A Love Story

He met her, when the wind was cold.
They loved each other, as he told.
She was fair, with black-brown eyes.
Life is a poor affair without love, he then realized.
They lived in a beautiful world with happiness surround,
He kissed her every moment when she was around.
So, He was the luckiest man till date;
with a fate line anyone would hate.
No, He said... with eyes frozen,
You can call it life without life and my heart is broken.
She betrayed me on fine sunny day, when I was on my way.
She was smiling looking up in the sun,
She died, when she was young.
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  1. Thanks, Arvind! There are many more to come. Keep visiting...

  2. Short yet Heart Touching Love Story.. :) Keep It Up..


  3. Thanks Jay! Hope could pen down few more love stories, this time would try and write lengthy ones.
    Keep Visiting...

  4. Gave me goosebumps in the end... Very nice Saru :)

  5. Thanks Arti, means a lot coming from a person like you. :)

  6. OOOO the love was so intense that more then she I died the day God took her. :(

    Weakest Link:)

  7. Oh! This is nice... It cud feel it though I never enjoy poems!!! Well written... :)

  8. nice poems.....as poems r always written with feeling

  9. @Rachit- Few can sense the intensity of love. I appreciate that you do.

    @NNNiiiXXX & @Chinmay BlackBird- Poems are so beautiful, they tell a story in short format. I am glad you like this one.

  10. Very touching story....keep writing...your poems are really gud. Why dont you publish it??

  11. @Dhiraj Thankur- Thanks, publishing is not that easy, Editors cut half of your work. :(

  12. An intense post. Very well written.

  13. Short Simple Yet Superb

  14. Sad, but intensely beautiful. :):) I loved this line 'with a fate line anyone would hate' :)

  15. @Harsha- Believe me, I can never thank you enough:)

  16. Why did you end it abruptly? hmm, I think I felt that way!!

    1. You are right. When I wrote this poem, I experienced that life can take abrupt turns just like that. Maybe, that is reflected in this poem.

  17. We never know what'll happen.
    Wishing love for everyone!
    Nice poem of your school-days, Saru :)

  18. Beautifully woven love story expressing flow of sentiments called love:)


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