Je t'aime - I

In this garden,
My soul wanders, my self is lost.
I breathe love in this place,
Here life unfolds.
I walk here every day,
Every day I sigh.
With my arms folded around me,
Waiting for this July.
I have lost count of time,
Count of days and nights.
Since I sit on this bench,
Holding his letter tight.
I kissed him goodbye,
For he will return to us.
In this Garden, this July,
To give voice to my words.

This poem is about a lady who is waiting for her beloved. He wrote a letter saying that he will come in July and meet her in the garden where they met last time. Now, she is waiting for him every day.

Je t’aime means ‘I Love You’ in French.


  1. A very nice and touching poem!

  2. Thanks! I hope you will like Je t'aime-II. It's a sequel and will post it in July.

  3. Lovely Heart Touching Poem... :)

  4. @Jay- Posting Je t'aime next, hope you'll like it too.

  5. @Kanupriya- I am glad you like it!

  6. i attracted by it title Je táime, i know french thats why open this page and again the poetry is lovely. make sure no one copy it. it's your precious talent.


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