Drenched in countless emotions, 
This notorious heart pays no heed.
He works out like always, 
And, I count his sweat beads.
Hand sculpted Greek God,
Arrests my vivacious soul.
Swelled out words on his arm,
Take my senses on an alluring stroll.
I live on my addiction,
Stealing moments for my hungry eyes.
Romancing in my mind,
Love watching him when he exercise.
Steaming up in my body,
Images intensifying this mad race.
Unaware of my mystical passion, 
He is tying his shoe lace...


  1. What a great poetry for physical workout! Each word is a gem.. you make me crave for exercise!!

  2. Hmmm..Ahem. Very nice :)
    I like the subtle use of the mischievous undertone in this poem.

    Daniel's photo just adds more charm to your poem :)

  3. Ha ha ha.. They should put this up in a gym and men will workout more. :P

    Lovely poem Saru.

  4. Nice rhythmic rhyming - sings a romantic Rap.Luv it

  5. waahhow:)) what an anti-climax:)) really loved the way you built up the raw emotions and then suddenly the last line reads - he is tying his shoe lace:P
    Reminded me of someone, whose simple action of mixing rice and dal while having lunch, the shape her fingers took, the way she made a dollop and fed herself, really created 'mystical passions' in me of which she was blissuflly unaware;)
    I didnt even have to read the image courtesy line, i knew this was a Joshi photo:))

  6. :D Joshi MUST read this.....only you can do this Saru....And last line nailed it....shoosh I miss gym now :( Get to see all the macho men hihihi....This one is a naughty poem :D

  7. Brilliant way of putting it and extremely beautiful(to put it simply)!
    "I live on my addiction.
    Stealing moments for my hungry eyes."...lovely! And all the more "interesting"! One of my favorite pieces of yours! And the rhymes rocked! Love and regards dear:)

  8. PERFECTO...!! :D

    Steaming up in my body,
    Images intensifying this mad race.
    Unaware of my mystical passion,
    He is tying his shoe lace...


  9. Oooh nice!! Loved this poem!! :)

  10. lovely!
    is there anything you havent already covered yet?
    :)) you can write on anything :)

  11. I wish some lady feels this way when i tie my shoe lace :)))

  12. haha i loved the last 2 lines...awesome poem...:)

  13. Ohh man!! What a poem!! And as Chintan mentioned in her comment, you've nailed it in the last line yaar!! Awesome!!

  14. Really Nice.....
    Unaware of my mystical passion,
    He is tying his shoe lace... :)))

  15. Wonderful,excellent,superb,
    I have no words to describe your beautiful post.
    Many many thanks to you,Saru.

    Please,find time to visit my new post.

  16. wow! very passionate;) wish i had met someone so cool as this:P Loved the last two lines! Good one, Saru!

  17. So now I need to work out, learn greek, swell out my arms and tie shoe laces at random instances.

  18. Brilliant and powerful words.The Greek God - I imagine an Arnold Shwarzneiger or a John Abraham.Enjoyed the poem as well as the pic.

  19. hahaha...this one's awesome...very unlike u and that's why it gets a Hats Off!

  20. ahem ..wonderful
    "Unaware of my mystical passion,
    He is tying his shoe lace..."

    this turns me on;)

  21. Hehe, so cool that last line. Very beautiful:-)

  22. Woo hoo!!! Steamy, sexy, stimulating and SINsenational, Saru! ;) Killer last two lines!

    LoL @ xyzandme's comment :D

  23. He is tying his shoe lace! LOL, love the ending Saru. :D Flamboyance, expressed wonderfully! :)

  24. Great work , appreciate your talent .

  25. High standard of delegation of ' Words',

    Strong imagination! Great offer & composition..
    Best of luck.

  26. Simply fantabulous......While man are flamboyant, women are cute & bubbly!!!

    From; www.sriramnivas.com

  27. An ode to a GUY...
    Phew..never seen an admiration written for a guy!!
    I am gonna dedicate this to AB, if you don't mind Saru.. plz plz plz!! <3

    Awesomely written!!

