice ;)
    Beautiful poem :) Keep it up !!

  44. awesomeness nice poem with beautiful pic

    sanjay bhaskar
    aadat...muskurane ki

  45. beautiful ode to curly hair. really like the first four lines. i cannot get my eyes of women sporting curly hair as 9/10 of them always have a ready smile on their faces:) but i guess carrying curls confidently, is not everyone's cup of tea.

  46. Saru; you don't need to take part in any are way beyond. Love it

  47. @Saru ..Thanks for liking my Dove poem...I really liked your poem too :)

  48. oh .....beautiful , lovely poem ...i am fall in love with dove poem ......very touching curly affair ......really ..............:) :) :) :) :) ,saru

  49. @Freaky Leakz- Nothing like that dear, I'm just another blogger who has wonderful company...:)

    @DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420)- Only a guy can tell that Deepak and thanks for your wishes:)

    @Krishnapriya- I think you are talking about 'Aur aashista keejege baatein'. Thanks for your wishes dear:)

    @--- Bagya ---- Thanks a lot :)

    @Mishi- I will dedicate it to you:) :) :)

    @MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!.- Thank you Christy:)

    @A grain of sand- A Shakespearean touch, love thy comment Stuti:)

    @sm- Thank you dear...

    @डॉ॰ मोनिका शर्मा- Thank you Monica...:)

    @Lady*♥*Fiona- Thank you dear both for your wishes and comment:)

    @Rahul Bhatia- Thank you so much Sir...

    @magiceye- Thanks Sir!

    @Vinod- Thanks a lot Sir...

    @Upasana- Yeah on a lot of things. I can't write intelligent poems. And, thanks for your comment...:)

    @Neha- Thanks.

    @Kiran @ Thank you Kiran. You are such an angel:)

    @sriramnivas- Thank you Ram...:)

    @Reicha Ahluwalia- Your comment reminds me that you have beautiful hair. Thanks Reicha...:)

    @Being_AC- Thank you Sir:)

    @megha Sarin- Thanks Megha...

    @Rohit Sareen- I wish it happens...Thanks Rohit, you made my day with this comment:)

    @Chetan- Thanks a lot Chetan...:) :) :)

    @The life-a-holic- Really, get a perm...

    @Harsha- Thanks Harsha...:)

    @Someone is Special- Thank you dear:)

    @SuKupedia :) :)- Thank you so much Sunita...

    @Nikhil- Thank you Nikhil:)

    @Binu Thomas- Thanks Binu!

    @ladyfi- Thank you!!!

    @Mithlash- Thanks a ton dear...

    @alissa4illustration- Even I am jealous when I see lovely hair...

    @Sridhar- Thank you!

    @Geeta Singh- Thanks.

    @Red Handed- I love it...Thanks:)

    @Sujatha Sathya- Thank you!

    @joshi daniel- Thanks Daniel...

    @Anoop Mathai Mathew- Your comment is awesome and thanks Anoop!

    @Neeraj Kumar- Thanks Neeraj...

    @Bikramjit- Even I had long long hair in good old days...Thanks for your comment Bikram...:)

    @deepbaazigar- Thank you Deepak!

    @pramod- Thank you so much Sir...Means a lot coming from you...

    @Purple Mist- Curls are so pretty...Enjoy yours...Thanks for your comment:)

    @Sneha Sunny- Thank you Sneha!

    @Nasnin Nasser- Such a beautiful quote. Thanks for your wishes Nasnin...:)

    @Hemant- Thanks a lot Hemant!

    @India's no. 1 blog- Mine too, and my hair never

    @Seema- Thanks a lot Seema...

    @Shveta- Thanks.

    @Menachery- Thank you dear!

    @Cloud Nine- Thank you so much dear:)

    @Arti- Thanks Arti:)

    @Karan Xavier- Thank you Karen!

    @rahul aggarwal- Thanks Rahul for such a sweet comment:)

    @DPS Bose- Thank you Sir.

    @Umamaheswari- Thanks!

    @Anand- Thanks a ton Anand...:)

    @Pratik- Thanks...

    @संजय भास्कर- Thanks a lot!

    @Naveen S.- Thanks!

    @TD23- That's right, not many people can carry that look. And, thanks for your comment Nimish:)

    @Jagan- Thank you!!!

    @sunbyanyname- Aww...thats so sweet of you. Never took part in one, so thought of trying my hands...Thanks for your comment:)

    @Kitty- Thank you...

    @REFLECTIONS- Thank you dear!

    @shashi purwar- Thanks dear for such a lovely comment!!!

  50. Very nicely written and presented....!!!
    brilliantly articulation of thoughts ...

    but just to be honest.. choosing curls was a bit strange choice... although you justified it pretty well :)

    Poem was greatttttt...!

  51. I;m always wanted curls, though I'm stuck with wavy hair which never stay in place :/

    The other Dove posts which I read, were all long. You expressed it in a short and cute way :) Loved it :)
    Good luck with the contest :)

  52. I have no idea why I didn't read it before. I kept thinking this was the same entry as the one before. Stupid me. Lovely poem Saru. You surely deserve to win and I truly hope you do :) All the very best :)

  53. Nicely composed, Saru!!
    Curls are always pretty!! :)

  54. Lovely! I wish I had some more curls.. although my husband says I have curls, even though I am messy and not combed my hair.
    Happy Friday to you:-)

  55. a lovely pic...beautiful poem..and what else...
    an ipad to complete the threesome..:P
    all the best..:)

  56. That pic itself is gonna win u the contest!!! rofl.. jsu kidding... nice written... :)

  57. Nicely written. This member of the curly hair society truly appreciates. :)

  58. Nicely Crafted

    Good luck for the contest

  59. aaahh!! didn't know hair can be described in such a passionate way ;-)

  60. @DJ- Thanks, I am so bored to looking at straight hair that I couldn't write anything on it.

    @♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫- Thank you so much dear and welcome here...

    @Pooja Shridhar- Thanks Pooja...:) :) :) And, remember you have to post Bowtie for all of us...

    @Jaunty Anima- Thank you dear...:)

    @ayesha- Thanks Ayesha!

    @Spiderdama- Thanks Tania:)

    @SUB- Thank you!

    @ankit jain- Thank you Ankit...:)

    @NNNiiiXXX- Thanks dear, picture is indeed very nice:)

    @MothSmokeLover- Thank you dear, means a lot coming from someone who owns it:)

    @Prakash Jain- Thanks dear:)

    @swati- :)

  61. Wow.. such a lovely poem on the curly haired Saru!! :) I have curly hair myself!!! :) And I am totally in louuuve with it <3

    My recent post is infact on curly heads. What coincidence no?!! :D

    1. WOW...I want to read it. I was occupied last week and was away from blogosphere...Missed a lot and have a lot of catching up to do...

      Thank you for your comment!


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