    Sigh!! (Mi Does an imaginary Waltz in her Gym with ABC!)

  28. Nice :) i liked it... i wasnt satisfied with the ending line... i donno why?:P but it was a good poem :)

    Take care and keep writing........

  29. Awesome!!! Droolsome and the way you described the workout ,...aaaaaaaaaaaa! hot!
    And joshi's pic to add up!!

  30. Oh.. sensational one. Beautifully written :)

  31. Ah very mischievous and naughty !! Loved it! Every word described is on another level. Absolutely brilliant!

  32. HAWT , sexy and eeeeeeee gets bak memories when me the gawky 8th std kid used to drrrrooolllll at my sexy neighbour.... sigh!!! :P

  33. hmmm next time shud go upto him and say HEllo :)

    beautiful romantic hot poem :)


  34. You make sweat droolworthy with your words!! HAts off!!

  35. Awesome Saru!!! It is a very sensual and romantic poem.. loved it :-)

  36. very beautifl wordings ........nice poem saru

  37. very nice saru.. interesting take on a workout situation... Just wanna ask, is this real? :p

  38. good...sensual...sad part is, he will never come to know about this...

  39. Hmm...Nice one!!!
    "Unaware of my mystical passion,
    He is tying his shoe lace..."
    Loved the ending...

  40. This should be on gym walls...it would make people fitter..! AT least, Men :)
    Very interesting work!

  41. @Rahul Bhatia- Thank you Sir.

    @AS- Thanks

    @Pooja Sridhar- I thought of being a little mischievous this time and glad you liked it.

    @Sameera- They should and give me free publicity...LOL...

    @Christy Gerald- Thank you so much dear:)

    @Neelam Kamdar Bhamani- Thanks.

    @TD23- Thanks a lot for sharing your story. Doing such things has so much fun in it...

    @TheBluntBlogger- Thank you Chintan. You know more than anyone else on this planet, I should hit the gym...

    @Nasnin Nasser- Thanks dear...:)

    @Kunal- Thank you Kunal...:)

    @Rahul Bhandare- Thanks...

    @Sujatha Sathya- Many things dear, starting with intelligent poems. Someone mailed me that I should write some quality stuff.

    @India's no.1 blog- Again I will say, you bet:)

    @vaisakhi- Thanks:)

    @Binu Thomas- Thanks Binu...

    @डॉ॰ मोनिका शर्मा- Thank you Monica.

    @Rakesh Kumar- Thanks Sir and will surely visit...

    @Cloud Nine- Thanks, Go to nearby gym you will see many. Or else see John...:)

    @xyzandme- You should do that and if something happens, you owe me a thankyou:)

    @R.Ramakrishnan- Thank you. I prefer John...

    @Rohit Sareen- Thank you Rohit.

    @A grain of sand- So it served its purpose...;)

    @Spiderdama- Thanks Tania:)

    @Lady*♥*Fiona- Thank you so much...:)

    @Harsha- Thanks dear...:)

    @Team G Square- Thanks:)

    @Being_AC- Thanks a lot!

    @sriramnivas- A boy can tell that Ram... Thanks for your comment...

    @metagravity- Go Ahead, who can stop you when it comes to AB? Waltz, hmmm...Try Salsa next time:)

    @magiceye- Thank you.

    @hridyanubhuti- Thanks.

    @Ashish Joshi- Thanks Ashish...

    @Thousif Raza- Oh, I am little disappointed with myself now...:(

    @Red Handed- Thanks, see workout is so interesting. You know better, you are hitting gym regularly these days:)

    @Shreya- Thanks!

    @AKSHAY KUMAR G- Thank you Akshay...:)

    @j. littlejohn- Thank you John:)

    @Menachery- Thank you...:)

    @Bikramjit- Sure Bikram...:) Thanks!

    @Upasana- Thanks dear, you made whisper magical with your words...

    @swati- Thank you so much dear...:)

    shashi purwar- Thanks Shashi...

    @Anand- No, just an imagination. For it to be real, I need to go to gym. And, as I said on FB, I think my fat protects me from cold. So, no point shedding it in winters.

    @Chetan- Thanks...

    @deepazartz- Thanks Deepa!

    @prateek mathur- Yeah, they should. A poem will be put to some good use...:)

  42. Who the hell mailed you that?? quality stuff? what!!!

  43. Ah..! isnt it wonderful..! especially the way you ended it..! Excellent dear..

  44. :) Interesting to read this, especially because quite a lot of us knew it was Joshi's image :) Did you share this post with him as well?

  45. "Unaware of my mystical passion,
    He is tying his shoe lace..."

    Loved the ending....cute, mischievous and oh so painful all at once!!!

  46. this is the "Dirty Poem" :D :D :D.. loved it.. u actually penned down thoughts of lot of women :) :) .. and ya i agree someone above said na.. gym mein lagana chahiye :D :D

  47. loved it!! And the last 2 lines were the best.

  48. FTW quality stuff? Who the hell mailed you that ?

  49. I think many men are going to sweat it out after reading this poem ;)

  50. awesome poem... neva knew goin 2 gym had des benefits tooo...

  51. Hello.
    lol...were you the one spying on me this morning during my workout?
    Seriously, love the sensual undertone. You ended it great.
    Nice one!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks also for visiting. I'm sorry you did not get a chance to participate in the Party. To try & incorporate 27 different styles was no easy task, but I'm very happy with the final poem. I've already had a request from several of the party-goers & a few non-party people to do another event. I may consider holding another party in the future. I'll be sure to let you know if/when it happens. Thanks for the interest.


  52. So passionate! Fabulous writing.

  53. beautifully written. i love the combination of the words and the photo.

    very delicate art work. enjoy reading this.
    keep it up.

    feel free to hit me back :)

  54. ooh!! groovy....love the longing in between the lines!!


  55. Saru,

    I think not many people can do justice to a subject like this the way you did...

    At least a few of your readers will be motivated to hit gym after reading this :-)

  56. :D :D Wooo.. thats soo nice :)

  57. Love the ending of the poem! Goes well with the image, too :)

  58. Roflmfao- nice one!!

  59. Oh similar minded! :D
    Romancing in the mind...! hmmm sensually written lines...loved it ;)

  60. Wow!! Now I think I should hit the Gym more often and tie my shoe laces. The last line was surprise for "overimaginative" people like me.

  61. LOL! Really nice one! :)
    How you doing? I remember you had dropped once or twice on my blog long back.. :)

    Kavi | Edible Entertainment
    Jingle All The Way &
    Microwave Easy Cooking

  62. Wow!!
    Maybe I should start exercising as well!

  63. WOW! Amazing! I know how it is when I see hot guys in the gym ;) No one could have described it the way you have!

  64. I was wondering where I'd seen that pic! :D lol!

    Great piece! Wonder why I don't ever bump into men in the gymn who can justify this one...lol ;-)

  65. so thats why u go to the gym... lol

  66. stealing words from hungry eyes....super evocative as usual:)

  67. Hot!!!! Can you introduce me to this guy? ;)

  68. oooh steaming poetry , hope i too had a greek god torso :P :D, sadly i dnt have one , well written

    i too tried my hand in poetry plz read it:


  69. Every words of this poem touched my heart. Deep and full of emotions. Loved it.

  70. You set the mood! Awesome lines, loved the feel each line carries with it :)

  71. The great poet strikes again..woooo unstoppable !

  72. hehe..how sexy is dat..!
    btw, ur poems r getting bester and bester and BESTER! :D

  73. wow the imagery u created with those words :)
    Loved it !!

  74. Awesome Lines and Well Written..!!!

  75. This is what we may call 'feminine sensibility'.

    Well written.

  76. Ah ha.. :) how do you come up with something like this? I feel at times, you have a inbuilt dictionary in your mind and whenver you come across something, the words start rearranging themselves to make a nice rhyme out of it! Nice one Saru jee :)

  77. @Sujatha Sathya- Who cares? We live in our own world where we have 'conversations' in 'words'...:)

    @Soutik- Thanks dear:)

    @Rajesh- Thank you!

    @Krishnapriya- Thanks dear:)

    @Siddhartha Joshi- Yeah I messaged him on FB the moment I posted it. Thanks for liking it!

    @Shreya- Thanks a lot!

    @joshi daniel- Thanks, I hope I lived up to your expectation...:)

    @SuKupedia :) :)- I feel like re-naming it 'Dirty Poem'...Thanks for feeding me with idea. BTW, I have another title courtesy you, which is as yummy as it can be;)

    @Neeraj Kumar- Thanks Neeraj.

    @☆ Rià ღ- Thanks :) :) :)

    @deepbaazigar- Thanks Deepak!

    @TheBluntBlogger- The one who doesn't exist in our world;)

    @Farila- I hope so:)

    @Saheer Kumble- It has... and thanks Saheer:)

    @Andy- I wish I could be lucky enough to spy on you:) And thanks for loving it dear:)

    @ladyfi- Thank you so much!

    @Inspector Saahab- Thanks and who can reject such an invite:)

    @shooting star- Thanks a lot:)

    @Nisha- Thank you for such a lovely and inspiring comment!

    @--Bagya-- Thanks:)

    @Kiran @ KiranTarun.com- I am so spoilt these days:) Thanks Kiran!

    @SprigBlossoms- Thanks Ananya:)

    @Krishna- Thanks.

    @Anonymous- :)

    @vertu- Thanks!

    @manav- Thanks Manav.

    @Anonymous- Is it that funny? I will re-read it to find the humor. Thanks:)

    @Kitty- Thanks Kitty:)

    @LeoPaw- Ah, hit the gym for sure and thanks :)

    @Bindu Juneja- Thanks Bindu!

    @Kavi- Thanks!

    @pramod- Thanks a ton!

    @Introvert- You should and thanks dear:)

    @Ashwini- Really, share the stroy with us Ash...:) Thanks!

    @Megha Sarin- Thanks Babes:)

    @Shubham- Thanks for a wonderful comment:)

    @Madhusha- Thanks:)

    @Relax Please- Yeah, precisely that's why:)

    @Madhaw Tiwari- Thanks:)

    @Satish Mutatkar- Thank you Sir:)

    @Purple Mist- Yeah, this guy is Daniel Joshi:)

    @mbka- Thanks and I visited yours, it was lovely!

    @Aakash @ Love poems- Thank you Aakash:)

    @Arti- Thanks a ton Arti:)

    @Angel- Thank you sweetheart:)

    @Mr. Jovita- Thanks:) :) :)

    @Jyoti Mishra- Thank you Jyoti!

    @Irfan- Thanks, hope all is better now...:)

    @Syed Ali Hamid- Thank you so much Sir:)

    @Ketan Patil- Thanks!

    @हास्य-व्यंग्य का रंग गोपाल तिवारी के संग- Thank you!

    @Sunil Padiyar- Nah nothing like that...Sometimes a picture is so good that words come automatically. For this one, thanks to Joshi:)

  78. So sweet....I keep yelling...skip your gym at least once a day...I am not getting help at least once ...:p

    1. LOL! Gym is a place for sour eyes or heart, I would say! :)

  79. Tying shoe lace...an anticlimax to earlier lines!

    1. Yeah, I wrote this poem on Joshi's picture. I wanted it to be different from what the image is showing. Hope you liked it.


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